The Amazing 2D1N Shah Alam Vacation Part 5

The Amazing 2D1N Shah Alam Vacation Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

I am at Part 5! I promise I am almost done and for those has followed the story thus far, well done, man!
So here is the deal, our check out time was at 12pm and obviously, we would spend more than 2 hours at Pasar Tani. We had already checked how much we had to pay for late checkout and it was SGD$150. Can you imagine? SGD$150 for an extra day for a Presidential suite? (reason why in part 2) Like this I want to extend for a few more days lah!

We had planned to just extend the Presidential suite and check out the Executive suite. Unfortunately, we had a brain fart and didn't think of checking out before heading out to Pasar Tani just in case we over spent our time in Pasar Tani and had to fork out extra SGD$150 for the other room. Thankfully, we reached the hotel at 12.30pm and the concierge gave us until 1pm to check out.

As soon as we reached our rooms, Jhon and I basically dumped all our stuff including Mak’s into the other suite. Thank God for conjoined rooms and within 15 minutes (we took our time), we checked out.

We had 3 hours to spare but all of us had a head start in packing. I didn't do much of the packing because Jhon is quite anal retentive in packing (even if it’s my bag) so I let him do it. All I can say is that I was glad I brought an extra hand carry bag for bought items.

After packing, we all cleaned up, take our showers (shower in the Presidential suite is so syiok!) and shared lunch. We were tired but we had smiles on our faces and soaking in the suite as much as possible. It was sad indeed to leave the place. When will we ever get this opportunity again?

Maybe if I request for a honeymoon upgrade when I get married. Haha

Anyways, 3pm struck and we checked out. This time, we were clever already; Kak Yana had asked the concierge the night before to book a cab for us today. We got ourselves a minivan to squeeze everyone and bags in.

But first… Final photos before officially leaving the hotel. Group photo not that fantastic but that’s the best photo. Haha

And that was the end of the photos taken that day. Mr Jhon has retired for the trip and we also thought it would be a normal trip home anyways but it was not!
I told you, this trip has a lot of story-mory.

The Amazing 2D1N Shah Alam Vacation Part 1Part 2 , Part 3Part 4 and Part 5.


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