Life with Sarah (Month 3)

Did you missed it? 

Sarah had moved on from Newborn to Infant stage!

And on her birthday, she went for her 3 month jab. haha

My botak baby girl! Did I mentioned that it turned out that she had cradle cap? After almost a week of coconut oil massages, it went away. So remember, it's good to shave baby's head for the hidden cradle cap. I think that's why some mommies who share how their baby would have cradle cap at a later age but perhaps it was there all along.

But be prepared for a potential hair grown in patches though. It's normal because of pillow friction. Eventually that patch would grown albeit slowly.

Precious moments with Daddy.

Erm.. yea... Sarah is VERY expressive like her mom. haha

After a few at home trials with Sarah in our Cybex First Go carrier, I eventually had the guts to go out alone with Sarah. Erm... only to meet Jhon at the MRT station after work. haha

Yea, Jhon is carrying Sarah way too low but don't worry, we got better at baby wearing now. hehe

Sometime during the month, we had our first kid's birthday party to attend. It was hosted by Wati and Adi in Punggol. Which reminded me, I did not blog about it at all. haha Will do so after this post.

In summary, we had a nice time lah. Sejak bila aku ni sociable mama pun tak tahu.
I think it's just maternal instincts kicking in making me more sociable?
The place was rowdy with plenty of kids but Sarah did well.

She learned to flip at this stage. She still dislikes tummy time so she will only do so on HER terms. Attitude sey. But as long as we know she can, we are happy. It's just a matter of does she want to?

Her head looked so big here and so boyish. haha I kinda can't wait for her hair to grow longer so she looks more feminine. Bluek.

A random not in a mood shot. Always happy je, once in a while, crying shot. haha
We had to attend to another wedding. Jhon's colleagues (my ex-colleagues), got to see her, especially Kak Yati. We both had borderline separation anxiety while she took her away. Luckily, she didn't take very far. haha Meanwhile, we just kept turning around making sure Sarah was in sight.

Mak and occasionally the boys would come over to visit so it was nice to have company (and more food).

I hate it that the shot is blur but it's too precious to delete.


Another wedding! That's why Sarah is always in pretty dresses this month which I am not complaining. hehe It was my cousin's wedding so my relatives got to see Sarah and Sarah also got to see her cousin who is only 1 month older.

When we see 2 babies of similar age, don't we wonder if they can baby talk and understand each other?

At this point, I was gaining weight again due to not eating confinement food anymore. On top of that, I was munching on lactation cookies and craving for anything sweet! I can tell you, I was on the path of destruction but I didn't care.

Jhon placed this on Sarah and she just stayed still. haha

And lastly, MY precious moments with Sarah.
She is at the age when she responds well. She would stare, smile and even laugh which is one of my favorite milestone.


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