Battle of the Best - Taridra Competition 2017

It's that time of the year again when one of my nephews from Iman Kindergarten participated in a performance/ competition for their school.

"The children will perform a dance and drama based on a chosen Malay proverb that highlights social and moral values, in conjunction with this year's Bulan Bahasa.
The goal is to create a platform for your child to enjoy big stage experiences and develop self and social confidence in creative expression, while also indulging in some healthy competition."

Every year, without fail, I would at least once watch them perform in Expo and Irfan was no exception. We did had an opportunity to watch him perform during his sports day last year but the weather was so hot that he got pretty cranky to a point he refused to perform.

Actually, Kakak and Abg Awil actually didn't know that Jhon and I were coming. Unfortunately, plenty of family members can't make it so it was a nice surprise for them.

Reason for crappy pictures was because it was video stills. Jhon had a recorded them but it was too shaky and I wasn't sure if I want to share it. haha

Anyways, this time around, Irfan was amazing! He danced and even had lines which he recited very well. We were impressed and proud of him. Jhon and I left a few minutes after their performance because we had errands to do but we later found out that Irfan and his group 3rd place. Horray!


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