The Chaotic Morning

As mentioned in my previous post, Jhon was leaving for Philippines and that day was today. His flight was about 6+am so basically he had to leave for the airport about 4+am. Technically, it was way too early but someone at the tour agency had to changed his time from 10pm to 6am for don't know what reason.

Jhon's plan was to stay awake until departure time.

Well, guess what? Worst case scenario happened. He overslept 3 alarms (which I made him set) and woke up at 5+am. Along with the help of his roommate, Rommel, he frantically got ready, took a chance and rode away to the airport.

For the first time, Jhon missed his flight.

I could only imagine his stress. While all this is happening, what was I doing? Snoozing away. I must declare that I always help and send Jhon to the airport except when flight times are too late or too early. It is because Mr Jhon Tolentino here would get worried about my well being. "Sayang..katakan.."

I initially wanted to date him out until wee morning but I worry I might tire him out and he worry about tiring ME out... sighs.. I tell ya, we worry too much for each other that sometimes it's annoying.

Anyways, since Jhon had bought his tickets through an agency and the fact that it was under promotion, he can't re-book which would be convenient. He tried to buy a ticket via HP and internet connection was weak. In the end, he took a cab home and headed all the way to Lucky Plaza to get another ticket.

Fast forward to 9am, I woke up and was shocked. I didn't got mad or anything because the damage was done. I just told Jhon not to tell me the total damage cost. O_o

His new flight time was 4.30pm which meant I got to send him away.
This was taken at Abg Jamil/Jhon's home.

I just wanted to show off my LSP socks.

And my Marceline shirt.
I have 4 more merchandise bought by Jhon the night before but I will share them some other time.

Since Rommel was home too, he also helped Jhon with a box of computer casing and since Jhon handled the luggage, I yet again stood around like a pole. It's nice to be around helpful gentlemen but I tell ya, it feel awkward when I can't help too or it's just me? I think many people would take advantage on this. lol

Anyways, Jhon checked in on time so we spent the last hour sitting around and had lunch/dinner.

I am going to miss Jhon extra this time because he has been constantly pampering me more than ever. haha I tell you, I am never the clingy, needy girlfriend but now, I can officially say that this man has soften this heart of stone. So Jhon, whenever I am needy or whatever it's your fault ah... lol

Mahal Kita!

Meantime, you try to gain more weight and I try to lose weight my flabs.


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