B-Cure Laser - The Cure to Your Chronic Pains

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Here's the thing.
Having body aches and pains sucks. You may probably got it from playing sports, tiredness or from working too hard. These aches usually go away after a while but imagine it NEVER goes away no matter how much medication (modern & traditional), massages or stretches you use.

Blame it on old age or blame it on over exerting. No matter what, it can be mentally exhausting too; to wake up feeling achy and ending the day feeling even worse.

Unfortunately, this is what Jhon experiences everyday for about 5 years and counting. His main pain points are his neck and upper torso but mostly shoulders and on worst days, it can radiate to his chest which he hates the most. The pain is one with his life; there is no day he does not feel any pain. This is literally our conversation everyday.

Me: How's your body?
Jhon: Aching as usual
Me: Out of 10?
Jhon: 6
Me: Wow, that's good already.

Yes, 6/10 pain is GOOD already.
He had tried massages, stretches, he exercises at least 5 times a week, 'jamu' and muscle relaxant medication. They worked but always temporarily.

When I read about B-Cure Laser and what it can do, I immediately thought of Jhon. It is exactly what he needs. We are at a point wanting o try almost anything to make him feel better even though the word 'laser' may seem daunting but fret not, it's all safe.

B-Cure Laser a brand new development with a international registered patent. It is the first hand-held soft-laser medical device that not only provides pain relief but also heal the source of inflammation. It is a natural & non-invasive treatment for all ages (even babies from 1 month & up) with no side-effects. It is also easy and completely safe for home use.

B-Cure Laser's target are people who are suffering from acute and long term pain rheumatism in the knees, elbow, neck, lower back, upper back, ankle, fingers, fibromyalgia, orthopaedic problems such as osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, muscle pain, sprains, and tendonitis and sores/wounds that are hard to cure including diabetic sores, burns, acne, herpes, simplex.

[These are just recommended treatment points but you can use on other locations such as calves or biceps]

Note that B-Cure Laser is registered with the Health Science Authority Singapore and medically endorsed from doctors’ worldwide.

So how does it work? In a lay man's term, the laser beam stimulates the tissue in the areas where you have pain bringing about a reaction from our bodies’ systems to produce pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory substances, which are carried to the affected area by the blood stream. Basically, it encourages our cells to work harder to heal.

If you want a slightly detailed explanation, read below.

The success rate is known to be enormous and B-Cure Laser will help people in pain. There are over 7000 Clinical trials proving the efficacy of low level laser. In the last few years the B-Cure Laser has been clinically proven by a few double blind clinical trials. 

For example:   

1) Russia’s National Bio-Medical Institute found the efficacy to be above 90% in reducing pain, in cases of pain in the knees as a result of arthritis and injury. The pain of the patients who took part in the trial disappeared, almost completely, within 14 days of treatment.   

2) A clinical trial held at Parma University, in Italy, saw a significant reduction of 50% in the level of pain, in the treatment of problems in the jaw joint. This trial proved the efficacy of the device, for all small joints – wrists, fingers, neck 

B-cure laser comes with a casing, rechargeable batteries, charger, user instruction booklet, telephone guidance and 1-year warranty. You can also buy a tripod for the hard to reach places (more on that later). The instructional booklet is helpful and easy to understand on how to treat your pain points. The device has a timer of 30 sec intervals which you are encouraged to gradually build up to the required time limit which is 6-8 minutes per treatment point, 2-4 times a day.

I love it that it's small, light and not gaudy so you can bring it every where you want; even in the office or while travelling. 

We are so happy to know what we have an opportunity to try B-Cure laser for a month as now with a baby in tow, Jhon has another factor for an increased pain since babies loooove to be carried. With a baby so cute (probably biased here), it's hard for him to resist not to carry. As I am writing this, Jhon has been already been using it for a week on his crucial aching areas which is his upper back and neck. I usually help him with the treatments as it's a hard to reach area but for those who couldn't get any help, you can use the tripod.

There are 3 ways to activate the laser.

1. Press and hold the side button
2. Apply pressure on the pressure switch area for deeper penetration
3. Press the side button, on button and release at the same time for a free hand activation.

Obviously, I prefer the 3rd way because all I need to do is hold the device to the desired area. Pro tip: have the person lying down if you are helping for your own comfort.

Results after 1 day:
There were no changes in pain (obviously) but a tingly sensation on the treatment area.
Jhon described it as a weird feeling but not in a negative way, as if the cells are working somehow.

Results after 3 days:
No more tingling sensation on the treatment area but a definite although minimal improvement on the affected area. Usually in the afternoons body pain is at its peak but now it's just a steady minor pain. Bonus surprise: Jhon has back acne and there's 1 pimple that was on the treatment area and it went away!

Results after 1 week:
Roughly 70% of the pain had subsided as Jhon would rate the pain as 2 out of 10 and that is considered as great improvement after a long time of trial and error of treatments.

Thus far we are feeling positive and can't wait to see more improvements. We got to admit, the results were fast and fascinating.

Now let's talk about price.

It cost S$999.70 (inclusive of GST) and before you let your eyes jump out of your socket, think of money saved in the long run. No more costly trips to the doctor, physiotherapy or chiropractor which easily costs up to S$150 a session. Think of the moments you should be feeling relaxed but instead tensed because of aches and pains. Think of the restless nights wondering when the pain will go away and think of the days you feel like giving up because after trying to many methods to heal, it only worked for a few hours or 1 day.

With all treatment devices or medications, there are safety precautions needed. If there are hesitations, feel free to consult your doctor, do not use the device on the stomach while pregnant, do not treat areas that has a malignant tumor and obviously, do not point the laser beam at the eyes.

I really can't wait for the day Jhon to tell me he has zero or close to zero pain and I would definitely do a 1 month update for you!

It’s really perfect for chronic pain sufferers especially for older folks; a device to strongly consider for you and your love ones. If you wish to know more and enjoy a promo price , kindly fill up the contact form or call Glenn L. at +65 91830188.


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