Ladies Day Out

When anything is captioned a 'Ladies Day Out', most people would picture ladies out for a spa day, doing pedi and mani, out shopping or pampering themselves with sweet delights.

When Fizah and I found out that our boyfriends were not available on the same day (both overseas), we decided to go trekking like good old days, just the 2 of us.

Story-mory/ gossiping while losing weight? This is a recipe for a healthy relationship mentally and physically. haha It's been years; perhaps 3 years since we last trekked together at MacRitchie Reservoir so it was exciting for us.

We started the day at 8am, had breakfast and had an attempt of guess which bus goes to MacRitchie Reservoir from Toa Payoh MRT. Fizah has always had a good eye for directions and roads so I just let her did most of the work. =P

I only started to take some photos about 4km into the walk because we were so engrossed with our stories. My face was glistening with sweat by then due to heat and elevations. Although I do 6km walks once a fortnight, trekking was still more tiring because of the slopes.

After a while, we reached the HSBC treetop walk. If we don't cross this bridge, the walk would seem incomplete.

As we happily crossed the bridge, enjoying the strong gust of wind, giggling around, we were reminded that there would be lots of stairs climbing up ahead. Steps and slopes are our enemies because these 2 aunties has weak knees.

But we survived, all 10.82km including all the stairs and steep slopes of it.

We took longer time than usual because we took longer rests and pace was very slow because it's been a while since Fizah exercised. hehe But it didn't matter because we bonded, sweated and work those rusty muscles.

3 hours later (excluding rest stops), we headed to Bishan and ate at Manhattan Fish Market. We chit-chatted and took our time and eventually headed home. Poor Fizah was feeling aches and pains throughout but I truly felt the pain (like cannot jalan properly) when I reached home. What hurts the most was the back of the knee.

But it was totally worth it.


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