Nur Sarah's Cukur Rambut & Tahnik

I've posted about cukur rambut before when I blogged about my nephew and niece's ceremony in the past. Somehow, it never occur to me that one day, I will be blogging about my own child's. Before I start my post, I would like to say thank you to Floral Garage for sponsoring beautiful sunflowers for Sarah's ceremony. Who says flowers are strictly for weddings, anniversaries or commercialized occasions? But more on that later.

Just in case you missed previous posts, cukur rambut & tahnik, just like aqiqah, is sunnah muakkadah which is strongly encouraged but it's okay not to do it. It involves with shaving of baby's head and having a smidgen of Ajwa date and/or honey on baby's palate. It is also encouraged to do on the 7th, 14th or 21st day of birth but other days are acceptable too.

The reason Muslims do cukur rambut (translated to shaving of head), is because in hadiths (a collection of traditions containing sayings of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w. with accounts of his daily practice), it was practiced by our prophets. Shaven hair is also weighed and to be donated to charities of your choice, a sum of money equivalent to silver or gold. Shaving of the head is also for cleanliness as newborn babies tend to have cradle cap (greasy white or yellowy scales on the scalp) which sometimes cannot be seen especially if you baby has plenty of hair.

I invited my immediate family members and a few close friends because the ceremony was intended to be a small one; no under the block one. hehe We didn't have marhaban (a group of people reciting prayers and zikir) as the entire ceremony is mostly based on focusing on the necessary, not the extras.

Sleepy Sarah's OOTD:
Sunny yellow, flower themed dress from Mothercare with a big yellow flower head gear and a pair of pink shoes to compliment the pink touches on the dress. The shoes not surprisingly did not last long because they kept falling off even with socks on but it's okay. The socks was pink too.

I had engaged (not the same aqiqah company I engaged for her actual aqiqah). I know it's confusing but also do cukur rambut & tahnik services too.

Uztad Amir was assigned to us and told us to have these items ready on her day.

↝ 1 Batik / Pelikat cloth to catch baby's hair
↝ A bowl to collect baby's hair
↝ A small plate for an Ajwa date
↝ A basin of water, shampoo & towel to clean baby's head

Optional items by my own choice:
↝ Serving tray to put all the items on
Gorgeous yellow sunflowers in a box to compliment Sarah's outfit to pull the items together by Floral Garage. Unfortunately, delivery was a quite later than appointed time but luckily I ordered 1 hour earlier so it although it was late, it came in time for the ceremony.

[Don't mind the random Bougainvillea in the basin because Mak said to make the basin look livelier although I found it clashing but Mak never ever commented on how I take care of Sarah and plan her ceremonies so I figured, such a request wouldn't hurt]

I absolutely love the sunflowers which attracts a certain radiance not only to the seemingly dull items but also the entire ceremony. I'm just a sucker for fresh flowers in the household. The bouquet was bigger than expected which I was not complaining and it came in a pretty circular polka dotted box which we eventually reused as a remote control holder.

The standard must have family shot. Too bad Sarah was sleeping and Jhon looked so old here! lol

Uztad Amir came 10 minutes early which I truly appreciated but of course, majority of my guests haven't arrived yet. I told him to proceed on the agreed time even if there are no guests. So while waiting, we chatted for a while and he inspected what we had prepared for him. It turned out my bowl to collect Sarah's hair was too small, that's why you see a different bowl in other pictures.

Uztad Amir also added a bottle of olive oil, a mini jar of honey and a small container with Ajwa dates on the tray. Out of frame is also a mini weighing machine to weigh her hair later, plastic sheet and a baby hair brush.

Before commencing, Uztad Amir simply gave a short introduction of himself and the reasoning of cukur rambut and tahnik. He said we (Malays) tend to get culture and religion mixed up and that includes this ceremony too. People tend to go over board with big shindigs, marharban and trimming of hair only, not shaving and especially not weighing the hair. Not that it is wrong; they are allowed but sometimes, culture triumphs religion to the point of being left behind. To each its own, ya?

The ceremony takes probably 1 hour or so. After Uztad's mini sermon, he commenced the shaving which came in 2 parts. After brushing Sarah's hair, he shaved to remove her long locks and another different shaver for a closer shave. Sarah was pretty much a good girl. She moved a lot but due to feeling ticklish. Uztad said it's better to shave a new born's head because they are sleeping most of the time but little did he knew that Sarah had reflux and she would be more of a handful then than now.

The fans were switched off to avoid her hair flying away so yeah, everyone else was sweating like crazy, especially Jhon and later, Abg who helped with the slipping plastic sheet and calm Sarah down.

What was I doing? Playing peek-a-boo besides taking photos. haha

Sarah dislike's pacifiers and even if she sucked, she doesn't hold it in her mouth thus having Abg as her assistant to hold her pacifier. haha Anyways, after her hair was being shaved to the closest shave possible, we saw she had a decent amount of cradle cap, something we didn't know she had. Uztad washed her hair with shampoo, dried her head and massaged her head with olive oil.

He later proceeded with tahnik.

As for tahnik, people would always bring their newborns to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and he will a small piece of date, chew and fed the baby with honey as an act of blessing and hopes that the baby will also have His act of piousness and great character passed to the baby. Of course, now, pious people are hard to come by because we are merely humans so our Uztad had Jhon mashed up the flesh of an Ajwa date and feed her. He also offered to anyone to feed her so of course, I volunteered and asked Mak to join too.

By the time the cukur rambut was done, Sarah was hungry so she was sucking all her might of the Ajwa date and honey.

Soon after, Uztad Amir weighed Sarah's hair (which was a lot by the way for a new born). He showed the weighing machine was at 0kg before weighing, showed the at that time current gold market rate derived from the internet and the calculations. So basically, we had to donate not less than S$103 to any needy person, mosque or charity of our choice. The reason it was rounded off was because just in case we missed any stray away hairs.

The ceremony was closed with Uztad Amir reciting several prayers. It included, not limited to, prayers for Sarah to be a obedient, good, pious child, prayers for everyone in the ceremony good health & sustenance and prayers in remembrance of Allah s.w.t and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Of course, after that, makan time!
My buffet was as simple as the ceremony. We had white rice, bread, beef curry & fried nuggets and chicken from Mak, fried bee hoon noodles by Kak Yana and I bought kueh talam keladi & kole-kole for desserts. We bought packet drinks for convenience and easy clean up too.

Sarah had her lunch too. haha

[Don't mind my crooked ankle haha]

Most of the babies of 2017 attended, Sarah being the youngest at 2 months old.
Hair band tak nak kalah. haha

I also bought a birthday cake for Jhon's birthday which fell on the same day. Of course, I gathered all the October babies to celebrate together.

From left to right,
Kakak's FIL, Shibly, Syazan, Jhon, my cousin; Abg Arin and Kakak.

And that's about it. Sarah's simple cukur rambut, tahnik and a quick birthday celebration of all October babies. Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly and I'm happy Sarah has went down this milestone. More to come!

Oh, by the way, here's Sarah's before and after photos. 
Suddenly so round! lol


B-Cure Laser - The Cure to Your Chronic Pains

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Here's the thing.
Having body aches and pains sucks. You may probably got it from playing sports, tiredness or from working too hard. These aches usually go away after a while but imagine it NEVER goes away no matter how much medication (modern & traditional), massages or stretches you use.

Blame it on old age or blame it on over exerting. No matter what, it can be mentally exhausting too; to wake up feeling achy and ending the day feeling even worse.

Unfortunately, this is what Jhon experiences everyday for about 5 years and counting. His main pain points are his neck and upper torso but mostly shoulders and on worst days, it can radiate to his chest which he hates the most. The pain is one with his life; there is no day he does not feel any pain. This is literally our conversation everyday.

Me: How's your body?
Jhon: Aching as usual
Me: Out of 10?
Jhon: 6
Me: Wow, that's good already.

Yes, 6/10 pain is GOOD already.
He had tried massages, stretches, he exercises at least 5 times a week, 'jamu' and muscle relaxant medication. They worked but always temporarily.

When I read about B-Cure Laser and what it can do, I immediately thought of Jhon. It is exactly what he needs. We are at a point wanting o try almost anything to make him feel better even though the word 'laser' may seem daunting but fret not, it's all safe.

B-Cure Laser a brand new development with a international registered patent. It is the first hand-held soft-laser medical device that not only provides pain relief but also heal the source of inflammation. It is a natural & non-invasive treatment for all ages (even babies from 1 month & up) with no side-effects. It is also easy and completely safe for home use.

B-Cure Laser's target are people who are suffering from acute and long term pain rheumatism in the knees, elbow, neck, lower back, upper back, ankle, fingers, fibromyalgia, orthopaedic problems such as osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, muscle pain, sprains, and tendonitis and sores/wounds that are hard to cure including diabetic sores, burns, acne, herpes, simplex.

[These are just recommended treatment points but you can use on other locations such as calves or biceps]

Note that B-Cure Laser is registered with the Health Science Authority Singapore and medically endorsed from doctors’ worldwide.

So how does it work? In a lay man's term, the laser beam stimulates the tissue in the areas where you have pain bringing about a reaction from our bodies’ systems to produce pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory substances, which are carried to the affected area by the blood stream. Basically, it encourages our cells to work harder to heal.

If you want a slightly detailed explanation, read below.

The success rate is known to be enormous and B-Cure Laser will help people in pain. There are over 7000 Clinical trials proving the efficacy of low level laser. In the last few years the B-Cure Laser has been clinically proven by a few double blind clinical trials. 

For example:   

1) Russia’s National Bio-Medical Institute found the efficacy to be above 90% in reducing pain, in cases of pain in the knees as a result of arthritis and injury. The pain of the patients who took part in the trial disappeared, almost completely, within 14 days of treatment.   

2) A clinical trial held at Parma University, in Italy, saw a significant reduction of 50% in the level of pain, in the treatment of problems in the jaw joint. This trial proved the efficacy of the device, for all small joints – wrists, fingers, neck 

B-cure laser comes with a casing, rechargeable batteries, charger, user instruction booklet, telephone guidance and 1-year warranty. You can also buy a tripod for the hard to reach places (more on that later). The instructional booklet is helpful and easy to understand on how to treat your pain points. The device has a timer of 30 sec intervals which you are encouraged to gradually build up to the required time limit which is 6-8 minutes per treatment point, 2-4 times a day.

I love it that it's small, light and not gaudy so you can bring it every where you want; even in the office or while travelling. 

We are so happy to know what we have an opportunity to try B-Cure laser for a month as now with a baby in tow, Jhon has another factor for an increased pain since babies loooove to be carried. With a baby so cute (probably biased here), it's hard for him to resist not to carry. As I am writing this, Jhon has been already been using it for a week on his crucial aching areas which is his upper back and neck. I usually help him with the treatments as it's a hard to reach area but for those who couldn't get any help, you can use the tripod.

There are 3 ways to activate the laser.

1. Press and hold the side button
2. Apply pressure on the pressure switch area for deeper penetration
3. Press the side button, on button and release at the same time for a free hand activation.

Obviously, I prefer the 3rd way because all I need to do is hold the device to the desired area. Pro tip: have the person lying down if you are helping for your own comfort.

[This is how it looks with a tripod]

Results after 1 day:
There were no changes in pain (obviously) but a tingly sensation on the treatment area.
Jhon described it as a weird feeling but not in a negative way, as if the cells are working somehow.

Results after 3 days:
No more tingling sensation on the treatment area but a definite although minimal improvement on the affected area. Usually in the afternoons body pain is at its peak but now it's just a steady minor pain. Bonus surprise: Jhon has back acne and there's 1 pimple that was on the treatment area and it went away!

Results after 1 week:
Roughly 70% of the pain had subsided as Jhon would rate the pain as 2 out of 10 and that is considered as great improvement after a long time of trial and error of treatments.

Thus far we are feeling positive and can't wait to see more improvements. We got to admit, the results were fast and fascinating.

Now let's talk about price.

It cost S$999.70 (inclusive of GST) and before you let your eyes jump out of your socket, think of money saved in the long run. No more costly trips to the doctor, physiotherapy or chiropractor which easily costs up to S$150 a session. Think of the moments you should be feeling relaxed but instead tensed because of aches and pains. Think of the restless nights wondering when the pain will go away and think of the days you feel like giving up because after trying to many methods to heal, it only worked for a few hours or 1 day.

With all treatment devices or medications, there are safety precautions needed. If there are hesitations, feel free to consult your doctor, do not use the device on the stomach while pregnant, do not treat areas that has a malignant tumor and obviously, do not point the laser beam at the eyes.

If you wish to know more and see B-Cure laser in person, there is a roadshow at Mount Alvernia Retail Pharmacy from 13 Nov to 18 Nov 2017. There is also going to be a promotional launch price and a free stand with an additional 1 year warranty.

Just in case you can't make it to the road show, feel free to contact B-Cure Asia for any further questions and get your hands on B-Cure Laser on Lazada Singapore and Big Box Singapore. It's really perfect for chronic pain sufferers especially our older folks. It's really a device to strongly consider for you and your love ones.

I really can't wait for the day Jhon to tell me he has zero or close to zero pain and I would definitely do a 1 month update for you!


Nur Sarah's (& daddy's too) Aqiqah

Disclaimer: This is our (Muslims) beliefs and please respect them even if you disagree with them.

Aqiqah in Islam is basically the act of sacrificing an animal on the occasion of a child's birth in a way of saying thanks or show gratitude to Allah for being blessed with a child. It is sunnah muakkadah which means strongly encouraged but no harm if it is not acted upon on.

As written by Aqiqah Singapore which also the company we liased aqiqah for Sarah & Jhon.

"There are many benefits in the performance of Aqiqah. One is the announcing the birth of the baby.  Being bestowed a child is a great blessing from the Creator. Another purpose is inviting family members, neighbors, and friends to celebrate the blessed occasion. The poor should be included in the celebration by offering them food and meat served on this occasion.

Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim, may Allah have mercy on him, states:
"Among the benefits of `Aqeeqah are:
1. It is a sacrifice by means of which the child is brought close to Allah soon after he comes into this world.

2. It is a ransom for the newborn so that he or she can intercede for his parents.
3. It is a sacrifice by which the newborn is ransomed just as Allah ransomed Isma`eel with the ram.
 (Tuhfat al-Mawdood, p. 69).""

There are preferred sunnah dates to have the aqiqah which is either the 7th, 14th or 21st day after baby's birth but yet again, it's okay if it is done on a different day. Remember, Islam is never meant to be troublesome or complicated. The meat will be cut and/or cooked and distributed to the needy.

There are many ways people can do their aqiqah from having it done live in front of your eyes or have someone do it on your behalf, have goats/sheeps from Indonesia/Cambodia/Myanmar or Australia and whether to have an actual ceremony or not.

Nowadays, everything can be done online so majority of parents have the easiest way to book. There are a few companies that you can book online and I've chose Aqiqah Singapore. To ensure everything was done properly, they provide photos, videos and an e-certificate for authentication. Note that Australia does not allow photo and video taking and meat will be flown to Singapore to your doorstep or to the needy in Singapore.

Anyways, for girls, we are encouraged to sacrifice 1 goat/sheep and for boys, 2. If parents could not afford 2 for their son, 1 is enough and if they choose to sacrifice 1 more in the future, it is also allowed.

For reverts, it is not necessary to perform aqiqah but allowed if wanted to. That is why, I also booked aqiqah for Jhon together with his daughter. Aqiqah Singapore's response was very quick and I managed to confirm everything within 2 days.

I received the photos by Dropbox first but I only looked at the first and last few photos and quickly glanced the others because I don't have the heart to see gore photos of the goats/sheeps. In Islam, we can't pity their sacrifice for us and Allah. If we do, we are advised not to eat.

The feelings Jhon and I had were mixed.
Initially, it was admiration of the animals because they look so cute, sadness knowing that they were sacrificing their lives, happiness to see the children benefiting from the meat and lastly spiritual fulfillment knowing that we are doing this for the sake of Allah.

Jhon got to feed more orphans because he sacrificed 2 goats.

Weeks later, they uploaded e-certificate with attached photos. Jakun aku sekejap.
It's good that there are certificates now. Mak didn't remember if we had been aqiqah or not and just in case I forgot, nah, got proof. haha


How Much I Spent in KKH for Pre-Natal & Delivery

One of the things couples always have in mind when it comes to starting a new family (or adding a new one) is how much it will cost? It is Singapore after all and money is always the next thing to factor in to every life milestone; from owning a house, having a baby, going to school, etc.

Firstly, why did I choose Kadang Kerbau Hospital (KKH) and not other hospitals?

Well, generally because KKH is just a go-to hospital for deliveries and if there's any complications, KKH has always been the best hospital to be in. I am not young after all and I rather be safe than sorry. On top of that, I can get subsidies through government hospitals.

People said waiting time for private hospitals are faster compared to government hospitals but I think it's fine. My shortest consultation inclusive of waiting time, compulsory urine test is about 1 hour which is standard to me. The longest was when I had to take the gestational test which took us 3+hours because I had to give my blood every hour for 2 hours and that includes consultation and waiting time.

Subsidized Consultation Vs Private Consultation

Both has it's legit pros & cons so it really boils down to your priorities.
Subsidized consultations can cut down your bill by A LOT (you will see later below) but you will get random doctors to see you almost every single time.

I had my pre-natal consultations under subsidized. I didn't have any problems seeing different doctors every single time and plus, sometimes you get a fresh perspective. With that said, Alhamdulillah, my pregnancy was a smooth and low risk so it's not an issue to even have a student doctor.

As for private consultations, you have to pay full but you get doctor of your choice. You want the chill and funny one? The serious and experienced one? Seeing the same doctor also bring rapport and confidence in your pregnancy. For me, it's not a priority as long as the doctor knows what he/she is doing. With that said, if you have complications in your pregnancy, I strongly suggest get under private consultation.

P/S: After my private delivery, I was assigned to private check ups with my doctor who delivered my baby. No doubt, the athmosphere was 180 degrees different from the standard clinics. There were no plastic chairs that we've grown accustomed to but sofas all around. There're free flow of coffee & milo too to a point the auntie in me surfaced. Haha

My Pre-Natal Bill

Note that every pregnancy is different. Some ladies may need more appointments, medication, tests or scans while others lesser. I think mine is some where in the middle because I did had extra ultrasounds to check my breech baby.

Number of consultations: 12
Number of tests/ scan (not inc. urine tests): 2 (Blood tests for diseases & GTT test)
Number of ultrasounds (inc. NT Scan): 6
Number of medications: 3 (Folic Acid, Obimin & halfway, Sangobion)

I have a detailed consolidated list of my bills but let's make it easy okay?

Grand total of the above without any subsidies: S$2,441.64
Grand total after subsidies: S$1,122.99

Side note: I had a 100% subsidy on my anatomy scan for doing a survey and a visit to Labour & Delivery because I felt extreme dizziness when I was 5 months pregnant.

I had saved about 46% off my bill! Remember that the subsidized amount is derived by the government. I don't know how they count it but it's definitely depends on your income. I'm not working so perhaps I get 46% off the bill but as a reference, my working friend had about 40-45% off her bill which is still a good cut!

Subsidized Delivery Vs Private Delivery

Under subsidized delivery, again, you cannot choose your doctor but know that you will be in the hands of wonderful and experienced mid-wives and nurses. You can only stay in Wards C, B2 or B2+. You can save plenty of money here too as some couples said they don't even have to top-up much or none at all after their pre-admission deposit.

For private delivery, you can stay in Wards B1 or A1 with the doctor of your choice. Jhon and I wanted Ward A1 because you have the room & toilet all by ourselves which means ultimate privacy. Jhon also can sleep next to me in the sofa unlike the other wards. Yes, it would costs us more but after much deliberation and checking our finances, we are okay with it. It was the best decision we ever made because we were stressed from sleep deprivation. We definitely don't need strangers and other newborns fussing nearby.

We requested too late for a private doctor so we got any doctor in-charge on the day I was admitted who was Dr Alexandira See Tze Ann along with my subsidized doctor-in-charge, Dr Freda Khoo. Dr Alex was proffessional and kind so I knew I was in good hands.
Read my delivery story here.

In terms of price, there is no doubt how much of a difference it can be. I do not have the table for subsidized delivery but it can be as low as $2,000 (Ward C, for c-section before medisave) and for A1, up to $10,000 before medisave in total. You may check MOH's website for estimated costs from all hospitals in Singapore for natural and caesarean delivery.

As mentioned before, Jhon and I had done our pre-admission and had paid $3,990 for likely estimated hospital bill after medisave deduction of $4,400. In any event, if there are complications, additional days, extra consumables or medications were needed, it will be billed later after discharged.

We received the bill about 2 weeks after discharged.

Note that baby also has his/her own bill but can also be deducted by medisave.

For those who are financially worry warts like me, here's my total bill summary as of August 2017.

Mommy's Bill

A1 Ward - Caesarean - 4 Days stay
(I had an extra day because first day counted as operating day - Baby born on 1:48am)

Total Delivery Charges inc. 7% GST: $9,204.69
Total Antenal Claim (pre-delivery charges) : $1,122.99
Grand Total: $10,327.68

Medisave Claimable inc. $900 antenal: -$4,850.00
Adjustment (I don't know the reason of this random adjustment): -$1,122.99
Grand Total: -$5,972.99

Therefore our actual grand total payable amount:
$10,327.68 - $5,972.99 = $4,354.69

Since we had deposited during pre-admission of $4,000 when we received our final bill, we only had to pay $354.69.

Baby's Bill

A1 Ward - 3 Days stay

Grand Total Charges inc. 7% GST: $1,363.28

Medisave Claimable: -$1,346.16

Therefore our actual grand total payable amount:
$1,363.28- $1,346.16= $17.12

And that's how much we paid for our pre-natal & cesarean delivery at KKH.
Again, note that not all bills are the same so use this just as an estimate or gauge.

What's in My Hospital Bag?

Just in case you are new here, I am a Kandang Kerbau Hospital (KKH) Cesarean patient. The reason I want to state this because I do not know what other hospitals do and do not provide and I can only speak for my experience in KKH. On top of that, Jhon and I had chose to be in the A1 ward for comfort and privacy and not sure if there's a difference in what they provide compared to other wards.

The list is created before I was admitted and I will put a side note if it was actually necessary or not after my admission. Hospital stays can be 2 to 3 days depending if it's a vaginal delivery or C-section. I like to pack a little extra in terms of undergarments and/or clothes because I rather over pack with them than not. As for our bags, I just brought my usual old travel Addidas duffel bag and Jhon's backpack. I guess you may bring a mini luggage bag but I find it too much lah. Whatever floats your boat.

Important Documents (In our file)
Important Documents (In our file)
❣ Marriage Certificate
❣ KKH Pink Appointment Booklet
❣ Pre-Natal Receipts (to claim Medisave)
If you are a KKH patient since first appointment, no need to bring as they have their own copies. Everything will auto claimed in your bill)
❣ My NIRC, Jhon's S-Pass & Passport
❣ Pre-Admission Documents
Only applicable to those who pre-register your admission (from >36 weeks pregnant)

For Baby
For Baby Remarks
❣ Going Home Outfit (with cap, mittens and booties) 2x
❣ Swaddle Cloth/ Receiving Blanket x2 You will get 1 in KKH's gift bag unless you want to use your own.
❣ Face Cloth x2 Only used 1 while cup feeding baby
❣ New Born Diapers KKH provides diapers & wet wipes. Feel free to bring home the remaining while checking out.
For Mommy
For Mommy Remarks
❣ Going Home Outfit (an easy slip on loose dress)
❣ Underwear 4x KKH provides disposable undies so I didn't even use mine. Feel free to bring home the remaining while checking out.
❣ Nursing Bra 2x Didn't wear any throughout my stay.
❣ Breast Pads for just in case   Didn't wear any throughout my stay; I had only colostrum.
❣ Socks 2x
(would've brought 1 pair but hear stories of lochia may drip to socks yikes!)
KKH provided compression socks AFTER my C-section surgery
❣ Nipple Cream Used once when nipples started to get sore.
❣ Maternity Pads KKH provides them and again, feel free to bring home the remaining while checking out.
❣ Jacket
❣ Basic Make-up
(BB Cream, concealer, compact powder, eyebrow pencil, blusher, face & lip moisturizer)
Honestly, didn't use it at all even for going home because after the sleepless nights and tiredness, I didn't give a damn. Haha
❣ Hair Accessories (Brush, Hair ties & Hair clips)

For Daddy

For Daddy Remark
❣ Shirts 4x
❣ Undergarments 4x
❣ Jacket
❣ Hair Wax and/or Cap
❣ Socks 4x

Others Remarks
❣ Travel Sized Toiletries
(that we can share like body soap, toothbrush, shampoo, body lotion, etc)
❣ Towel 1x
(we can share)
Only Jhon showered and I used to dry my face after washing. I was in too much pain to get up to shower.
❣ Ointments/ Panadol for (Jhon's) body aches.
(Basically Rainbow massage oil & Yoko-yoko, lol)
❣ Snacks like oatmeal cookies or something and 3in1 coffee packets for Jhon.
❣ Foldable Bag (I don't know, maybe we will bring home extra stuff) Didn't need it because Mak helped bring home some of the excessive stuff whenever she comes visit.
❣ Travel Laundry Bags for dirty clothes

Tech Stuff

Tech Stuff Remarks
❣ Our own handphones & chargers
❣ FujiFilm Camera & charger