Iftar with Fizah & Family

Salam Ramadhan to my Muslim readers!
We have passed the half way mark and I hope everyone has managed to fulfill their obligations the best way you could. Don't forget to pay your zakat & fitrah, ya?

Anyways, Fizah asked Jhon and I out to break fast together at Marina Bay Square over the weekend. (What is this? Not a basi blogpost? wow!) We had planned to meet at 6pm but Jhon and I decided to start the day early. Plus, I heard there was a baby fair at Suntec City. Granted, it was on it's last day and we sometimes dread going to any form of expo/ fairs but no harm taking a peek.

It was the first time for us to be at Suntec since it's renovation (I know, it was quite sometime ago) and I almost forgot how much walking was needed! We did managed to reach the Suntec Convention Centre and the crowd was actually okay. We managed to buy a cheap baby tub, breast pads and other smaller items.

We checked out MotherCare, KiddyPalace upstairs where I brought a few more items. Fizah also got several cute outfits for Matin. Speaking of which, that boy is crazily cute. He minds his own business and I could stare at him the whole day.

We only spent several hours together and most of them was spent baby shopping. lol It's hard to have that good old besties' chat days. Perhaps when Fizah and Min have their own house then I shamelessly hang out at their place lah. haha

I hope Fizah and family had a good time with us even though it was a simple one and sorry Fizah for my yet-again awkward hugs. (We bumped our heads hard while trying to side hug) lolol I know you love me a lot but you know I am so horrible at physical affection. haha


Mini Room Make-over

I didn't take any before and after photos of our room but trust me when I said we did painted and re-arranged our room, okay? haha To be honest, it's not worth a show because it was a basic look - nothing close to Pinterest worthy - but it was all we needed.

Our room which used to be washed out (due to humidity) teal with a light and dark gray is now just plain off-white purple. We did considered making an effort in colors and design but it was a few days before Ramadhan and being 6 months pregnant, I knew I wouldn't be of much help.

As for the furniture arrangements, this was the rough concept, according to scale you know? haha

I know, very 'semangat' because with a small room which not much man power, I rather not have Jhon move the furniture back and forth trying to ensure the right placement. We haven't receive our baby crib yet because I arranged them to come end of July and we still haven't buy a mini drawer or cabinet for baby clothes.

Obviously, Jhon ended up doing most of the hard work. Don't get me wrong, I do help but I was at the stage where I get tired way too easily so I had thousands of breaks. We ended up finishing up after 1.5 days which was very long in my opinion.

But the deed was done! Our room is properly arranged and even had Hari Raya curtains up early. haha It's good to know that 1 big chore has been done. But guess what, despite taking plenty of rests, I got really sick.... again.

You will read more in the #BabyTalk series but it's been more than 2 weeks and I'm still coughing. On top of the sweltering heat, belly discomforts, I am so over it!