1st Wedding Anniversary at Crowne Plaza Hotel

If you asked me last year, how I would celebrate our 1st year wedding anniversary, I would definitely say somewhere overseas. It does it really matter where but definitely abroad, romantic and adventurous just like our honeymoon.

Then I got pregnant and by the time it was our anniversary date, I was at my 5th month when I simply can't last for long walks or any form of adventure. I mean, I can but it's the belly that gets tired if it makes sense. After a long day, with no to limited rest, there goes the belly cramps, pains and discomfort.

So we had to settle for the next best thing; a staycation! Don't get us wrong, we are not strangers to this since Abg and family used to take us for staycations and such but this is the first time we do it for ourselves. I was wondering if Jhon was okay with the idea since we won't be exploring or anything. Just eat and slack around but in a different room. I was surprised when he said "Alright!"

One thing I looked forward for was a soak in the bathtub and 24hr aircon time. Ahem, I mean, romantic time with my honey-bunny. lol

If you followed me in Instagram, you would be probably up to date to my now stale story in IG stories.

Firstly, we had our lunch at Changi City Point; my old work lunch place. I miss that place for food reasons only. We then headed to Crowne Plaza Hotel at Changi Airport for our 3pm check in; found out an old secondary school classmate worked there. lol

Anyways, we got ourselves the Premier Room, nothing fancy and it was just what we needed. When we entered, we were welcomed by flower petals on the floor and on the bed. It was fake petals but I could understand because save the earth and cut costs right? It does not matter because it didn't affect the ambiance.

Cue self-portraits before we rested and I took a good 30 minute soak in the bathtub and headed for dinner.

Frankly speaking, it was pretty uneventful. We TV binged, soaked in the bathtub and watched more TV. Despite what seemed to be a mundane thing, we actually had a great time. The seats were great, bed was comfortable, the bathtub was a plus and after all the hot nights we were having, staying over with the perfect temperature was heavenly.

If you asked me years before if this would considered as a wonderful way to spend our 1st anniversary, I would probably roll my eyes and even scoff. But it was perfect as it was.

We were rejuvenated the morning after and wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary, Jhon Tolentino.

You've been pretty much awesome if not above and beyond.


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