Iftar with Fizah & Family

Salam Ramadhan to my Muslim readers!
We have passed the half way mark and I hope everyone has managed to fulfill their obligations the best way you could. Don't forget to pay your zakat & fitrah, ya?

Anyways, Fizah asked Jhon and I out to break fast together at Marina Bay Square over the weekend. (What is this? Not a basi blogpost? wow!) We had planned to meet at 6pm but Jhon and I decided to start the day early. Plus, I heard there was a baby fair at Suntec City. Granted, it was on it's last day and we sometimes dread going to any form of expo/ fairs but no harm taking a peek.

It was the first time for us to be at Suntec since it's renovation (I know, it was quite sometime ago) and I almost forgot how much walking was needed! We did managed to reach the Suntec Convention Centre and the crowd was actually okay. We managed to buy a cheap baby tub, breast pads and other smaller items.

We checked out MotherCare, KiddyPalace upstairs where I brought a few more items. Fizah also got several cute outfits for Matin. Speaking of which, that boy is crazily cute. He minds his own business and I could stare at him the whole day.

We only spent several hours together and most of them was spent baby shopping. lol It's hard to have that good old besties' chat days. Perhaps when Fizah and Min have their own house then I shamelessly hang out at their place lah. haha

I hope Fizah and family had a good time with us even though it was a simple one and sorry Fizah for my yet-again awkward hugs. (We bumped our heads hard while trying to side hug) lolol I know you love me a lot but you know I am so horrible at physical affection. haha


Mini Room Make-over

I didn't take any before and after photos of our room but trust me when I said we did painted and re-arranged our room, okay? haha To be honest, it's not worth a show because it was a basic look - nothing close to Pinterest worthy - but it was all we needed.

Our room which used to be washed out (due to humidity) teal with a light and dark gray is now just plain off-white purple. We did considered making an effort in colors and design but it was a few days before Ramadhan and being 6 months pregnant, I knew I wouldn't be of much help.

As for the furniture arrangements, this was the rough concept, according to scale you know? haha

I know, very 'semangat' because with a small room which not much man power, I rather not have Jhon move the furniture back and forth trying to ensure the right placement. We haven't receive our baby crib yet because I arranged them to come end of July and we still haven't buy a mini drawer or cabinet for baby clothes.

Obviously, Jhon ended up doing most of the hard work. Don't get me wrong, I do help but I was at the stage where I get tired way too easily so I had thousands of breaks. We ended up finishing up after 1.5 days which was very long in my opinion.

But the deed was done! Our room is properly arranged and even had Hari Raya curtains up early. haha It's good to know that 1 big chore has been done. But guess what, despite taking plenty of rests, I got really sick.... again.

You will read more in the #BabyTalk series but it's been more than 2 weeks and I'm still coughing. On top of the sweltering heat, belly discomforts, I am so over it!


2nd Trimester, 5th Month (And it's a....)

          1st Trimester, Month 0-1Month 2 (pt.1 & pt. 2)Month 3
          2nd Trimester, Month 4

1 April 2017 – 9 May 2017

Hello BELLY!

As soon as I reached 18 weeks, belly was visibly growing each day. Especially when I was wearing my non-maternity fitting shirts, the belly was definitely there. I still could get away with baggy outfits but as soon as I put my hands on my belly, you can see already. 

My 1 sized bigger jeggings are also getting tighter so I have to get myself maternity jeans real soon. The good news is that I still have a pair of leggings and recently bought dresses that can fit my growing belly. Don't you all think some maternity clothes look so orbit or sloppy? And those that are really nice cost so much too. On top of my choosy tendencies, it makes it harder. Annoying. But it's okay, I do have back up outfits that are still wearable. Basically, this month was the month I started to wear maternity outfits. I rarely wear dresses and I completely understand why most pregnant moms prefer dresses to any form of pants. It's way more comfortable!

[First time wearing maternity jeans & top from H&M]

[Dress from Uniqlo during our 1st year wedding anniversary]

Hello BABY!

Jhon and I had a trip to KKH on 13th April at 10:30am for my anatomy scan. I've been looking forward to this scan because

1) The last time I saw Little One was more than 1 month ago.
2) I want to see it's progress & health updates.
3) Since I am almost 20 weeks by then, we may able to know it's GENDER!! which a perfect birthday gift for me since my birthday was 1 day before.

The anatomy scan lasted about 1 hour and it was grueling! Why? It was because the Little One was in defense mode all throughout the scan. As in hands up covering face and in literal fetal position. The technician had trouble getting a proper view and she had to really dig into my belly. It was painful but I knew I had to bear it. It was nobody's fault but the baby's for being freaking shy. haha There's one point it had it's back facing us and another the Little One literally stared at us as if saying stop it!
Wah lao, baby!

It got so bad that we had to leave the room for a few minutes hoping for Little One will eventually move. The technician said she will call us again in 15 minutes so Jhon went out for a coffee break. But in just 5 minutes, she called me back because the person next in line didn't come over. I had to go in without Jhon and I found out Little One's gender without him. Too bad we didn't get to experience it together. Fortunately, he managed to get in 1 minute later and the technician showed Jhon the parts. Basically, he giggled like a school boy because it's exactly what he wanted.

[Like what Little One is doing, "Shhhhh..."]

[I am sorry-not-sorry that I am not revealing Little One's gender until delivery. I wanted to share initially but I figured a little mystery in this blog wouldn't hurt anyone. You are free to guess though. hehe]

I am so going to post a gender prediction chart to show you if it was accurate for us or not.

The positive vibes didn't last long because this Little One still refused to show it's spine, specifically it's neck because the way it twisted it's body. The technician literally kneaded my belly as I forced coughed to make Little One move. After much torture, she got what she wanted and I left with a sore belly (no bruises though) but with a glee in my heart. All that commotion took us 1 hour 30 minutes including waiting time.

We then went downstairs to Clinic C to see our doctor after the SOP urine, weight & blood pressure check. I gained only 1 kg and still under my pre-pregnancy weight. The wait for the doctor and consultation was fairly fast too.

Little One is growing wonderfully with no issues as for me, the doctor said it's good that I gained 1 kg and advised me on how much weight I should gain as weeks passed. 1 minor concern was that my placenta was on a low side. She said it was nothing to worry about because usually it will go back up as I reach 3rd trimester. I still can do my normal routine with no issue. Before we knew it, we were done with the doctor.

The longest waiting time was for payment and next appointment bookings. We had no choice but to wait because we need to set appointment dates for the next 2 months. If not for that, we would totally ask them to mail us the bill like the previous doctor's trip. All in all, we left the hospital at 1:50 pm. We spent over 3 hours in KKH which was the longest time we spent there.

Hello PAIN!

So far, I had never experienced any intolerable pain in the 1st trimester. I would only experience minor cramps and that was it. But on 15th April, OMAIGOD! The pain was unbearable and even if the pain had lessen, it was a constant pain that wouldn't go away. When I had round ligament pains, I would do some stretching or change sitting/lying positions and it would go away but this time, NOPE!

I tossed and turned, I walked, I stretched but the cramping and sharp pains would stay. It would move and switch places between my uterus and left rib cage. I knew it was normal and was aware of red alert signs. I had no blood or water discharge and despite being so painful plus, I still can talk. Thankfully, it went away for a while but it would come back once in a while the whole day. I know this pain is just the beginning and just a pinch. I totally need to start to man up when it comes to dealing the pains.

On 26th April, I was sweeping the floor and BAM! sharp pain on my lower back. I tried to tahan but it stayed to a point my legs to my toes start to tingle. I've read it before, I just didn't expect it too soon. It's probably sciatic pain. I gave myself a bed rest trying to get a good position, moved around and do mini stretches. It got better after a while but there was still lingering pain.

Towards the end of the month, I had noticed some swelling on my hands and feet. It's very minor but enough for me to notice so I quickly drank more water and rested.

Hello Shopping!

If you know me well, I dislike shopping. I am a practical person. If I don't see a need, I don't buy and if EVEN if it's a need, I would go through a series of checklists to convince myself it's a good buy. Being pregnant forces me to go shopping ALL THE TIME. April was the time I had succomed to buying a pair of maternity jeans and it felt so GOOD! No more cutting on my belly.

Ever since Mak found out the gender of the baby, she also took us out for lunch and went baby clothes shopping and she went crazy! I was just making conversation that my standard shirts don't fit properly and my bulging belly would ride the front up and she offered to buy my new tops. Wah! Paiseh. The last time Mak bought me clothes was when I was a teenager but she insisted. Luckily H&M have pretty decent and affordable maternity wear. I just let her choose and I tried it on. I am so happy with the new basic wear and actually can't wait to try wear it. haha

Hello Good People!

Now that my belly is out for all to see, I've been very blessed when it comes to public transport. 99% of the time, I was always offered a seat which I truly appreciate. I try not to baby myself but no doubt if there's an opportunity for me to sit, I would because my feet would ache. I figured I have STOMP to thank, huh?


Battle of the Best - Taridra Competition 2017

It's that time of the year again when one of my nephews from Iman Kindergarten participated in a performance/ competition for their school.

"The children will perform a dance and drama based on a chosen Malay proverb that highlights social and moral values, in conjunction with this year's Bulan Bahasa.
The goal is to create a platform for your child to enjoy big stage experiences and develop self and social confidence in creative expression, while also indulging in some healthy competition."

Every year, without fail, I would at least once watch them perform in Expo and Irfan was no exception. We did had an opportunity to watch him perform during his sports day last year but the weather was so hot that he got pretty cranky to a point he refused to perform.

Actually, Kakak and Abg Awil actually didn't know that Jhon and I were coming. Unfortunately, plenty of family members can't make it so it was a nice surprise for them.

Reason for crappy pictures was because it was video stills. Jhon had a recorded them but it was too shaky and I wasn't sure if I want to share it. haha

Anyways, this time around, Irfan was amazing! He danced and even had lines which he recited very well. We were impressed and proud of him. Jhon and I left a few minutes after their performance because we had errands to do but we later found out that Irfan and his group 3rd place. Horray!


2nd Trimester, 4th Month (Sick, Growing Belly & Coldplay)

          1st Trimester, Month 0-1Month 2 (pt.1 & pt. 2)Month 3

1 March 2017 - 31 March 2017 
I've reached the 2nd trimester!

The Doctor Visit 

On 8th March was our 2nd doctor consultation.  Take note that you ALWAYS need to take a urine test before seeing the doctor so save that pee! Our waiting time was about 1 hour which is pretty normal for any doctor visit to me. 

Our consultation with the doctor was very fast and chop-chop mostly because there are no health issues for me and the Little One so nothing much to talk about lah. The doc did a quick check on Little One’s heartbeat with a Doppler which ran at 152bpm, asked how I was and that’s about it. We didn’t queue for payment because nurse gave us a choice to queue or wait for their bill in the mail. I will only get to see Little One on 13th April 2017 when I am due for an anatomy ultrasound. 

Caught the Flu Bug

I guess I would say a cold because I didn’t really had a fever. I got it on Sunday and went to the doctor on Monday. I’ve been trying to avoid getting sick because my nephews were sick for weeks but alas, I lost after all. Being sick while pregnant sucks although inevitable because if not treated properly, it will have an effect on the baby. As soon as the virus lifted a little when I’m left with a stuffy nose, cough and not feeling the sense of sickly dread, I stopped taking the medicine. It took me weeks for the cough to go away. 


At 15 weeks, believe it or not, I still do not look pregnant. I do have a small bump that you can guess but upon looking with no knowledge, it looks like a fatty and bloaty belly. I even got a passing comment by a couple of girls in the toilet about my belly (implying that I’m boncit for my figure). Apparently, this is normal for first time moms with average sized bodies and even more so for mom who are tall or have a long torso. Meanwhile, I guess I will just enjoy my normal clothes as much as I can.

At 16 weeks, my belly starts to slowly grow. I would feel the stretch on my skin and fullness of my belly. Literally, everyday, I could feel a difference. By 3rd week of the month, people can see the fullness of my belly and a neighbor had actually asked Mak to confirmed if I was pregnant. My weight, believe or not is still below pre-pregnancy weight of 60kg. It fluctuates but barely much. In a way, I am grateful because I've always wanted the slim pregnancy look for vain reasons but also a little concerned. Come to think again, Little one is about the size of a turnip, my boobs are not enlarging at an alarming rate so I shouldn't really expect a big weight difference as of yet.

I understand why mommies like to show their belly without clothes because you can see the belly more. Butt is perker and boobs are filling up slowly to a full cup C as in going to spill out of my current bras already. I hope not so soon though!

The Concert 

We ended March with a Coldplay concert that we bought months ago. I wasn't pregnant at that time so it was a lovely surprise that we will be going with Little One. Jhon and I had been to Coldplay's concert many years back and I am so happy that we get to experience it again but with our Little one.


If you recalled, I wrote how I cried countless of times at the concert and that I cried for more than 1 reasons? Well, partially it was probably hormonal haha but the concert was truly stupendous but my hormones made me cry harder. Not only that, while Coldplay was playing Til' Kingdom Come, I felt the Little One kicked and a few more times on my bladder which made me felt even more emotional because it was the first time I truly felt it moved around. The first time I felt a kick was days ago but it was just 1 popped feeling. So to feel an actual baby moving, rolling and kicking was surreal!

Baby Stuff

Little One got it's first baby item and it's a pair of shoes from Mak! She actually wanted to buy for Nadya but there were no available size. Apparently, she loved the design so much that she bought for us instead.

Personally, I planned to slowly start buying baby stuff when I reach 20 weeks but meanwhile, we just researched brands, models and prices first so we know what we want because that's just me. Over the weekend, Mak asked us out to Baby Hyperstore which is practically a walk away from our houses. Supposedly to survey but having 2vs1, we ended up buying a baby carrier and a stroller. haha I told Jhon if his mom knew this, confirm he will get scolded because knowing we were researching, dah kena nagged that we were shopping too early. We had to explain to them prices in Singapore are always too expensive with many brands and on top of that, must take note of sales and such.

Anyways, we had a great bargain getting more than half price chopped off. Perhaps I will blog a separate post about all Baby Buys.


1st Wedding Anniversary at Crowne Plaza Hotel

If you asked me last year, how I would celebrate our 1st year wedding anniversary, I would definitely say somewhere overseas. It does it really matter where but definitely abroad, romantic and adventurous just like our honeymoon.

Then I got pregnant and by the time it was our anniversary date, I was at my 5th month when I simply can't last for long walks or any form of adventure. I mean, I can but it's the belly that gets tired if it makes sense. After a long day, with no to limited rest, there goes the belly cramps, pains and discomfort.

So we had to settle for the next best thing; a staycation! Don't get us wrong, we are not strangers to this since Abg and family used to take us for staycations and such but this is the first time we do it for ourselves. I was wondering if Jhon was okay with the idea since we won't be exploring or anything. Just eat and slack around but in a different room. I was surprised when he said "Alright!"

One thing I looked forward for was a soak in the bathtub and 24hr aircon time. Ahem, I mean, romantic time with my honey-bunny. lol

If you followed me in Instagram, you would be probably up to date to my now stale story in IG stories.

Firstly, we had our lunch at Changi City Point; my old work lunch place. I miss that place for food reasons only. We then headed to Crowne Plaza Hotel at Changi Airport for our 3pm check in; found out an old secondary school classmate worked there. lol

Anyways, we got ourselves the Premier Room, nothing fancy and it was just what we needed. When we entered, we were welcomed by flower petals on the floor and on the bed. It was fake petals but I could understand because save the earth and cut costs right? It does not matter because it didn't affect the ambiance.

Cue self-portraits before we rested and I took a good 30 minute soak in the bathtub and headed for dinner.

Frankly speaking, it was pretty uneventful. We TV binged, soaked in the bathtub and watched more TV. Despite what seemed to be a mundane thing, we actually had a great time. The seats were great, bed was comfortable, the bathtub was a plus and after all the hot nights we were having, staying over with the perfect temperature was heavenly.

If you asked me years before if this would considered as a wonderful way to spend our 1st anniversary, I would probably roll my eyes and even scoff. But it was perfect as it was.

We were rejuvenated the morning after and wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary, Jhon Tolentino.

You've been pretty much awesome if not above and beyond.


Pretty Pastel Flowers from A Better Florist

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Pretty, pretty flowers galore! Being so biased to red roses, it's definitely a breath of fresh air to receive such a beautiful assortment of pastel flowers from A Better Florist.

These came just in time for my birthday so it really prettied up my day.

The Emma comes with a glass vase and even flower food attached within the bouquet to make sure the flowers lasts longer which I truly appreciate.

What is so special about flowers from A Better Florist? 

💐 Free delivery island wide
💐 Flowers are from Cameron Islands, Malaysia
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There are plenty of types of bouquets to choose from such as

Signature Blooms
Handcrafted, thoughtfully designed and Instagram-ready which consists of The Emma, The Ayla & The Julianne.

Farmers' Choice
Seasonal stems sourced straight from the farm like The Keira, The Madelene, The Pamela and more.

Carefully crafted combos such as balloons, chocolates, scented candles and even butterscotch popcorn that are sure to impress for several occasions such as Pamper Her Bundle, Surprise Her Bundle and Movie Night Bundle.

If you are interested to get or see the lovely flowers, feel free to click on the link provided. Thank you to A Better Florist for making my day better!


33rd Birthday Galore

Another year older for me!

Age has never affected me but definitely has been feeling more and more contented with where I am for the past couple of years. I've always been a late bloomer but I had never complained or be bitter about it because I know, when the time comes, it will be perfection.

When I turned 32, I was getting married.

Now, that I've turned 33, I am going to celebrate my 1st year wedding anniversary soon with a baby in my belly in tow! (Yes, just in case you missed it, I am pregnant! Check #BabyTalk) I mean, what can get better than this?

Well, 3 days straight of birthday outings!

I don't expect any birthday celebrations from my family because we are weird sometimes. Plus, I was so passed that but at the last minute, on my birthday itself, Abg asked us out for dinner at Seoul Garden. Remember that Mak and I had a failed craving attempted while we were at Marina Bay? Well, now, both of us were fully satisfied. We had our dinner at Downtown East, Pasir Ris and it was a nice and cozy setting despite that it was weird that we had to order the food stuff via the computer instead of buffet styled.

Jhon and I celebrated our private birthday on the 13th April because it was the day we had an ultrasound at KKH. After knowing the gender of the baby and all, we were in a good mood. He bought for me a small chocolate mouse cake from Polar Cake (30% reduced sugar at 20% discounted price), grabbed my bouquet of flowers sponsored by A Better florist (a review coming up) and we headed to Changi Village for my favorite view, the beach. We wanted to do a picnic concept but it rained rather heavily so we ended up having dinner at Tang Tea House and ate the cake at home.

The cake was yummy by the way. I am not a big fan of chocolate but if it's chocolate mousse, I am all for it. Plus, the fact that it's reduced sugar, it was guilt free for the both of us.

On the 14th, Mak asked us out for baby stuff shopping. She adamantly insisted and even bought for me several maternity tops for me after treating us lunch. It was weird because the last time she spent on me was when I was a teenager but I am grateful nonetheless.

With the 3 days straight in a row of walking and eating, on the fourth day, I went kaput! No joke, bad belly & back aches so note to self, don't push it.

Other than that, I am superbly grateful for my birthday this year in more ways than one.


Home Decor with a Difference - Mason Home Decor

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Is your house due for a mini make-over or a party coming up and don't know where to start? How about checking out Mason Home Decor. It is an online company that specialises in interior decorations. 

This includes different items for different occasions such as a huge variety of party supplies, Christmas trees, CNY displays, Halloween costumes, as well as normal everyday items such as candles, assorted terrariums, photo frames etc, basically anything you would need for decoration in a home. 

Mason Home Decor was sweet enough to gift me a hanging plant terrarium & a wooden photo frame with glass. They did offered me a DIY terrarium but if you've been reading my previous blog posts, I am preggers and not really in a mood to get down and dirty at the moment. 

Marazzi – Hanging Plant Terrarium

It is suitable for any home or office decor because not only it is unique, it is small and humble. It does not require much space yet gives that cozy greenery we all need. Mason Home Decor terrariums comes in 2 forms, a ready made one or a DIY version for at least S$7 cheaper for those are always up for something crafty.

I ended up not hanging the terrarium which also suits well for the rustic look. My anxiety kicks in seeing only the knot holding the terrarium up even though Jhon had showed me a few times it holds well.

The set comes with an empty small spray bottle and a little note with tips on maintaining the terrarium.

Seqouia – Wooden Photo Frame with Glass

The Seqouia comes in 2 different sizes of Small – 100 mm (L) x 150 mm (B) and Medium – 176 mm (L) x 125 mm (B). It is a beautiful photo frame with a natural wood base in the colours of Walnut or Maple. I like it that it's simple and modern looking. I don't like wooden frames that are too gaudy. 

If you like what you see and/or want to know what else Mason Home Decor has to offer, click on the link https://www.mason.com.sg

Thanks Mason Home Decor, I can't wait to put in a proper photo in the frame; perhaps with the new baby in tow!


1st Trimester, 3rd Month (The Longest Month)

          1st Trimester, Month 0-1Month 2 (pt.1 & pt. 2),

1 Feb 2017 – 28 Feb 2017 

The Doctor Visits 

On 2 Feb 2017, I had an appointment at KKH for a blood test. It was meant for the Down Syndrome test but since I didn't do the initial blood tests, the nurse took about 4 full vials of my blood. I have no fear with needles so I just looked at the entire process. The entire appointment was very fast; it took us probably 15 minutes in total. Our breakfast there took longer than the appointment itself. Haha There was slight bruising and pain that lasted for almost a week but it was expected because I have thin veins.

On 22 Feb 2017 is the second part of the Down Syndrome test which was the NT scan. At this point, I didn't allow myself to be a worrywart. Whatever the results were, we will accept it. I was just excited to see Little One especially I was having the "I don't feel pregnant" feeling. Little One was waving his/her hands frantically and was even stretching his/her legs! I was ecstatic. We also got to hear his/her heartbeat for the first time which was at 162bpm. The scan took probably 30 minutes as the technician did her measurements.

Will you have a pointy nose like daddy?

After the scan, we waited probably less than 5 minutes when we had a sat down with the Down Syndrome results. Alhamdulillah, Little One is at low risk with 1:7618 compared to the 1:300 scale. Although the tests are 9/10 accurate, odds were pretty good. We left with glee not before we were approached by a student doctor for a survey.

This time around, they want to do tests and find ways to detect deformities in the blood instead of doing the invasive test of taking fetus' fluids. (this is a 2nd type of test if the 1st type results are at high risk). Similar to the survey Jhon and I did the first visit, I will do anything for science. I was sat down and briefed about the test. It turned out they needed 2 vials of blood and I was okay with it. What was the icing on the cake was that in a way of saying thanks, they will deduct $150 off my next ultrasound. YAHOO!!

Two good news in one day. My blood was drawn and off we went home. Oh, I read the letter for my OB and I saw that my new EDD is now 2nd September as opposed to 30th August although this will be further confirmed when I do meet her next month.


I no longer feel bloated! Because of this, my belly shrank so it turned out that my belly is 1/3 Little One, 1/3 fats and 1/3 air. After all, Little One is so tiny, technically, belly should not show so much. Morning sickness, nausea and headaches comes and go every few days in the beginning of the month and weaned as days passed so that's good. For some reason, I feel that this month feels like the longest month ever.

Belly show no pregnancy bumps but my it did popped out a little at 12.5 weeks. Even so, it still looked like a fatty belly but of a slightly different shape.


This is hard to tell. I had my share of food cravings way before I was pregnant. So it's difficult to tell if the food I was craving is from Little One or myself. With that said, no weird cravings and neither had cravings at odd times of the night... so far. When I do crave for something, it's quite general as in I'm fine with savory, sweet or sour food.


1st Trimester, 2nd month (The Trip & 1st Scan) Part 2

Read: New Chapter in Life,
          1st Trimester, Month 0-1, Month 2 (part 1)

20 Jan 2017 – 31 Jan 2017 

Mid month was actually not so bad. I had still rounds of nausea, tiredness and headaches but not everyday so believe me, when I was feeling good, I took advantage of it by doing plenty of chores and go out jalan-jalan.

The Philippines Trip 

On 20th Jan 2017, Jhon and I went to the Philippines for our yearly visit and to celebrate his grandma's 90th birthday. I was so glad that my morning sickness is rather low so travelling was tolerable. Just in case you are wondering, it's okay to travelling while pregnant unless you are at your last trimester. The only issue is during the first trimester, plenty of mommies have morning sickness and it would be a mood killer. You may read our visit to the Philippines here. What I left out in the  Philippines post was anything pregnant related.

Of course, Jhon's family was happy and surprised when Jhon told them the morning we arrived while having breakfast. We intended to tell later but they offered milk for their macaroni soup. At this time, milk or even the thought of it was my kryptonite so he had to explain why. To be honest, we didn't go sight-seeing like our previous trip. Mostly because I was tired and napping most of the day. We did go out everyday but after 3pm when I was feeling better and it was still a quick trip to nearby malls.

At Inang's house at Bataan, no one suspected because I was wearing a loose top. Thank God, no morning sickness or nausea on that day. In fact, I forgot I was pregnant! Lol The party was great and I had my Sony Action Cam so I was busy recording the moments. I only started to feel nauseous when the fatigue kicks in which was towards the end of the party.

Throughout the 5 day trip, I vomited 3 out of those days. Jhon's family was very understanding even though both Ma and Loi never experienced morning sickness. They were always concerned and sometimes, I could briefly hear Ma nagging to Jhon to take care of me and give anything I want. Haha Yes, there are Filipino pregnancy wives' tales I had to follow but it was not a hassle anyways so I just follow suit. More on that and more Malay-Fillipino pregnancy wives' tales will be up eventually.

Generally, the trip went well despite the morning sickness. Like I said, it's considered minor and tolerable.

Seeing Little One for the First Time 

Our KKH appoint was literally a day after our Philippines trip which falls on 25 Jan 2017. Yes, we were tired but it was also a mixture of nervousness and excitement. We went for the subsidized appointment so save costs. I didn't know exactly what to expect. Fizah said she and her family members received transvaginal scan for their first check-up and it initially freaked me out. But as the dates got closer, I actually didn't care. I wanted to see Little One and make sure both of us are okay.
Our appointment was at 10:30am. We had time to have a quick breakfast and registered on time. The waiting time for the scan took the longest which was about 1 hour but after that, we hopped room to room for consultations and such. To my surprise, I just received a normal ultrasound scan via belly.

I teared up.

Jhon was by my side and he said we was utterly happy. It was confirmed that Little One was at 9 weeks with estimated due date (EDD) on 30th August 2017. Little One already had arms and legs with a 'tail' that is shrinking. The feeling was indescribable; to officially meet Little One who is growing inside me and knowing that we already love it before it comes out of the world.

I had my blood pressure, weight, height and urine checked, met with a doctor for consultation and back to the AMC for a quick consultation/ introduction on Down Syndrome tests. Of course, with my age of 32, we chose to test lah. Since it's also my first pregnancy, Jhon had to take a blood test too. I could've done it on the same day for HIV tests and such but since we are going to go for the Down Syndrome test, the hospital will draw my blood in one go on my next appoint which was in a week's time. Our 1st check up took us about 2 hours only.


1st Trimester, 2nd month (Morning sickness and Blurness) Part 1

          1st Trimester, Month 0-1

1 Jan 2017 – 19 Jan 2017

Plenty of things happening on this month so I hope you don't mind I am dividing the 1st month log into 2 parts. I don't want 1 post to seem so long winded.

The Positive Result

On 1 Jan 2017, I decided to take my pregnancy test again. The signs were clearer every day. More cramps (mild), tiredness and nausea sets in. I actually had pre-planned how to announce it to Jhon way before taking the pregnancy test. I figured, if I am pregnant, it's all ready. If not, I can always keep it.

Well, I was ready to take the test and Jhon had went out for a quick errand after breakfast. I peed and within a few minutes, the lines were clear as day, without any doubt. I was pregnant.
My mind went blank. I didn't know what to think and how to feel despite "knowing I was pregnant before I was pregnant". To see the results staring at me was surreal and I almost regretted doing it home alone instead of just having Jhon in another room because I didn't know what to do next but wait.

I set up my mini Little One announcement and had the longest 2 hour wait ever. I kept sms-ing him if he was almost home. As soon as he was home, I asked him to open a box and his reaction was priceless. After all the initial surprise and tears, he said "What a wonderful New Year's news" Indeed it was.

[I crocheted a pacifier holder and attached it to a cheap pacifier]

Of course, Jhon was beyond happy. His biological clock was ringing like a grandfather clock for the past few months and for the 3rd time in our relationship, he cried. Thanks to my dorkiness, I recorded his reaction in plain sight so he was a little guarded with this real emotions. He hugged me and I started to tear up. It was a wonderful moment that I was glad we had it.

So what did we do after clean up? We had lunch and played on the PS4 the whole day! I don't know if reality haven't truly set in or we just don't know what to do but go to the clinic for an official doctor's checkup so we continued our lives as it was lah.

The Morning Sickness, Nausea and More

After the positive test, it was the longest 1.5 week of my life. Morning sickness, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and headaches got worse. I can't even think of majority food types or I will feel nauseous and if I try to fight it and force it down, I would just vomit it out. Little One hates milk, milo and tasty food like Soy Sos Beef or Kuah Lemak Chili Padi Ayam. Little One loves eating healthy meals like bread, fruits, yogurt, salad, simpler dishes like chicken soup, porridge or rice with fried fish. Luckily, I also like those food so I have no complaints except for the nicer and flavorful dishes lah.

I actually lost about 1-2kg but after getting accustomed to what Little One wants by eating the right food at the right amount 5-6 times a day, weight is normalized to 60kg.

The other thing I can't tahan was the extreme fatigue. I am no energizer bunny but I can move around a lot and rarely take afternoon naps. With Little One at this period, fwar! LOW ENERGY and sometimes I would nap 2 times a day. Besides that, I would have dizzy and headache spells which is also considered normal during the 1st trimester. At that point, I was counting the days when I will surpassed this phase but Alhamdulillah, the fatigue got better after 1.5 weeks. I would like to think it's because Little One and I have officially get acquainted and got used to each other. haha

The Doctor Visits

So 2 days after the positive results, we went downstairs to the GP clinic. I thought it's similar with Polyclinic because he is under CHAS scheme. He confirmed my pregnancy and we got a referral letter. The lady booked an appointment for us but KKH told us to go for our first check-up at Polyclinic/KKH clinic.

Hindsight note: I was bloated for the first 2+ months and this guy is losing weight. lol

We went to Bedok Polyclinic 1 week later and the check-up was to just obtain a subsidized referral letter. Jhon and I went blank. This means we had 2 types of appointments; subsidized appointment on 25th Jan 2017 and private appointment on 9th Feb 2017. I would be estimated 8 weeks 6 days pregnant on the former and 11 weeks 4 days for latter.

Personally, I love to cut costs whenever I can; with subsidized rates that may go up to 65%, you don't want ah? My only issue was a male doctor checking my hoo-hah. I know it's 21st century. Men can be cooks or gynae and women can be pilots and soldiers. But I've been taught modesty since young and protected my flower like a delicate crystal to only have a man poking around is such a nerve-wrecking situation for me.

People have been sent to the moon and back, why still no machine to avoid such evasiveness? SIGHS! I got to admit, a decision that seemed easy to most, was really hard for us. Luckily, Fizah and family had chosen subsidized rates so believe me when I said I asked a ton load of questions. In the end, I am going for the subsidized appointment because the cost saving is high. As for the doctors, just tawwakal and hope for the best.

The Other Announcements

After our visit with the GP, we told Mak the next day because I spend most of my weekdays with her since I help take care of my niece and nephews. For sure, she will notice the differences with me especially that my morning sickness was getting worse at that time. She cried with joy and we hugged. She did said she noticed that I looked so tired and the naps surprised her too.
We told Abg Jamil next because we live under the same roof and again, he would probably see the changes. He was really shocked because he said just the night before while on the bus ride home, I crossed his mind. He was thinking that I looked different and wondered if I was pregnant but quickly dismissed it.

I told Fizah 3 days after the GP visit. She told me she danced while on the phone and we chatted for a while. I decided to withhold the news from my siblings until our appointment at KKH so I have a scan to show too.

As for Jhon's family, we intended to tell them when we meet them which was only a few weeks away. The thing is, we will be going to his grandma's 90th birthday party where all his relatives will attend. Of course, he wanted to tell his grandma (who had taken care of him when he was a kid) but I worry her reaction and pride might spill the beans with others. Like I said, I wanted to have a KKH visit first before truly announcing among families and our subsidized appointment is actually 1 day after we came back from Manila.

As weeks passed, I am so grateful my morning sickness has lessen to every other day and it's still surreal to have a growing Little One in me. I have started talking and acknowledging Little One and it helped mentally, emotionally and even physically. So far, it has been an interesting ride for the 3 of us. Not supposed to see a Little One bump at this point and my own fatty bump is making it confusing. One thing for sure, my tummy does feel stretched and getting bigger. And yes, believe me when I said I bought cocoa butter as soon as I got a chance to!


1st Trimester, Month 0-1 (I knew I was pregnant before I was pregnant)

1 Dec 2016 – 31 Dec 2016

Yes, you read it right. I knew I was pregnant before I was pregnant. You see, the 1st month of pregnancy is a funny thing. It is because, doctors count estimated due date from the first day of last period. With that said, the 1st and 2nd week is my period week. Most couples do not know when their Little One was conceived but I did because I had a period tracker app that I religiously update.
Technically, it's the end of the 3rd week when the embryo implants in our uterine lining but this is just an estimation. According to my app, Little One was conceived on the 3rd week which was 6th Dec 2016.

Are you following me? I hope I don't sound confusing. Haha

Anyways, after 1 week of conception, I starting to have this 'feeling' that I was pregnant. I don't know how to explain it but I did and I just waived the thought in my head thinking I was silly. Days passed and that 'feeling' was there and my supposedly next period was coming.
2 days before expected period, I couldn't wait and took a pregnancy test for fun.

It was negative. My heart went "huh" while my brain said "I told you so".

On 22nd Dec 2016, my period came and it was just blood spotting. Thinking the official 'waterfall' will come the next day, I didn't think much of it. The next day, it was in fact, the same and that was it.
At that point, I was confused lah. I was stressed during that time period but I've never encountered such experience. Despite of having no blood, I did had cramps. I remembered Fizah mentioned about cramps and pregnancy so I checked with Mr. Google.

The results were there in writing.


22nd and 23rd Dec 2016 was the day/days of implantation of my embryo which explains the early negative, the blood spotting and cramps. I waited about 2 more weeks before taking another pregnancy test. At that point, I had very mild nausea but brain was still in denial. haha

Side note: Jhon didn't know I bought the first pregnancy kit because I thought I could surprise him with the news but that didn't turned out. We bought the 2nd pregnancy kit together but he didn't know when I would take it.


Sorry to leave you with what seemed to be an incomplete month 0-1 story but I am trying to squeeze and divide according to months. Obviously, when I took the 2nd pregnancy test, I was past 1 month pregnant (according to first day of last period).
We obviously know what's the results lah but want share how/when we reacted and what happened next.

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New Chapter in Life...

Guess what? I am pregnant. 😊

Bun in the oven, knocked up, stung by a serpent, expecting, preggers, with child, eating for two, hooked whatever you call it, Jhon and I are having a Little One! If you have been reading my blog, you should know we have been 'trying' since October. You may read about it here.

At this point of writing, I am already at my 2nd trimester or 4+ months along. The reason for delaying the news was for obvious reasons. Mainly because the 1st trimester is the most sensitive and fragile part of the pregnancy and further delay, well, I just like to lay low. Now that the Little One and I have mostly settled and get acquainted, get ready for my series of pregnancy posts.

We would never thought after 10 years of getting knowing each other, we will be married and let alone have a kid but that's how it always works right?

I know sharing about one's pregnancy can be taboo to some group of people. Especially when the world is getting more sensitive with everything lately. But this IS my online journal where I allow other people take a sneak peak into my life and perhaps learn and/or share experiences.

The only precautionary control I am practicing on sharing is delayed posts on my pregnancy and I am not making any pregnancy announcements anywhere but HERE. At this point, only immediate families and closest friends knows and I will let others know organically. As in, when we meet up for family functions and they notice my growing belly.

So if you happen to be in my circle of friends or my cousins (yes, I know you read), PLEASE keep this to yourself. Haha Can or not? I'm just trying to be chill about it, okay?

I will try to be detailed as much as possible as per normal and I can't wait to share it all to my future self and anyone who is willing to read it.


Marina Square Balloon Exhibit + I-Light Marina Bay

It's been a while since we went out jalan-jalan with Mak. Since we also had food cravings and found out there were fun things to check out at Marina Square and Marina Bay, I asked her out. (yes, this outing was on March)

The initial plan was to have early dinner at Seoul Garden but that was a bust because the place was filled with reservations. Luckily, we had a second craving which was for pizza hut that happened to be right next door. No complains here!

After our dinner, we checked out Marina Square Balloon Exhibit: Sea of Wonder.
I've been wanting to visit their yearly balloon exhibit for years and the plan never worked out so I was thrilled I get to see it. Yes, I am old and still crazy with balloons and don't get me started with bubbles. Plus, how can you not appreciate the hard work to create such masterpieces? I can barely create a balloon animal unless a snake counts as one.

Mak was very happy too and being her auntie self wanted to take and pick the balloons off. lol

We took a break hanging outside the mall while waiting for darkness to really enjoy the I-Light exhibition at Marina Bay. Unfortunately, we didn't get to really visit every exhibit showcased because as the night gets later, the crowds kept coming and we were getting a headache from it.

There was a long queue to get a proper shot into this exhibition so I said we just take a shot outside and play with out silhouettes.

And turned around for the awesome lighting.

We passed Art-Zoo and yes, I would wanted to go in even there were no children with us but circumstances disallowed us to.

So that's about it. Not much photos but we really enjoyed ourselves especially Mak. She said one thing she loves about going out with us is that we tend to walk a lot. (everyone in the family as a car but us haha) She said she loves it because she always feel physically better after going out with us as all her muscle cramps will disappear. Whatever it is, it was definitely a easy but fun night.