3rd Trimester, 8th Month (Breech, Breech, Baby)

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5 July 2017 - 2 August 2017

Impromptu Hari Raya Maternity Photoshoot

As usual, my family and I went jalan raya on the 2nd week of the raya month and that's the day Jhon and I get to dress up real nice. While waiting for my brother, we took photos as per normal. Our couple photos looked so great (in my opinion) that it can pass as a maternity photoshoot but Hari Raya themed. I initially wanted to do a 'proper' maternity photoshoot but after this, no need lah. I am actually quite contented with the photos. 

After majority of my relatives had found out about my pregnancy, I decided to share it to my IG & FB account officially. In IG, I just wrote "Surprise" and in FB, I just put a 3-photo collage with no caption at all. haha I figured let the pictures do the talking and no point being so mushy and wordy about it. 

The Heaviness, Waddling and Water Retention Begins

At the beginning of July, my weight was at about 66.3kg so I have started to feel the heaviness while walking. I generally do not waddle unless I feel uncomfortable or in pain which thankfully not often or prolonged. I am at a stage where I can't sit too long, stand too long or walk too long so I'm often all over the house doing something different in different positions. By the end of the month, I was 70kg.

I did have slight swelling on my feet during my 2nd trimester but it was so little and for a very short time so it wasn't a big deal. But this time around, the swelling does stay quite sometime. I blame myself because on those days, I did not hydrate myself well. I made a conscious effort to drink more (almost felt like torture) and the swelling went away. BUT! after I hit my 35 week mark, the swelling won't go down no matter how much rest or water I take. A'las, I have to accept I have achy and jiggling feet now. 

I had a day when I just couldn't sleep from discomfort and pain. It was rather bad to a point I slept at 5am! After hours of self-pity, I got up, did pre-natal exercises, ate oatmeal and fell asleep almost immediately. I really should've done that earlier! Ever since then, I've made a conscious effort to massage my feet & calves with my favorite ointment (Rainbow Massage Oil) to relax with aromatherapy and at least 5 minutes of stretches/exercises. Of course, it's not a full proof plan because I would still get those occasional sleepless nights due to discomfort.

Mucus & Cramps

A few days after hitting the 34th week, I had some mucus discharge; not a lot to be a mucus plug but enough to say "ew". Now, I am no stranger to discharges because I've always have them but barely ever since I got pregnant. I did have very minor cramps hours later but they are so minuscule that I could just pass it off as nothing.  To be honest, I was a little concern. Although these are not 100% tell-tale signs of labor but it is a sign. I kept praying and telling Little One, that there's still plenty of time to 'bake'; no hurry.

Ever since, I would still get those 'practice contractions' of period cramps on and off. Again, it's still mild but enough to get my attention. I had another discharge days later with cramps. At this point, I am trying to think positive that it's just signs of body and Little One getting ready for an impending labor which was in 5 -/+ weeks time. Of course, the later the better but not so late ah?? For this 8th month pregnancy, I had lost some mucus discharge 3 times.

Packing & Cleaning

Due to my increased tiredness, pain and estimated due date is coming closer, I washed newborn clothes that we had bought over time. We also had hand me downs from now, toddler niece, Nadya Aqilah so in terms of outfits, we are full. Jhon and I pre-signed up for the baby cash gift and CDA account AND the mucus discharge kinda push me to at least 1/2 pack my hospital bag.

Doctor's Appointment

I'm not sure how many pre-natal scans an average woman gets throughout her pregnancy besides the dating scan, NT scan, anatomy scan and growth scan but I was set up for another scan this month. Mostly because the Little One was in breech during the last scan. I was at 29 months that time which was technically too early to call it a breech baby because there's still time and room to move.

I know that there are babies that stay in breech until 37 weeks or even close to delivery date but I won't deny I do get worrisome. But here's the kicker and a little info about me. I was a breech baby and Mak was a breech baby! Yes, breech can be hereditary. For Mak's case, she was actually born feet first while as for me, Mak said she was held in the hospital for 3 days in a breech tilt position.

I've been checking out ways to turn a breech baby but majority of the tilts just made me dizzy. I could only do a open-knee chest position. I also try to recite doa for a breech baby Fizah recommended me. After 2 days, Little One actually turned to transverse and it hurt! The next day, it seems to go back to breech.

On 19th July during the ultrasound, as expected, Little One is still in breech. I was glad I already had a rough research about breech babies with methods and solutions to fix it. So when the doctor mentioned about External Cephalic Version (ECV), I was not so confused about it. I had even mention it to Jhon so he didn't worry too much when the doctor brought it up.

What ECV is while hooked up with heartbeat monitors and constantly checked with an ultrasound, the doctor will externally and manual try to rotate the baby into position. We were given a pamphlet and the first thing I asked was success rate %. It was 50% to 65%. Almost immediately and unanimously, Jhon and I shook our head. It's not worth it but the doctor is giving us time to think about it until the next appointment which is in 2 weeks time.

After 2 Weeks

As expected, after scanning at 36 weeks, Little One is still head up. By then, Jhon and I are already mentally prepared to have a C-section. Lo' and behold! when the doctor wanted to book the operating theater at our preferred date, not only that date is booked, the entire month of August is booked! My EDD is 30th August so how?

We will try again in one's week time. At the most, the doctor said they can put me in as emergency c-section on the date I wanted. Unless Little One decides to come out at her own date and time, that's the current situation.

All these while, I've been going through subsidized consultations which means random doctors but with subsidized bills (I will blog how much I saved by doing so) but want a private ward for delivery. It's going to cost us a lot especially when I am having a c-section but after much deliberation and checking our savings, we are willing to pay for privacy and comfort (Jhon can sleep on the sofa). Since I get to choose a doctor and the fact that I am going to go under major surgery, I've started to research on preferred doctors by other moms too.

At this point, it's literally Allahu Alam which means Allah knows best.
We are putting everything in His hands now.


Pregnancy Old Wives Tales (Malay & Filipino's)

If you are born Asian, old wives tales are almost like bread and butter to almost everything thing in life especially if you are born in the years 80's and below. Sadly, old wives tales are becoming more taboo now. As for me, yes, some of them can sound and are silly but a few do make sense and does help especially while pregnant.

I am going through both Malay and Filipino's pregnancy old wives tales in one post. Even I had only visited Jhon's family once while pregnant for a week, believe me, they had made sure I followed some of their old wives tales too.

Not surprisingly, there are a few similarities in Malay and Filipino's pregnancy old wive's tales because being Asian, cultures sometimes do not stray very far. I am not going to cover standard beliefs like having a proper diet and having a healthy lifestyle like not smoking, drinking alcohol or encouraging exercise because if you really think about it, it's rather similar to an encouraged healthy diet anyways just with added precautions. (fear of salmonella, heart burn and such)


Hurting any animals for no practical reasons and your child will be deformed. (If you fish for leisure, your child might have a cleft palate)

Do not mock or mean to people whether they deserve it or not, especially if the person is of a special needs person or your child might receive the same flaws. (If you even joke about a friend about how dark their skin is, your child might have that same skin color)

Do no eat pineapples (prickly) or durian (heaty) fruits as it's not good for the baby.

Drinking coconut juice during early pregnancy may lead to miscarriage but encourage at the last trimester to have a "clean" and fair baby.

 Looking or going out during an eclipse will develop a birthmark on the baby.

Must always satisfy pregnant wife's cravings or baby will have a drooling problem (excessive drool).

Pregnant wife is not allowed to carry heavy items as it will put too much pressure on uterus.

If you eat twin foods (twin bananas or twin egg yolks), you can have twins.

Breech babies are believed can be healers when taught and have great intuition.

Additional under Filipino's beliefs'

 Drinking too much cold drinks will lead to a big baby.

Do not wear necklace or umbilical cord might wrap around baby's neck.

Pregnant women shouldn't share their food or drinks because their symptoms will be transferred to that person.

Whether you believe it or not, I think everyone should take it with a pinch of salt as a precaution. Honestly, I have seen some of the old wives' tales come true especially in hurting the animals and mocking others. For me, as long as it won't harm anything or anyone, I don't see a problem following suit.

With that said, I am grateful because as much as traditional Mak can be, she is actually quite lenient when it comes to these things. Under her wing, I can eat anything I want (except for pineapples or durians but if I crave for it, a bite won't hurt), I can do anything I want but I just need to be extra careful with the words I say. You know, even a funny sarcastic remark should be watchful of and such. In general, just do good deeds like sharing and caring and the baby will 'follow'.

For my 1 week pregnant stay with Jhon's parents in the Philippines, I wouldn't say it's torturous but it can be challenging but I just followed because I only had to deal it for a while right? haha They are more strict in such things. Every time Jhon help finished my meal (couldn't finish due to low/no appetite), they would always comment how he now will get my symptoms. When Jayden kept drinking from my water bottle and sucked my lollipop (he unbashfully grabbed it out of my hands lol), I had to pour the first water splash for his bath before I left for Singapore to 'cancel' out the symptoms.

Jayden was clingy with me at that time and wanted to be with me all the time. He would want to sit close and sit on my lap all the time. Jhon's family totally opposed to it even though I was comfortably sitting and not literally carrying him. Basically, there were plenty of things I had to watch out and not do. Like I said, I wasn't complaining because it IS their beliefs and I just respecting them. All I can say was I was just grateful we stayed for a while because I don't think I can tolerate it for 9 months and God knows what else I need to watch out after birth.

So like I said, following such pregnancy old wives tales can be challenging and annoying especially when you care already dealing with morning sickness and such. BUT there's nothing wrong taking it with a pinch of salt.

I'm pretty sure I probably missed out several pregnancy old wives tales so feel free to share for funsies!


Hari Raya (Week 3)

You all know what I will always visit Fizah's house so we did on the 3rd week of Shawal. I'm not much of a Hari Raya visitor in the first place but I do make a little effort for my best buddy. It's hard for us to meet up and really chat up and with my baby coming soon, who knows how we can arrange a meet up.

This year, we didn't spend too much time at her house (I used to stay for hours until evening lol) because this preggo gets too tired easily even from sitting around and must be home early for ample rest. Plus, Fizah also had guests so a bit paiseh to hog and chat with her.

But check out little Matin who is growing so fast.

Dah macam abang-abang already.

They sent us downstairs and we saw a cat. Apparently he loves cats and he has this habit of mimicking people or animals (for this case). When the cat laid down, he also wanted to lay down! You couldn't see me in the background because I cropped it but I was doing the "EHHH!" face when I saw him trying to do that. lol

Anyways, that concludes my super simple Shawal. Next year, I will have a baby in my arms!
That will be an interesting experience! haha


Hari Raya 2017 (Week 2)

As usual, Mak stayed over for the weekend and basically, we only received 1 pair of guests, Kak Nana and husband for raya on Saturday and that was it. haha

The 'happening' day was on Sunday when we get to jalan raya to the usual suspects' houses. We didn't get to visit Pak Hitam's house this year because he went to Johor on the day we wanted to visit.

While waiting for Abg to pick us up, cue quick hari raya photoshoot! The photos turned out so great (IMO) that I decided not to do a maternity shoot since this is already perfect. Don't mind me as I bombard my photos here.

Our first house was Uncle's house at Woodlands. They had security cameras everywhere ever since arwah Auntie Tipah left and it was funny because we were spied by my cousins who were not there. Abg Atan actually spoke through the camera and Cinda took screenshots of us while we were there. I find it hilarious!

Next house was Abg Awil's parent's house. We didn't really give a heads up but it's like automatic already because their house is at Woodlands too. After this house, kakak didn't follow us and I didn't get to take a group photo my family lah, even with the 4 kids. It was saddening actually. It's really hard for us to get together, you know?

Our 2nd last house was Kak Yana's mother's house and if I wasn't so full, I would have gobbled ridiculous amount of her Bee Hoon Goreng.

Technically, that was it. We didn't go to many houses this year. We did visit Abg's house afterwards but it was not really a raya visit, I think. lol Mak wanted to buy McD supper and we stayed for a while. I told her I don't want to stay long because I am too exhausted and pregnant tired is different from normal tired okay? Plus, it was a Sunday, people got to work!

Well, that didn't happened. We stayed quite late to a point I fell asleep and got sick the next day. haha But all is well.


3rd Trimester, 7th month (Hari Raya & Surprise!)

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8 June 2017 – 4 July 2017 

Heartburn & Acid Reflux

I started to feel heartburn and acid reflux even when I ate something mildly spicy. Sometimes at night, drinking plain water gives me acid reflux. Thankfully, it's considered mild. The heartburns would be tolerable and lying more on my left instead of my right helps with the reflux.

Belly Discomfort

I am finding myself on all fours to relive my belly discomfort. The bloated feeling is real! I would mostly feel it if I ate too much so it's basically my fault lah. Stomach is getting squished so there's not much room for big meals. I am making sure I am having smaller but frequent meals to avoid it.

Growth Scan

On the 19th June, we got to see the Little One again! Little One has gotten bigger and can barely fit the screen. We got to see its developed fingers which were so cute! Doctor said Little One is 1.6kg at 29 weeks which is perfectly placed right in the middle of growth chart; not too big, not too small.

Yet again, baby is in breech. I know it's still early but having the doctor keep pointing it out does concerns me more than it should. I've read there are babies who only turn from breech from 37 weeks or even at the point of labour! There's nothing wrong with C-section but I just dislike the idea of needing to nurse a major wound on my belly! But a'las, if it's meant to be, I have to embrace it. So besides diving into what to expect in a vaginal labour, I also had educate myself about C-sections.

Breastfeeding Crash Course

Last month, we were asked if we wanted to attend a free breastfeeding talk on our next appointment day. Of course, I said yes. I think among all the other things, I've been concerned about breastfeeding and if my body allows it. I've been looking up info via the internet but information from a lactation consultant is always best.

The talk lasted about 30 minutes and it was straight to the point. We had a doll to 'play' with so we have an idea on how to hold the baby while breastfeeding. We also got some sample freebies such as a bottle to keep breast milk, baby shampoo & body wash, newborn diapers, pamphlets and such. We were free to ask any questions but for a FTM, it's hard to ask; at least for me, because I've yet to truly experience it. Either way, there are hotlines to call for any questions at any time I need so that's a good thing.

Feeling Awesome!

After a couple of weeks of heartburn, acid reflux and belly discomforts, I've started to feel great! I have energy (albeit I walk a little slower than usual). I know for most ladies, they have had long started with their breathlessness and exhaustion but the 7th month for me was good for me. Don't get me wrong, I still have my aching days where I take "MC" from helping my mom but when I felt good, it was almost a high.

Syihab would ALWAYS ask me when is Little One coming out every few days and when this picture was taken, the kids were being so affectionate for some apparent reason. lol

Even Nadya is in it too but she 'angin'. Sometimes wants to be clingy, sometimes don't like me. haha

Hari Raya Surprise for the Relatives

Hari Raya was towards the end of June and just in case any of you missed, I've not officially shared my pregnancy to my relatives. The intention was to just show up with a belly and let it tell all and Mak was more than okay with that. So as expected, everyone was surprised especially finding out that I've been 7 months pregnant and that I've been quiet. I just smiled and told them "Surprise!!" I also have cousin who is 1 month ahead who has been open about her pregnancy but we didn't get to meet though.

Not surprised that relatives compared my cousin's and my pregnancy especially that both of us have the same baby gender. But it's really unfair for her because physically, we totally look the opposite of each other besides the fact that every women have different pregnancy experiences.

Just in case some of you are wondering or thinking that my belly looks small. Well, it's because I am tall with a long torso which means baby had plenty of room to grow and move. On top of that, I don't get wide and big during my pregnancy.


Hari Raya 2017 (Week 1)

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim readers! 
We are at halfway mark to our month-long celebration, u'olls. lol

I swear I told myself that I would post on time but that obviously didn't happen. hehe Anyways, if you have been a long time reader, you should know that my hari raya has always been unconventional and I've come to terms to that.

Last year, we celebrated our first day of raya at Abg's house but this year, Kak Yana raised her white flag. lol This year, we celebrated at our place where Mak hanged out at our place for 3 days 2 nights. It's not an open house or anything but whoever wants to visit Mak (She's the eldest in the family), relatives can come over.

This year, we didn't have much kueh. In fact, only 4 types, Makmur, Bangkit, Suji and Florentines that Kakak made due the oven breaking down and we only get our hands on the last week of Ramadhan. As for Hari Raya dishes, I only requested Mak to cook Kuah Lodeh, Sambal Sotong and Serunding because those are the only dishes I look forward to.

On the first day of raya, Mak, Abg Jamil, Jhon and I just spent the time watching Hari Raya shows/movies while eating our Hari Raya meals. It was basically pretty slack and we even had naps in between.

We did our maaf-maafan in the afternoon and took some photos. Check out my at home jubah that actually belonged to Mak because I complained that all my at home pants/shorts are too tight for me. Yeah, I am at the point where I don't care what I wear anymore at home and dresses are ultimate heaven for me.

Abg and family only came over in the evening, makan-makan, story-mory, sorry-sorry and that was it. I was glad they didn't over-stayed because even though we didn't do much, the waiting game can be tiresome.

On the second day, our favorite family came by first to visit their favorite Mak Long and Pak Hitam and family came by next. It was actually the first time any of my relatives visited Abg Jamil's house and also the first time the house received so many guests. I am more than grateful that Jhon and Abg Jamil are so freaking helpful and hands-on in helping me to serve the guests.

This was also the day my relatives found out that I was 7 months pregnant. (I only blogged about my pregnancy and no one is truly aware of my active blog lol) After that, it was a wrap as other family members didn't come over anymore and that was our simple and chop-chop 1st week of raya.


2nd Trimester, 6th Month (Sick AGAIN)

          1st Trimester, Month 0-1Month 2 (pt.1 & pt. 2)Month 3
          2nd Trimester, Month 4, Month 5

10th May 2017 - 7th June 2017

Still Playing Hide and Seek

The plans is to have my relatives find out about my pregnancy on Hari Raya but there was a family tahlil (prayers) on the 14th May for my newborn niece, circumcision for twin nephews, for the late Auntie Tipah and prayers for the upcoming Ramadhan. Yeah, it's basically a 4-in-1 kind of thing. 2 weeks before that, I had a spring cleaning of my wardrobe so I was more than happy to find some old Malay outfits I can squeeze in. I am still at the stage of able to hide my belly if I wear loose outfits and a baju kurung was no exception even though I had already hit the 6 month mark. So.... no one knows yet! haha

But this is how it looks like a few days past 6 months with my maternity outfit.

Glucose Blood Test

May's appointment date falls on the 22nd. Initially, our appointment was at 9:30am with doctor's consultation at 10:30am. Weeks before the date, I received a letter and SMS regarding a change of appointment time to 11:30am. Blur me, thought it was changed from 9:30am to 11:30am but it was ONLY the doctor's consultation that changed.

So we came for my Gestational Diabetes Test (GDT) way too late and the nurses were not too happy about it. I reaped what I sowed so I wasn't upset or anything but it seems they were. They were the ones complaining that I would spend a long time at the clinic etc.

The only downside was that I will be fasting a few more hours longer than usual. The GDT was to check if I had diabetes due to pregnancy and I had to drink a bottle (300ml) of glucose. Apparently, previously, ladies were given a thick solution in a cup but I wasn't. I guess it a diluted version of it and it was easier to drink. It was basically like drinking an orange non-carbonated syrup drink. The nurse took my blood before drinking, after 1 hour of drinking and then 2 hours of drinking.

Because of the time mix up, we saw the doctor while waiting for the hours to pass. The doctor's consultation was very fast as usual. "Hi", "how are you, any pains?", "Any problems?" Baby's heartbeat check and dah. We continued to wait for the last hour of blood test.

The funny thing was by the time we got to payment, I had to take the last blood withdrawal. So basically, whether we had came late for the GDT or not. we would still leave the hospital at 2:30pm! Go figure!

3 days later, a nurse called saying that I had to collect medication/ supplements. I was like huh? What does this means? I failed the GDT? She said no and that I passed but my blood count was low. Wuutttt? I was told collect it anytime I wanted except on weekends.

To Fast or not to Fast?

I did asked the doctor if I could fast for Ramadhan but she encouraged me not to. At that time, she seemed unsure herself because one, she's Chinese and two, she is not a resident doctor. I was the one who had to explained to her that pregnant women could fast provided there are no complications and the doctor gave a green light.

To be honest, I was unhappy. I don't see why I can't fast if baby and I are healthy. Being stubborn, I actually mentally planned to at least fast half a day on the side. But as if God was trying to prove a point, as soon as was done with my GDT and left the hospital. I fell sick. I had high fever and cough. Which brings me to the next part...

Sick, Sick, SICK!

I felt sick after my GDT which I thought probably because I had to fast, was dehydrated and all those blood withdrawals would make me feel sickly. But even after drinking and eating, I felt sick and it got worse. That same afternoon, I had a fever. I visited the family clinic for medication. The fever lasted for 2 days but my cough was rather severe and persistent. I am talking about wearing pads because of the peeing, bad muscle aches, lack of sleep and vomiting.

At the one week mark, I thought I was feeling better but when I woke up at 4:30am, (I help prepare sahur for the men), I felt that room literally spun. I had dizzy spells before but it was definitely the worst I ever had. I didn't know if it was due to me being sick or being pregnant. I contemplated if I should deal with it, go to a family doctor or what.

Well, remember that I had to collect some iron supplements? Since I was sick, I still haven't collected them yet. I called KKH for advice, I asked if I should go to their 24hr clinic? (I was thinking I could collect meds at the same time). The nurse said yes. Jhon and I went to the 24hr clinic only to be directed to Labour & Delivery because I was at 26 weeks and they wanted to monitor the baby.

I felt something simple kinda blown out of proportion. I knew there was no major concern because I don't have belly aches, bleeding or anything but they wanted to check. I also felt like I may sound like the over paranoid first time mom. In my defense, I knew I was just being sick and I just wanted to go to a clinic?

ANYWAYS, baby is healthy, I got to hear the heartbeat for a good period of time. They checked my sugar level which was slightly low and blood pressure was okay. I was given more medication for my virus and was told to see an eye-nose-throat doctor.

I got the appointment for 2 days later which by then, my dizziness has subsided but still coughing like a maniac. Long story short, the doctor could not conclude my cause of dizziness because it could be from the virus or just from pregnancy. Again, I felt like I look like a paranoid FTM. I was given 1 more type of medicine which actually helped with the coughing. Still coughing 2 weeks later but at least not so severe.


The doctors never voice any concern about my weight gain or lack thereof so this is simply pointed out by me. Just a quick recap, my pre-pregnancy weight was about 62kg while standing at 1.66m which is at a pretty average BMI. I lost 2kg due to morning sickness and by the time that subsided, my weight started to gain. It took me 3 months to gain back the lost 2kg plus 2kg which takes me at 64kg. I know as a gauge, I have to gain an average of 10kg throughout the pregnancy.

And then, I got sick and as I always do when I get sick, I lost 2kg; just like that. Don't get me wrong, I do still eat but that's how my body is lah. So as I end my 6th month, I am currently at 62kg. Everyone said I probably lost my own weight, not baby weight because my belly is still big. This is also another reason I chose not to fast during Ramadhan because for sure I will lose more weight.

Wonderful Act of Kindness

Jhon and I went to Lucky Plaza to remit money as usual. The queue was long as usual so it was no big deal. Within just 1 minute of queuing, someone tapped me on the shoulder, I heard something in Tagalog and saw the man walking away. Turned out I had a green light to jump queue! Jhon and I were surprised because we didn't expect anything at all and was more than willing to queue but who can pass up that offer? Of course, we got plenty of sour stares but we just did our own thing. That was the fastest transaction we ever had. Again, thus far, I've been blessed because people always give way for me.

Except for the slow walking. Yes, the fast walker me has slowed down to the zombie like pace. Since I don't look pregnant from behind, people naturally get agitated with me.... until they passed me and saw my belly. haha

Taking it Easy

I've always aimed to have a fit or at least an active pregnancy. I don't want to be a lazy preggo. Don't get me wrong, I am not actively doing prenatal exercises but at least walks everyday. Well, as I am ending my 6th month, it has been tough and being mostly sick during that period is not helping at all. Everyone is telling me to take it easy and although most of the time, I do feel okay, I still get tired very quickly. This also is also prompting me to want to finish buying the baby necessities before it gets worse.


Iftar with Fizah & Family

Salam Ramadhan to my Muslim readers!
We have passed the half way mark and I hope everyone has managed to fulfill their obligations the best way you could. Don't forget to pay your zakat & fitrah, ya?

Anyways, Fizah asked Jhon and I out to break fast together at Marina Bay Square over the weekend. (What is this? Not a basi blogpost? wow!) We had planned to meet at 6pm but Jhon and I decided to start the day early. Plus, I heard there was a baby fair at Suntec City. Granted, it was on it's last day and we sometimes dread going to any form of expo/ fairs but no harm taking a peek.

It was the first time for us to be at Suntec since it's renovation (I know, it was quite sometime ago) and I almost forgot how much walking was needed! We did managed to reach the Suntec Convention Centre and the crowd was actually okay. We managed to buy a cheap baby tub, breast pads and other smaller items.

We checked out MotherCare, KiddyPalace upstairs where I brought a few more items. Fizah also got several cute outfits for Matin. Speaking of which, that boy is crazily cute. He minds his own business and I could stare at him the whole day.

We only spent several hours together and most of them was spent baby shopping. lol It's hard to have that good old besties' chat days. Perhaps when Fizah and Min have their own house then I shamelessly hang out at their place lah. haha

I hope Fizah and family had a good time with us even though it was a simple one and sorry Fizah for my yet-again awkward hugs. (We bumped our heads hard while trying to side hug) lolol I know you love me a lot but you know I am so horrible at physical affection. haha