Cambodia, Day 5: Sihanoukville (The Beach Escape) + Vlog

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Day 5 was actually out of our main itinerary. We wanted a free and easy day before we head back to reality. You know, just truly spending quality time with each other after all that boat riding, temple climbing, royal palace visiting and all.

Since it's out of the itinerary, we had book an extra day but instead of staying in Sokha Beach Resort, we requested to move to Moha Mohari Chalet which was the best decision we ever made. We were given an early check out at noon so we had our breakfast and checked out the beach nearby.

Here's my step sexy silhouette but failed. haha

Before we knew it, we were on a cart to be sent all the way to the end of the resort.
Unfortunately, (you will see in the vlog) since it was low tide and the fact it was drought period, the chalet was not as eye catching because there was no water especially at the back area. The concept were chalets on stilts surrounded by water. Fortunately, our chalet was nearest to the beach so we still managed to experience as it was intended.

Inside, it looked wonderful as promised. Item in my bucket list was ticked off because I had always wanted to stay in such a room. It definitely had the honeymoon vibes for sure. Canopy bed smack in the middle, small kitchen and dining area, huge wardrobe which we only used 1/4 of it. Not to mention an open concept bathroom with a Jacuzzi at the balcony. We figured we would use the Jacuzzi at night but it was so dark at the beach area and since I'm absolutely terrified of the dark, that didn't happen. haha

It was definitely one of our favorite days (and vlog) because we were truly relaxed and feeling lovey-dovey. We did nothing but just enjoy the wind, the sand and the sea. We didn't go out for lunch and dinner and just ordered in. We had the entire beach all to ourselves except until 5pm when locals come in but they were so far away anyways so it didn't change anything.

Heads up, there are a lot of scenery pictures up ahead. Especially with the beautiful sunset, we can't resist and keep on snapping. Looking through the photos, I can truly say that Cambodia beaches are underrated compared to other Asian countries. No regrets in insisting that we visited their beaches.

It was a perfect way to end our trip. It was the best trip we ever had thus far even though it was unconventional compared to an Europe trip or a Bali trip. It had the right amount of adventure, culture and relaxation.

The next day, would be officially our last day in Cambodia as we wake up to head home.

Check out my vlog of that day.


All RISE for the PRIMERO ErgoSilver Laptop Riser

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Do you know what is one of the most common physical aches? 
Back/shoulder aches.

Not back pains from carrying heavy loads or slaving away like the olden days but back pains due to simply bad posture. Since it's a simple mistake/ error that can be done by anyone, even youths are susceptible to this. There many things that we do that does not promote good posture. I mean, who sits properly while watching TV, right?

Basically everyone I know suffers from back pain whether mild or severe and here's one of many ways to alleviate them.


It's going to be tough at first especially when you are not flexible like me and won't even able to probably lift your chest too high but try your best. The purpose of this exercise is to relax and tighten the back muscles. Eventually, you will able to go higher and decrease your back pains. Actually, I would encourage to those who don't even have back pains because prevention is better than cure right?

Anyways, it is the age of computers and especially laptops. I would say that laptops are more popular for their portability and it's a must have for every students. Every year, the students owning laptops are getting younger because of e-learning (homework via internet) as I witnessed and helped my 9 year old nephew. During my time, we would be so lucky to 'play' with the computer during IT time in primary school.

There are many ways to prevent back/shoulder aches and here's one of them. Get your hands on a laptop riser for your laptop. Now, there are so many types of laptop risers out there so how to choose? For me, I am no stranger to laptop risers and the ones I owned have cooling fans in-built because my laptop can heat up fast especially when editing videos.

But today I am going to review a different type of riser.

I have to admit, at first, I was not so hyped with this product. I am happy with my worn off (so worn off that it's embarrassing to show to people) riser/cooler and don't need a new riser. Plus, it does not have a fan but I was so glad I gave it a try.

When I opened the box, I was in awe because of the small size, sleek look and how light it was!

 PRIMERO ErgoSilver Laptop Riser
💻 Made of solid aluminium panel that help cools your laptop’s CPU
💻 Has a hole at the back to help organize your cables
💻 Equipped with rubberized silica gel pads on the top and bottom surface to increase friction and to prevent scratches on laptop
💻 Thin and sleek with its sand blasted and silver anodized surface
💻 Dimension: 26cm Length, 18.5cm Wide, 8cm High
💻 Portable and lightweight
💻 Suitable for laptops up to 17"

I know what you are thinking, the width is so small, it definitely can't fit a 17" laptop! I understand because I was thinking of the same thing because here it is with my Asus netbook that is almost 12". It barely fits. Can it really support a 17" laptop?

Well, this is my 17" Gigabyte laptop resting steadily. Of course, you have to make sure it's placed properly in it's center of gravity but the PRIMERO ErgoSilver Laptop Riser can definitely withstand it.

"But it does not have a fan to cool!"
True but believe or not, what laptops basically need is proper airflow so it does not necessarily need wind to cool unless you are doing some hardcore gaming or something lah. Plus, the aluminium helps with heat control.

 Most importantly, the angle of the riser encourages good posture.

Without a riser or a good angled one, we would strain our necks, backs and shoulders. Neck aches occur because we tend to lengthen our necks as we look down on the laptop. Back and shoulder aches because we tend to hunch over as we do our work.

With the PRIMERO ErgoSilver Laptop Riser, we are encouraged to look up straight as the laptop is at a reasonable height and since we are not looking down, we don't naturally want to slump or slouch down.

The only downside which actually boils down to personal preference and choice, I can't use the riser on my lap. I tend to use my laptop, well, on my lap (haha) but only 10% of the time so I don't have the option of using the riser when I do. It's not a deal breaker though because it's only 10% of the time.

Would I recommend the PRIMERO ErgoSilver Laptop Riser?
I sure do. It works how it had promised and it's really lightweight and sleek unlike most laptop risers out there. If looks really matter, there's nothing wrong splurging a little more.

You may get yourself one at and if a riser is something you are not looking for, they also have plenty types of laptop stands, coolers, table and monitor stand/arm.


Cambodia, Day 4: Sihanoukville (Cambodia's Beach Getaway) + Vlog

Just in case you missed:
Cambodia Day 1: Siem Reap (Tonie Sap Lake)
Cambodia Day 2.1 & Day 2.2: Siem Reap (Temple Hopping)
Cambodia Day 3: Phnom Penh (The Royal Palace & Siver Pagoda)

After our delicious breakfast at beautiful Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel, we started our 3 hour ride to Sihanoukville, one of Asia's under rated beach town compared to Thailand and Indonesia. Actually, Cambodia has nice beach fronts and even pretty islands to visit. But like most beach areas around the world, due to tourists, up keep has been difficult, more so when people don't clean up after themselves.

Anyways, our ride to Sihanoukville was very interesting because of they way they drive! To be honest, it was reckless because all vehicles (cars, vans & even giant trucks) would drive on the other side of the road to over take. It was scary at first but eventually we realized the people have this mutual respect recklessness going on. Despite the dangerous act, there was always ample space between every vehicles, they always horn as a way to inform they are behind. Eventually, the ride became very fascinating.

When we arrived, we had lunch at Sandang, definitely the best tasting restaurant we had went so far. The best of it all is that it is 5 star restaurant run by street children of Sihanoukville. Run by NGO M'Lop Tapang, they work with vulnerable children, youth and their families by training them and eventually work in the restaurant.

As we were seated, we were greeting by the young servers and manager who informed us that they are still learning so pardon if they had any mistakes. It was nice to see the person-in-charged patiently and calmly guided the teens as they served us. On top of that, food was top notched! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who visits Sihanoukville.

"Are we going to eat yet??"

With stomachs filled, we checked into Sokha's Beach Resort. Being a beach resort, the concept was very open therefore, very hot and humid. Unfortunately, in terms of accommodations, it was our least favorite especially compared to the rooms we had stayed in for 3 straight days. Other than that, the place was really nice with a beautiful pool with a beach front.

We got to rest for a couple of hours before meeting up with Sreyneang and basically drove around the area and passing a few beaches. We stopped by Hawaii Beach which over looked several islands, specifically, a bridge connected to Snake Island.

We didn't stay too long because it was too humid so we were brought to Lim Hav Resort, Restaurant & Guesthouse. We were told is atop the highest point in Sihanoukville and we had a great view of the area. Too bad, the sunset was off to the side. We could've a great view of it.

There were many hammocks all over the location and since we almost had the place all to ourselves, we pretty much used almost every one. It was definitely a wonderful place to rest and relax. The place was really calm and cooling that we could take a nap there and then!

For dinner, we went to Preah Lumhei Phumin Street where it's similar to Indonesia's Jimbaran Bay. To be honest, there were not much of a difference in concept and food at all but we throughout enjoyed it nonetheless.

With that, we ended our day with a romantic note before our last night in Cambodia tomorrow.
Technically, our itinerary caters until this day but we wanted an extra free & easy day at the beach before we head back to reality. So we had arranged to extend with our travel agent but apparently, the message didn't came across to our travel guide. Thankfully, everything went well so we managed to sleep well and can't wait for our itinerary free day.