National Day Rehearsal 2016

Yes, currently, I am a queen of delayed posts and this will continue for quite a while. I can write more than 2 posts a week in hopes of catching up but majority of the posts have their own vlogs. My vlogs are not that fantastic and don't garner views as my blog but there's something about video memories that are unique of their own.

Anyways, on the 30th July, I had asked everyone to join Jhon and I for our yearly fireworks picnic. The more, the merrier especially with the kids around. Unfortunately, it was still hari raya period and my siblings were still busy visiting their in-laws and friends' houses.

So it was just Mak, Jhon and I like the good old times.

This year, the National Day was held at the National Stadium. It was interesting to see a different point of view since for the longest time, the parade was at the floating platform at Marina Bay. [did you read about how the stadium turned out to be privately own (not government) and the rental rates were atrocious so the community is considering to continue having the parade at the floating platform in the next years when it's supposed to be a temporary place in the first place while the stadium was being renovated?]

Armed with our usual gear, Lontong Goreng, chicken nuggets and drinks, we headed to Kallang by bus. It didn't take us much time to find a spot. We purposely chose a different spot (from the usual spot you see on the web: the stadium right in the middle with fireworks above). I told Jhon I preferred the stadium to be off to the side so it won't look messy.

While waiting for 8pm, we ate, chatted, enjoyed the view, looked at the doggies, joggers and children. The sunset was not that bad too.

Before we knew it, it was dark and the moment we've been looking for began.

Here's my 2016 picnic with fireworks vlog. It has plenty of time lapses minus my screams of joy (as usual).


The Wedding Night

Now, now... Before you perverts jump into conclusion, I am not going to talk about MY wedding night. I am just going to talk about it in general. After all, how can I say I like to talk/write about anything and everything by not talking about it?

Contrary to common belief, the action under the sheets are not always done on the wedding night itself or it's wrap up to be. Here are the different scenarios:

💑 Too Tired to Try
Wedding functions can be tiring. It's tiring ever since the planning itself, let alone the big day especially if the big event lasts for days. By the end of day, the couple maybe filled with happy memories but no doubt, as soon as they hit the bed, it's knock out time.

💑 Been There, Done it Couple
This one is obvious, there are couples who have done the deed. It could be just another night for them or maybe it's a little special because they are consummating as a husband and wife.

💑 Together but Separated
Due to certain situations, the newly wed couple may not able to even end the night together side by side on the bed. For example, my situation, where Jhon's family stayed over at his place and since there wasn't any extra room, I continued to stay at my place until they went back home to the Philippines.

But since we had a staycation at Sentosa with the family 2 days later, I would say our first time alone in bed was there and then.

💑 Never Been Kissed/Touched
I know, it's rare but there are still couples who managed to maintain their purity throughout their relationship. Let's be real, majority of us have at least had some sort of hanky-panky (even if it's limited to kissing) enough to spark fires. So the wedding night is a perfect time to release all that build up tension. BUT for the untouched, the wedding night is probably full of giggles and embarrassment. Usually, it will take a days or weeks to even do the deed.

💑 The Flop
This is the moment both of you've been looking for. The big bang, but it didn't work out. Perhaps it was too painful for the lady or the man rushed too quickly to the finish line. Don't be upset. Start it slow and communicate.

Whatever the scenario is, enjoy every moment of your time. When it comes to personal desire and preference, it's best to voice it out. It helps to make an effort even if it's a little bit. You shouldn't feel forced and the situation should feel natural.

Meanwhile, have fun! hehe


Sentosa with the Tolentinos Day 2

Read Sentosa with the Tolentinos Day 1

My photographer got very lazy and didn't want to take photos that day. He didn't want to even take out the camera so I can take over. HMPH! But I understand, he just wanted to give his family his full undivided attention especially that it's their last day in Singapore.

We had our breakfast at Hard Rock Hotel which was meh.

We had already packed the night before so the morning was not that chaotic. We packed and cleared the last minute items, checked out and off we went back via MRT to home where their luggages were.

Oh, wait, we did visit Mak for a while for an official goodbye THEN they packed.

We took separate cabs to Changi Airport and arrived quite early so we explored the place. We even bought a few more stuff and Papa was saying we were over spending. =P He was advising me to save money and such but I giggled and told him, it's his son that need that advice. Plus, it's once in a while, we get to pamper them. Every year, we buy them Citra Lotion & Kwang Long medicated oil (as requested) and occasional sport shoes. Since they were with us, it's easier to make them choose, what shoes and clothes they really want.

We also killed time at the arcade.

Jalan-jalan some more. It's moments like these that I am grateful for Changi Airport. There's plenty of things to do and see unlike other airports besides shopping.

Before we knew it, it was time for them to head down to their gate and get ready for their departure. It's been a wonderful time having Pa, Ma, Loi and Jayden around. I hope they had feel welcomed and enjoyed every moment with us. For sure, we are going to miss them and their antics. I will be counting the days and saving up for us to visit them in Philippines. Hopefully, with my family. hehe

I love all of you and thank you again for accepting me to be part of your family since day one.
Mwah mwah!


Sentosa with the Tolentinos Day 1

Jhon's family (excluding Paul) were in Singapore for our wedding and stayed over for almost a week.

Thursday: Arrival and big family dinner
Friday: Last minute shopping
Saturday: Our wedding
Sunday: Unwinding at Abg's house
Monday - Tuesday: Staycation at Sentosa & Departure

My family didn't get to join us so it's just us. We figured we should have a touristy outing with the Tolentinos before they went back home to the Philippines. We wanted to take them to Sentosa and S.E.A Aquarium and since it will be a tiring day, we just booked rooms at Festive Hotel so we don't have to travel all the way to the East to retire.

We took the bus to Vivo for sightseeing reasons and ate at my favourite spot. Seah Im Food Centre.

Favourite stall that sells Nasi Goreng Black Pepper was closed though. Booo!

Of course, we took the cable car to Sentosa. Mama (chehcheh) is afraid of heights but she handled it well.

As soon as we reached Sentosa, we find our way to Festive Hotel which was further than I thought.

It was quite a distance to the location and I'm glad the family were up to it. There's plenty to see along the way anyways so it's not that bad.

Papa and his photo taking... lol He was supposed to pose with Mama.

As soon as we checked in, we settled down for a while and headed to S.E.A Aquarium. We didn't want to waste anytime since we had plans to explore a little more after that.

Err... You can't tell but we were standing on Philippines.

Papa was alive at the S.E.A Aquarium. He went full tourist mode, snapping photos here and there. There were times he left us behind because he was so engrossed. We were glad that we made the right decision because everyone was at awe and enjoyed their experience.

We didn't go to Universal Studios (maybe next time when Jayden is older) but it's a standard must have photo right?

Next stop, the Merlion. Jayden was tired and to think they didn't want to bring a stroller.

We went up the big Merlion. Got a gold doubloon as a souvenir.

This was also the time Jhon's camera battery died because he was confident that he didn't need to fully charge the camera. -_- We did continued sight seeing but mostly on the way back to the hotel. Too bad, all I had was poor quality photos. hur hur

So loving. The couple that made Jhon who is today. I am so grateful for them.

We had dinner at BaliThai. Since Mama is on a special diet, it's a little hard to find suitable food for her. She does not even have a big appetite even back in the Philippines but it's nice to see Papa and Loi enjoying every food we offered. It's good that they enjoyed Singapore cuisine or even food that is within Asia but not from Philippines.

There are food/snacks and even drinks they've been craving now that they're back in Philippines. After the entire outing, we headed back to the hotel all tuckered out.

It's also considered as Jhon and I's wedding night. It was sooo weird but more on that on another time.

The next day was departure day which I write on a another post.
I miss them already.