Bunga Pahar Bought

If you've read my post on 28 Malay wedding traditions, you would know bunga pahar or bunga telur is one of main must have in a wedding. To some families, it's true meaning still holds while majority use it for decoration.

I did considered buying it in Singapore and order it together with the same vendor that I order sireh dara with. But it was only during our trip at Larkin when we saw bunga pahar at Syarikat Thong Seng. All those pretty flowers and colors man! In fact, it was upon buying our chosen bunga pahar when I was informed we can custom-made one and will be ready in 1 week. Good hor?

I was thinking of getting dark red against my gold/cream decor with red roses sireh dara. It would be symmetrical and pops out. But eventually, we just get a gold one since upon checking our potential decor design, the flowers wouldn't blend it as we feared it would. Plus, at this point when our wedding day is getting closer, I try to tell myself not to nitpick so much. On the day itself, I don't think I would pay much attention to such things.

Silly us, didn't take a photo of the set when it was on display. So all I could show is this.

Not much of a looker but trust me that it looks so pretty and glittery when it's all properly displayed. All we need to do is put in boiled eggs (maybe I can dye it in red- mati2 nak red eh?) in the mesh and slot in the bunga pahar stand which I have from my sis's wedding. 


Wedding Review: KadKahwinCun

On 7th November, Jhon and I had our Larkin trip. If you want details on how to go there, click on my post when we surveyed wedding stuff at Larkin.

We headed to Plaza Larkin (Not Larkin Sentral) to KadKahwinCun to choose and order our wedding cards. It was the same design as the card we saw previously but when it comes to the nitty-gritty, I think I we might be a little anal-retentive. We were grateful there was already a Singaporean wedding card to use an example over there so it was easier to explain. Unfortunately, we can't place an English 'doa pengantin' too so we will just have a simple Malay one.

I was informed that the process takes about 1 month and within that 1 month, 2 weeks after our order, the designer would send a draft version of the card. Slightly over a 2 weeks, I still haven't received any email and had to call them. It turned out they had already sent it but I didn't receive it so I asked them to email to Jhon's email address.

They had forwarded the email they had sent to me to him so I could tell it wasn't a lie or anything but why eh? So I suggest giving 2 email addresses to your card vendors just in case.

We had some changes especially the map because they didn't put in the Bus number & nearest MRT station info (understandable) and there was a commotion within my family about why we didn't write Jhon's Muslim name in the card. (Bila discuss, tak nak cakap)
[Click here to read about the issue on his Muslim Name]

After request of an edit, 4 days later, the designer sent the second draft and we let them proceed with the printing. In about 2 weeks, I emailed them when can we collect (so we can plan our trip) and ta-da, we could collect in a week's time. Upon calculation of the dates, it seems it would take 1 month upon confirmation of the final drafted card. Not inclusive of the 2 weeks they need to draft the card. Geddit?

So on 27th December 2015, we headed back to Larkin Sentral for the last time (in terms of wedding related stuff). It was a quick trip since we already knew what we wanted. We bought bunga pahar, some accessories for my DIY bunga rampai baskets and then went to Kad Kahwin Cun at Plaza Larkin to collect our cards. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the shop but it's at ground level, just go straight, further in the mall passing the escalator after entering the main entrance.

We were given a sample of our wedding card and then the lady packed our stuff.

Here's a pro tip.
Bring a back pack like we did if you are ordering about 200pcs and above or a small luggage if more depending how heavy you can handle. Of course this only applies to those who goes solo with public transport like us. If you have a car, just dump it in the trunk ler. hehe

Here are our cards;
Gold and cream color partially coincidentally matches with our decor color. It's simple yet look traditional. Flower bouquet was from our pre-wedding photoshoot. lol

It only costs us about SG$0.60 cents! (1SGD = 3MYR) For 200pcs, it is considered dirt cheap because usually that kind of rates applies to those who orders 500pcs and more. Not only that, the wedding cards are the postcards type (not that it's a problem). Think about it, hot stamping with inlay for just SG$0.60!

I am just saying that we got a really nice design at fraction of a cost especially with the amount of cards we ordered. Thank you, Malaysia. hehe

Pro tip for inter-nationality couples.

This tip caters for when the non-Singaporean is a man. Naturally, it's the gentleman who carries all the heavy load, right? We were at the Singapore check-point heading home and Jhon was the one with the heavy backpack with 2 big red plastic bags on each hand. I was only carrying my bag.

Since I just need to scan my passport, I am the one who always wait for him at the lobby but somehow it took him longer than usual to exit. It was until he had to call me in back to the bag checking area with a Immigration officer. The officer asked for a receipt and how much stuff we bought. The thing is, the only thing that had a receipt were the wedding cards. He then asked me to exit and asked Jhon to join him in the office and I heard mumbling something about GST.

I was more worried about Jhon because I didn't want him to panic but luckily, he said the officers explained nicely and politely. Technically, since he is a foreigner, he had to pay tax for the items. (We've been in and out of JB with shopping goods and this never happened before). Jhon informed them that it's all wedding stuff and he is with his Singaporean girlfriend. They later then asked if I carried anything which Jhon replied no. They actually wanted to see me again to double check if I was carrying anything.

Since I didn't, they just assumed I carried it but for future references, the officer said "I know you are being a gentleman but next time, you have to ask your girlfriend to carry so the items will be tax deductible"

Ohhh... burung....

Kecoh sekejap but it made the trip interesting. haha
Soon, we will be asking for addresses to mail out and visit my relatives to formally invite them to my wedding.


Monsters of the Sea

A while back, Jhon and I had a visit to the Singapore Science Centre to satisfy my childhood long intrigue with creatures of the deep. The previous we went was The Deep at Singapore ArtScience Museum.

The exhibit is called Monsters of the Deep where it showcases giant creatures that roamed in the deep ocean, from prehistoric creatures like the Pliosaur to gentle giants that exists today such as the whale shark. The exhibition spans over 2,000 sqm and hold the largest animatronics collection of life-sized marine reptiles, mammals and fishes.

We didn't take much photos because it was rather dark than usual because deep ocean mah. There were complains that the exhibit was small but maybe they were referring to the amount of displays. But if you take account the actual size of the displays, of course it would take more space therefore, lesser displays.

It didn't bother me much because I get to visualize in real life how small I am compared to these animals.

Prettiest part of the exhibit. Bioluminescence jellyfish.

[click to enlarge]

The exhibit did made up with what seemed lacking with a free screening of Jurassic World at specific allocated time. It would be my 2nd time watching and I still enjoyed it as much as the first time. Technically, the exhibition takes 1- 1.5hours but with the movie, we spent more than 3 hours there. haha

And yes! the infamous Mosasaurus was here too!

I did vlog a little there and to be honest, not my proudest work because I kinda did half-assed here. But here it is if you are curious on how the exhibition looks like.


What’s in a (Muslim) Name?

I am sharing this because who knows other inter-religion couples may/have experience this too.
Since Jhon had embraced Islam and had officially declared as a Muslim, he also has a Muslim name, Muhammad Faris Tolentino.

It is actually not compulsory for a newly convert to change his/her name to a Muslim name as long as the name does not go against Islam or has a bad meaning. Remember, not all Arabs are Muslims and not all Muslims are Arabs. Just because Islam started in an Arabic country, that does not mean we must have an Arabic name.

With that said, it is greatly encouraged to have a Muslim name because I think, it’s something we relate to being a Muslim. No matter how flawed, deep inside, we wish to be as perfect as we can be and try to embody every aspect of being a Muslim; from performing our 5 pillars of strength (Declaration of faith, Solat, Fast, Zakat & Haj) to living our lives as close to the hadiths to even our names.

As much as it’s just a name, it does have more meaning to it.

While drafting our wedding cards, we only thought of writing

It is a name that all our family and peers know and recognise.
We are our names.

When we had our drafted cards, I showed it to my family for extra eyes to check for any errors. One had brought up, “Why never put his Muslim name?” A fact that never came up when I had pre-discussed about wedding cards. To be exact, it was requested that his Muslim name should be the dominant name and his birth name to be bracketed.

My point of view was that the name Jhon was what he was recognised for. Especially when he mails out the wedding card to his friends, they know him as his full birth name; not Muslim name. It would create less confusion.

Plus, we didn’t see the NEED to put his Muslim name. Was it to show off that he is now a Muslim? Was it a not so subtle declaration of his newly embraced religion just in case the uncles/aunties asked?

I was explained that his Muslim name is part of him now so we must write. As much as I understand that and agree that it IS a part of him, I believe it’s more internally and spiritually. After all, he is not officially changing his name in all his official documents. Even if he wanted to, it could only be placed as an alias.

At that point, I was upset. It is because, there are people who would correct those who call him Jhon and said he is Faris now.

I couldn’t help but scream internally.
He is Faris AND Jhon.

Jhon (John the Baptist) is Yahya PBUH, a prophet in Islam. Jhon who grew up to be the man I know but also Faris for a reborn chapter of his life. He is both. Just because his Muslim name is Faris, that does not mean his name and identity of being Jhon ceased to exist.

I’ve read articles like these before. Stories of converts where people think just because they are now converted, they come a completely different person. But that’s wrong. Converts are still the same people. They still like the same thing, have the same personality, likes and dislikes. They just have a different faith now. Since Islam is also a way of life, sure, they might change in terms of behaviour but if followed according to Islam, surely it’s for the better.

It’s just a name even though it can be a little bit more than that.

Plus, how can we ever squeeze an extra name without compromising the card layout? Space wasn’t a big issue at that time. I was somehow purely upset of just thinking of Jhon not existing. Perhaps I was emotional or I was stressed. But I kept thinking, why can’t I keep Jhon the man I fell in love for this life AND Faris, the man I am marrying for the afterlife?

Even Jhon himself don’t understand it.

In the end, we just kept telling ourselves.

It’s just a name. It’s just a card. It’s just a name. It’s just a card.

Whatever beyond that, only we and Allah knows; the reason and intention that is beyond a name.
We decided to make create a smaller font underneath his birth name and all is well.

Everyone is happy but we still hold our ground.
Jhon is Faris, Faris is Jhon.


Wedding Rings + Mahar

I was contemplating on whether I should post this because wedding rings are rather personal and I rather have it shown naturally during the wedding rather than 'Look at our rings!'. But I wanted to share one of the anxieties I had upon buying my ring.

When I brought Mak and Jhon to Joo Chiat, Geylang to Ming Seng Jewelry to browse for a gold bracelet for my 'mahar', I really didn't have attentions to buy a wedding ring too.

We were only browsing and to check out the market rate for a potential bracelet until the lady in charge, Agnes showed us a leaf-designed bracelet. On top of that. the gold market rate at that time was at one of it's lowest at about SG$57/ 1g. But you see, anxiety prone me MUST do a proper survey of other jewelry to make me feel better in the decision making so we left the area to have lunch at One KM Mall.

Over lunch, Jhon could not keep his mind off the bracelet and kept talking about it. In the end, he managed to convince me. After all, the rate was pretty good, it would be a shame if I were to come back and the rate had gone up. So off we went to buy the bracelet.

THEN, as we were exiting to the right of the shop, I happened to glance and noticed diamond gold rings on display and 1 caught my eye. I just knew I have to have it. The ring is filled with diamonds, flat (I don't like the terjojol diamonds) and a classic almost vintage-heirloom design. I don't need to explain much because the rest was history. I was glad Mak was around because of her awesome Mak Cik bargaining skills, we managed to get pretty awesome prices.

It was only days after buying the ring, I felt anxious that our ring wouldn't match in terms of material. Generally, it's pretty normal to have wedding bands/ rings that don't match in terms of design and I have no issue in that. But to have of a different material/ color? I don't know why but it triggers my anxiety lah.



You may think, Jhon can just get a gold ring too and 'problem' is solved but for those who don't know, it's considered Haram for men to wear gold in Islam. (I know right? Pimpin tangan, tak haram, cincin emas, haram. haha But every Muslims should do the best they can, right?)

There is no specific reason why only Muslim men can't wear gold (or silk) but it was told by our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Scholars think it's because such adornment is meant for women and men wearing gold might eventually encourage arrogance.

In fact, wearing wedding rings are not mentioned in the Islamic practice. It's just that it's a universal symbol for everyone to distinctively point out a married person. Don't get me started on which ring finger we should put our rings. Again, universally, it's on the left but in Islam, 'tangan kanan: makan, kiri: cuci'. haha Since we tend to cleanse ourselves with our left hands, Jhon and I felt it's natural to wanting to put it on our right hand.

BACK to the main story, along with everyone else, Jhon said it's okay to have our rings to be of different materials. I just went along with it even though deep inside, I was like 'errr...'

Looking for Jhon's wedding band was a little tough too. Titanium and Platinum ring designs are rather limited and even when we found a design that we liked, the width looked too thin on Jhon's big hands (he's 1.82m). In the end, we bought at Meyson and had to order his ring size. His ring has a tiny diamond that even has a certificate (blood diamond, tsk tsk lol).

It was only 1 month after when we got his ring, I realized, aiyah,.. I was just over thinking it. Who cares if it does not match in terms of color. Again, without knowing it, it matches our wedding general color theme.

Our decor color is gold/ cream, our card is gold/ cream and for our wedding day, Jhon is going to exchange gold trays with my silver trays. It was only when I see the rings side by side when I realized, it's really okay.

I know right? Such a simple thing may be quite a big deal when your mind is full of wedding planning and it's details. 


Duit Salam In a Financially Independent Wedding

‘Duit salam’ is a simple act of giving a small token of money to the host/ parents as a form of appreciation and thanks for inviting to their event. It is not compulsory but greatly encouraged. ‘Duit salam’ can be given during several Muslim affairs and since weddings has been the major topic of my blog, I will write about ‘duit salam’ in a wedding lah.

I’ve touched base on ‘duit salam’ etiquettes and amounts in an older post so you can click here. But what I intend to write is something more personal and behind the scenes.

In a wedding, after enjoying their day at the ceremony, guests will leave but not before approaching the bride and groom's parents for a formal good bye and thanks. The parents will give a door gift and that’s when guests will discreetly give the ‘duit salam’.

By the end of the entire event, what do the bride and groom do with the ‘duit salam’?

By default, 100% of that money is given to the parents.
It is because in most of Malay weddings, parents usually help with the finances. Some will sponsor 90% while some sponsor catering only. Regardless, that ‘duit salam’ is automatically given to the parents in a way of saying thanks or paying back in a smallest form.

If it is a combined wedding, money division might be a little complicated. That’s why guests should give the money envelope to the right party. If groom invited you, you give to groom’s parents and vice versa. But what if you know both groom and bride’s parents? Then you either ‘choose your side’ or divide your ‘duit salam’ into 2, I guess.

BUT, what if you paid 100% or majority of the wedding? What do you do?

Choice 1
Sincerely give every dollar of the ‘duit salam’ to your parents regardless if they had financially helped you in your wedding or not. They had spent the entire day welcoming and entertaining guests so take it as ‘duit penat’. Even though they didn’t help much financially, they had given you support and understanding to where you are now. That is just the least you can do to show appreciation to your parents on your wedding day.

Choice 2
This may be an unpopular and least desired choice but a choice nonetheless; keep the ‘duit salam’ to yourself to either help with deposits for wedding vendors or a form of wedding gift from the guests. This decision requires plenty of discussion with parents on both sides. I greatly suggest a small discussion because some parents are totally okay with it while others may think otherwise.

Choice 3
This choice is a mash up of choices 1 and 2. Upon having a mini dialogue with the important people, you may give a portion to your parents. This way, you get to say ‘thanks’ but still have little amount for yourself.

By the end of the day, I strongly suggest a chit-chat session about this with your parents. I can’t speak for every family but every family has their opinions. The decision may be money minded or cultural minded.

For my parents, they are completely okay with us keeping the ‘duit salam’ to ourselves. Mak’s logic is that since we handled the wedding all by ourselves, there is no reason for them to take it. With that being said, I do intend to give a portion of it to my parents as a way of showing appreciation.

If you want a ‘hot’ discussion on this topic, listen to ‘Rembat Pendapat: Duit Salam” embedded below.

Sorry for my non-Malay speaking readers or who are not fluent in Malay language. It’s spoken in Malay language because it’s aired on a local Malay radio station.  It covers more or less what I’ve written but its opinions out of the horses’ mouth; very the jeng-jeng-jeng.


Bridal Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

On the first working Monday of January, Jhon and I made another visit to Versari Ade for our pre-wedding bridal photo shoot! To be honest, I was nervous because well, low self-esteem. I knew I could trust Abg Hadi and his skills (I wouldn't book VA if I didn't) but I was just worried I would be all awkward and stiff. It also didn't helped my mom kept asking me to be mentel/ cheeky when that trait never ran in my blood!

For the photo shoot, we brought our shoes, Jhon's under shirt & belt, I worn my corset & girdle and drinks with buns just in case we got hungry because it's going to be a long day!

Our appointment was at 10am and the first 2+ hours was just for me and my makeup. Jhon got to wait at a waiting/studio area but he only managed to get a 20 minute nap. kwang kwang.

Abg Hadi was sweet and friendly as always. He calmed my nerves by just being himself and we just chit-chat and while he did his handiwork. You know, when we tried and choose our outfits 2 weeks ago, no doubt we love the outfits but to have the make-up and hairdo to match, fwar! I knew it and it still blew my mind.

Our first photo shoot outfit was our Green/Gold songket. Geared with my 'cucuk sanggul', I was just amazed how wonderful everything looked together. Cucuk sanggul for the win! All the sequins and all that gold really sparkled. It was funny that (as usual) I looked more of a convert than Jhon when we wore the outfits.

[Pardon for the mess. Monday is busy day following the wedding weekend]

Our second outfit was the traditional royal Javanese outfit. At this point, everyone was laughing because Jhon really look like an Indon model and could sell 'jamu' or something. He is really a chameleon, 'semua kena'. We were busy with our 60's Cheongsam outfit when Fizah suddenly messaged me. She saw Abg Hadi had posted a candid shot of me and Jhon. She was super excited and said I looked like 'puteri kayangan'. hahaha Compliment 'tahap maxima'. We are the type of people who rarely compliment so when 'kena', really sincere punya.

Thank you to Abg Hadi for making me look so pretty and also taking a candid shot that makes me look even prettier. Don't mind Mr Lim, Invogue Photography's photographer. He is silly and silly always makes me laugh.

Like I said, 3rd outfit was a trip to our Chinese roots. All I can say is that my features is totally meant for the 60s. Sorry if I 'carry my own basket' (lol) but really, I looked good and therefore, I felt good. Jhon wore a red/maroon suit and all that was missing was a cigarette holder.

Lastly, was of course, a western white dress. I didn't know we got a studio shoot for it too besides an outdoor so that was a lovely surprise. 

To be honest, Jhon and I haven't decided where should we do our outdoor photo shoot only 2 days before the appointment. We couldn't decide because we were simply fickle minded. Every spot is beautiful. We just knew we didn't want Botanic Gardens nor a cityscape. That didn't narrow much at all. lol

Until Jhon decided Mount Faber Park and Henderson Waves. We used to trek there (trekking activities halted because don't want to get tanned on wedding day. haha) and Jhon cycled there once in a while. Anyways, since those 2 locations are nearby, instead of restricted to just 1 scene, we can get both botanical AND structural location! Tadah! Smart or not? =P

We just happen to be lucky that Mr Lim brought us to Telok Blangah Hill Park, Terrace Garden (Jhon mentioned it as an idea, not a decision) which also happen to be along the way so technically, we got 3 locations. We were  blessed that the skies cleared up just in time for our photo shoot too.

No doubt the ground was wet but it was manageable. I felt bad that the dress got wet and a little dirty though.

Our next scene was at the Henderson Waves bridge. When I saw the beautiful sunset with Reflections at Keppel Bay building off to the left of the scenery, I knew we were really blessed because unexpected sunset photo!

After that, we took another short ride to Mount Faber. We just took pictures with the vines, in a cable car (lol), on the colorful stairs leading to Spuds & Aprons Restaurant and the at the Bell of Happiness. Basically, we roughly had about 5 different scene which was good. It meant a variety of backgrounds. But then right, we will only get an album with 20 pages (excluding table top & wall picture frame), it's not that we can narrow down to a lot. 

Not purposely kiasu ah... Just happen to have plenty of different spots to work with within those locations. After Mount Faber, we headed back to VA's office. By that time, it was about 7++pm and I can't wait to get out of my corset.  

It was a tiring day for all of us but a fruitful one. Jhon and I ended the day with no complains except of tiredness and hunger. haha I can't wait to see and choose the photos, 


Mr Lim and Jhon had agreed for an appointment to choose the wedding photos the coming Saturday but days later, he SMS requesting to meet up on Thursday. The earlier the better right? hehe All I can say that we were spoiled by choice especially with the outdoor shoots. In the end, we also bought 40 additional soft copies for keepsake. haha I can't wait to see everything in hard copies. hehe 


2nd Set of Wedding Shoes

When I posted about our wedding shoes, I assumed it would be our only set besides Jhon's 'capal'. It was until our bridal outfit choosing and fitting we realized that we needed another pair after all.

Half of our outfits that we had chosen had gold accents. It was mostly accidentally besides our 'sanding' outfit'. Gold accents meant I need gold shoes. I was just glad I wasn't too eager to get a second pair beforehand.

I got my gold shoes at DMK, Tampines. Yet again, another simple pair of 3" heels but this time it's glittery, not bling-bling which I didn't mind. I don't know what fashion gurus would say about my chosen wedding shoes lah but I don't care. People don't really stare and check out wedding shoes anyways. Plus, at least it's wearable for me during Hari Raya or something.

Jhon will be wearing 2 suits for his photo shoot that are not traditionally black so he was advised to get black shoes. (We initially got brown shoes to match his 'Barong'). He had already owned a pair of black leather shoes but it's worn off and not the trendy kind. Luckily, he works in the office so we didn't mind getting another pair of leather shoes for him. This time, it's synthetic leather which means it's cheaper. hehe He got this pair at BHG.

A few days later, we found and bought Jhon's capal at Geylang's Tajong Katong Complex. We found a pair at Joo Chiat Complex but the quality is a little errr...  In fact, the pair we found at Tajong Katong was a lucky experience. We almost gave up until we saw a boutique named "Irene Boutique" that tailors wedding outfits. They have small shelf full of 'capal' of all sorts of colors. She almost couldn't find Jhon's size 45 but HENG AH! 

Jhon's first 'capal' can also be worn on Hari Raya. He used to wear 'baju kurung' with his airplane sandals (really, the soles were made of airplane tyres) which I always adamantly told him it's not the same as a Malay 'capal'. But wait, how come he got 3 pairs of shoes while I get 2? 'Lawan towkay eh?'

A video posted by Zura Rahim (@zzanyy) on


Our First Manicure & Pedicure

Okay, I lied. It's not a first mani-pedi for me but a second. My first was probably more than 15 years ago. haha Despite the duration, I can distinctively remember that the awesome feeling after a pedicure. My feet never felt so clean and smooth. I also remembered the shaving of the skin on my heels. YUCKS! Macam shaving wood.

I am never the one who would use nail polish or even bother caring much about my nails except for keeping them short. But I believe in clean and proper nails and I knew going to professional would help a lot. Especially I always anyhow trim my nails.

It took plenty of convincing Jhon to join me and finally managed to by saying people will see our hands during photo taking so we have to keep them neat and nice. As for feet, just clean it since we are already there lah.

Classic mani-pedi can be expensive that is why I went to Groupon. I got the 2 for $50 promo from BeautyExpress. They have 2 outlets and we went to their Parkway Parade outlet.

Sorry for bad quality photos because of low lighting.

Jhon looks like he is rethinking his decision.


Waiting for our nails to get done.

I got to choose the color of my nail polish. Initially, I didn't want to but I figured, 'buat aje lah'. I was fickle-minded about the colors D5 and 19. I was worried D5 would be too nude and 19 might turned out too pink for my taste. In the end, I followed Jhon's suggestion of choosing D5.

The process was ticklish but nice for the both of us. It was more awkward for Jhon when the lady was tending to his feet because he generally don't like his feet to be massaged. It took us about 1 1/2 hours for the ladies to buff our feet, trim & buff our nails, trim our cuticles and such. I got sleepy towards the end which I think was a good thing?

Oh yeah, I also appreciate the 80s music they played. They gave us nostalgia as songs from Roxxete, Richard Marx and even sound track from Grease.

The overall session was okay lah. There was no wood shaving like my first experience but they did their job well.

After our session, I was walking stiffly just like 15 years ago. The nails that now covered with nail polish felt weird and not to mention I was on a temporary freak out worrying I might ruin my paint job. Being a klutz that I am, it was not a surprise that I did ruined my nail polish on my right thumb in just a few minutes. I know, noob.

[picture source: catsanimals]

Besides that, we are happy with our mani-pedi sessions and I'm happy with the nail color. With that said, I am so going to get rid of the nail polish as soon as I am done with the photo shoot.
Sorry not sorry.



Looong time ago, Jhon and I went to Changi Airport to check out the Star Wars display, mini performance of Stormtropper, X-fighter pilots and R2D2 and meet & greet.The Star Wars display will be held from 12 November 2015 to 5 January 2016 and it's at Terminal 2 and 3.

We started at T3 to check out the iconic the TIE Fighter protected by 5 Stormtroopers.

After that, we headed to T2 so I can get a chance to take a picture in the X-Wing fighter. There were allocated time slots and I queued for the 1pm slot. We were there early so we had plenty of time for photo taking and video recording.

We also checked out a mini display behind the stage with Star Wars memorabilia and an interactive wall where you can hear C-3PO as he speaks popular phrases from Star Wars through 10 spoken languages.

I only started to queue for the X-Wing fighter phototaking 15-20 minutes before the actual time and the queue was still short. Of course, I was the only single adult to participate while others would go as families with the kids.

We actually didn't know more than 1 person can board the X-wing fighter, I would've dragged ask Jhon to join too.

After the phototaking, we had lunch at Swensons and by the time we finished, it was just in time for the 4pm character meet and greet.

We under estimated the crowd and inclusive of departing travelers at their main gate, the place looked chaotic. We were lucky enough to find a spot even though there were several people in front of us. Horray for height!

There was when things got a little sour. Obviously, there were many kids who wanted to see their favorite characters and a couple of the kids from the back would try to wriggle to the front with the other kids. We gave leeway for the smaller ones because pitiful right?

So Jhon gently tapped a dad in front if it's okay for a kid maybe 5 years old to scooch in next to his kid probably 7-8 years old. Wahh.. not happy. Especially the mother who raised her voice AT ME that they had been waiting for 30 MINUTES and the little boy might PUSH his kid. seriously?! Wah!!

At that time, I calmly told her then tell the kid not to push lah. Just share a spot. But she asked ME to do it. -_- And she was on nagging repeat mode and I told her to tell the father lah! She repeated went, "Where's the father?". In the end, the father also gave in and said to us thank you and it's okay. Boh paiseh ah?

WTH WOMAN. It was a small boy who enjoys as much (if not more) Star Wars as your kid. I thought in such a big crowd especially a show meant for kids too, you would think adults would be nicer. In the end, when the characters appeared, they both took turns carrying the kid which means there would be more space for the younger kid to stand in the first place. WTH. She's lucky it's not my kid. If not, I would probably lose my cool.

Anyways, rule of thumb, always let the hysterical woman be hysterical. They are more likely to make a fool of themselves without us doing anything about it.


The crowd rushing for photo taking of the Stormtroopers, X-wing pilots and R2D2 were terrible too! 'Kiasu tahap maxima' It's as if they were the real characters. Boy, I wouldn't dare to imagine what would it be if they were. haha We didn't took part because we were still hot about that woman and her old husband.

Despite it all, I still had a good time lah... Here's one of my favorite vlogs up to date.
Clearly when you see the date of the video, you can tell this written post is super overdue. haha