Checking Out RiverSafari, Singapore

This is the last set of photos that was backdated. We actually went to River Safari on 21 December 2014!

It was really spontaneous. Jhon had borrowed a Nikon 70-200mm lens for photo shoot and he had 1 more day to spend time with it. Just out of the blue, he asked, "Wanna go River Safari?". Obviously, I said yes.

Unless you like animals, this is will be a boring series of photos but in terms of experience, River Safari was rather interesting. It's like zoo meets underwater world meets bird park.

First stop was passing through the rivers of the world. The Mississippi River, Congo River, River Nile, Ganges River, Mekong River and the Yangtze River.

 The Mississippi paddlefish.

The cutest crocodile I've ever seen, African dwarf crocodile of the Congo river.

As you can see, I am still awesome at awkward poses. Checking the giant catfishes at Mekong River.


My favorite photo of Jhon thus far.

Passing through Yangtze river to see the lesser adjutant stork.

Yangtze Alligator.

Next was definitely one of our favorite spots; Giant Panda Forest. Not only because it's cooling habitat but the the pandassssssss!!!

Sharing the habitat, there were colorful golden pheasants. Their colors are so bright and concentrated. Pakai apa eh? Breeze eh?

Okay, I knew the red panda is cute but to see them in real life, I squealed like a little girl and I could've sworn my ovaries almost popped. My maternal instincts went bonkers and I want a red panda to call my own.

Okay, this guy looks grumpy but I swear he is shooocutteeee..

We also managed to meet Kai Kai and Jia Jia. To be honest, the ads and commotion made them so overrated but they were legit cute. Just like the red panda, I could stare at them the entire day even though all they ever do is eat and laze around.

Look at that fury cuteness.

After the Giant Panda Forest, we headed to the Amazon River Quest. I think our expectations were a little too high for it. It was a some what rather short ride with little bursts of excitement.

Spider monkey look so kesian.

Jaguar says what?

Jaguar says WAZZZZUPPPP!!

Pretty Caribbean flamingos.

Scarlet Ibis. Not Iblis eh?

 After the Amazon River Quest, we walked past the Wild Amazonia just to see the River Safari Cruise just for fun. You basically boat around the perimeter of the place lah. Just enjoy the breeze, surroundings and try to catch a glimpse of the animals.

 We even managed to see elephants and giraffes from the Singapore Zoo nearby.

After the boat ride, we noticed a side entrance to somewhere. In the map, it states, Golden-headed Lion Tamarin. Unfortunately, it was closed but we came upon to the animal trainers training a toucan. It was amazing to see the bird in action and real up close.

Continuing to Wild Amazonia, we saw the Jaguarmundi, Silver Arwana, Squirrel Monkeys and the green anaconda. Not much pictures taken here onwards because we were too hot and cranky to take photos and just want to enjoy the rest of the route.

 Why you so cute?

We spent most of our time at the Amazon Flooded Forest which was the last exhibit and my second favorite. It's no open ocean like the S.E.A Aquarium. But it was still surreal. Again, not many photos were taken plus, it was quite dark.

I had always been indifferent about the dugongs but seeing them floating and swimming around in such a big space somehow managed to steal a piece of our heart. No joke.

And yes, we were suckered to buy an overpriced photo. But it's an only couple photo we got and I think we were on our panda high. Too happy to say no. Look at the cheesy thumbs up and my gummy smile.


Get Fresh with Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water [AD & Review]

A while back, I was invited to attend a private Bio-essence event along with other fellow bloggers at Blisshouse Theme Restaurant, The Central for a tea party and the launch of the new and improved Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water.

Blisshouse is a prettily decorated restaurant and almost every corner was photo worthy. The only thing I tasted in there was just water though because it’s not a Halal establishment. Hehe

[click to enlarge]

 We were basically introduced to Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water and their benefits along with their Miracle Bio Water infused products (more on that later). We even got to test the moisture content, temperature difference and oiliness of our skin before and after using the product.

We had a contest among ourselves on decorating the bottle of Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water. I am not a creative person especially when put on a spot. So… This is what I’ve got.

Yeah, I can kiss the 4D3N Royal Caribbean cruise trip for 2 goodbye unless you want to help vote for me in support of non-creative people. Lol Here’s the link to vote.

Bio-essence first launched their Miracle Bio Water circa 2013 and now has a new look with a finer spray for better coverage. To those who are new to this product, I bet you are asking, what is this big deal with this Bio water compared to any plain water?

Well, both definitely can freshen up, moisturize and cooling but unlike Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water, plain water tends to dries skin because as the water evaporates, it carries skin’s natural oils along with it. That is why we are always advised to apply moisturizer after showering.

But since the Bio-essence Miracle Water has lowest salt content and is pH balanced, it makes sure your skin stays hydrated while maintaining the ideal pH for your skin. Remember, if your skin is too alkaline, it’s drying and leads to sensitive skin and if it’s too acidic, get ready for a pimple breakout.

20 efficacies for face, hair and body? You read that right!

[click to enlarge]

It’s not my first time trying such type of product. So my expectations was not that high.
Does it miraculously moisturizes my face? Not really but does it prevent further dryness? Yes.

It definitely gives a welcoming cooling sensation on hot and humid days, freshens me up when I’m feeling tired and I love it the most that I can freshen up my face without washing it while I still have my make-up on while I am out and about. Furthermore, it works well on my sensitive skin.

I also tried using the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water on my hair while I am doing my heatless curls routine (hair need to be slightly dampened for the curls to work) instead of regular water. It seemed to be somewhat slightly better because even hair needs that pH balanced loving too.

It’s easy to use too. Just hold the bottle at a distance, no less than 20cm from targeted area and spray. Pat it dry gently after spraying. There is no need to pat dry after makeup.
When the weather is getting too hot, I love to spray my entire head (face & hair) and neck. It's so refreshing!

Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water comes in 2 different sizes; 300ml and 100ml for your convenience and to cater to your daily needs. 300ml for the home and/or office and a 100ml to fit in your bag and for travelling for that quick freshen up.

Bio-essence also generously gave every blogger a goodie bag filled with their Miracle Bio Water range. Every product in that range is infused with Miracle Bio Water.

From left to right:

Miracle Bio Water Jelly Makeup Remover:
Mild formula infused with 60% Miracle Bio Water which soothes and moisturizes skin while removing make up. It removes makeup gently without tugging. It takes a little effort to wash away my waterproof mascara but my face does feels clean afterwards. Unfortunately, my skin does not agree with it.

Miracle Bio Water Cleansing Gel (Soap Free):
Gentle, soap free cleaner infused with 50% Miracle Bio Water that deeply cleanses impurities from within pores and reduces sebum secretion without leaving skin tight, dry or irritated. This is one of my favourite product from this range. My face stays hydrated and moisturized the entire day. The scent is undesirable though but only sensitive skinned people can relate. Sometimes we have to sacrifice fragrance to avoid a bad reaction.

Miracle Bio Water Foamy Cleanser:
Specially infused with hydrating microbeads and 40% Miracle Bio Water to cleanse impurities and excess sebum without over-drying skin. I have (oily/dry) combination so this does not work well for me as it turns the dry part of my skin drier. I passed it to my oily faced fiancé and it worked well on him. His face is definitely 50% less oily now.

Bio Water Power Protection Cooling Sunscreen SPF50+:
With Hyaluronic Acid which intensively replenishes and locks in moisture to constantly keep skin hydrated and supple. It’s a definite favourite mostly due to that it’s lightweight and moisturizing on my skin due to its trace minerals. There is also a SPF30 which also prevents dark spots and freckles. Both have Miracle Bio Water added in them.

Anyways, back to the Miracle Bio Water. If you are interested in getting your hands on them, here are the details.

Just a little apprehensive before buying them? Don’t worry, you can redeem free travel personal sized Miracle Bio Water by clicking here to try out yourself and experience the #rightmiracle

Check out Bio-Essence's Facebook for more details and promotions!


DIY This, DIY That.

Whether it’s to save cost or to add uniqueness or personal touch to your wedding, DIY can be fun if you enjoy arts and crafts.

Some BTBs goes hardcore to a point of DIY her pelamin (good for her for having plenty of family members to help her) while some just decorate their wedding trays by themselves. To each its own capabilities and hardwork.

As for me and as for now, my aim is to DIY bunga rampai, wedding trays, guestbook, henna and just maybe (50/50) wedding favours.

I've actually started on my bunga rampai and my family is raving about it. Not that it’s super awesome and beautiful but I guess it’s cute and somewhat different. All I can say is that I’m glad I have passion in it, if not, tak kuasa! Plus, I started early so I can take my time.

I'm done for hers, now deciding patterns for him.

I will update and write about my DIY project individually when it’s due.
As for now, the brain keeps on percolating.


Dulang, Oh, Dulang

I was pretty adamant on the number of hantaran for our wedding. I wanted a number less than an average of 8. It’s not because ‘nak step humble’ or what, it’s just that I am not the kind of person who has always an item in mind when asked, “What do you want?”

Jhon, on the other hand is the opposite; not it’s a bad thing. I would classify his wants like any other person. He would probably want DSLR lens, a new road bike, road bike accessories, Sony Action Cam dan macam-macam lagi. 💸💸

Another obvious reason for not getting each other gifts on our wedding day it is so that we can cut costs. We give gifts to each on random anyways so we can slowly buy whenever it’s convenient and practical.

SO, I figured I wanted to exchange 4 trays.

For Him:
Wedding Ring,
Sejadah and
Leather Shoe (to be worn with 2nd wedding outfit)

For Her:
Wedding Ring & Duit Hantaran,
Sejadah and
Heels (to be worn with 2nd wedding outfit)

Items may change (usually Quran tends to be paired with sejadah right?)  but definitely about 4 trays. I asked my mom before but she had no comment because we will be paying everything by ourselves but I can see from her face lah, not too keen about it. My sis’s reactions was a resounding NO. She said minimum 5 trays because lagi lawa. o_O

She even said she would fork out for that extra tray. Frankly speaking, I don’t like that idea. I don’t want my tray items to be items for the sake of having more trays; like hampers or fruit basket.

Plus, to save costs, I am thinking of using my sis’s trays and if I am not mistaken, she has only 8 so just nice right? 4 and 4 so means all we have to worry about is decorating it. So why add problems to our situation??? Huhh?? Okay, this is starting to sound like a rant which is not my intention. haha

Anyways, I will not have a decorated Bridal room and solemnization is held downstairs so I don’t have to worry about having my bed ‘botak’. Downstairs, it will be neatly 4 by 4 next to each other. It would look pretty okay to me, at least in my head.

[Gubahan Klasique]

[Ribbons N Ties]

Amacam? Boleh? Boleh ape.

[Gubahan Cinta]