Surveying Wedding Stuff at Larkin, Johor

I don't know if it's wanting to be independent, don't want to inconvenient anyone or a little bit of both, Jhon and I decided to check out wedding stuff at Johor by ourselves by public transport. The nearest, most convenient and safest place to check out wedding stuff is Larkin Sentral, Johor.

So we started our day with breakfast with a mission to visit Joo Bee and Syarikat Thong Seng.
Muka serious sebab kena bangun pagi and he had a great sleep.

Kranji MRT > Bus CWS 1 > Larkin Bus Terminal
(sign says SG$1.50 but everyone paid SG$1 *scratch head*)

The journey that morning was fast and short at about 1 hour 10 minutes and it would've been shorter if not for a 20 minute queue at Malaysian Immigration.

Attached to Larkin Bus Terminal is Larkin Sentral which holds plenty of shops selling stuff such as headscarves, baju kurung, cloths for tailoring, shoe shops, tourist bus counters, restaurants and 2 of the shops there sells wedding stuff.

File:Larkin Bus Terminal and Central Market 09.jpg

We arrived at 11.10am and Jhon was still hungry so we went to Kedai Nasi Kandar & Makanan Kampung, and he bought Ayam Penyet. Sedap lah! Even the soup is on point.

Anyways, we just walked around the place, checking out shops and found Joo Bee.
It was a small shop but packed with wedding stuff goodness. I found several items that I found nice like bungga manggar at MYR5.90 and ribbons galore ranging from MYR8 to MYR30. There were wedding trays, bags, bunga rampai holders etc.

File:Larkin Bus Terminal and Central Market 23.jpg

We walked towards the other end and found Syarikat Thong Seng (towards the market) which seemed had an upgrade because it looked better (comparing from photos of the shop). The shop is much more organised so looking around was a breeze. If not for a the overly eager sales person, our experience would had been awesome.

Despite it all, I managed to find potential hand fans, MYR98 for 50 pieces, paper bags at MYR5.50 for 10 pieces and bunga telur complete with stand at MYR99 - MYR139. The bunga telur is sangat mengeramkan especially the mahal ones (of course).

1 thing about the entire place is that it's an open concept so it's really hot and humid. It's to a point we both started to get cranky and totally forgot that both Joo Bee and Syarikat Thong Seng also does wedding cards.

All we could think was heading to Plaza Larkin, another mall to look for wedding card shop called Kad Kahwin Cun. I knew it was across the street but not sure which direction so I had to ask one of the shop owners. Thankfully, there is a connecting bridge lah. Convenient!

For some apparent reason, most of the shops in Plaza Larkin was closed but we didn't really care. It was coooling and our moods lifted almost immediately. Kad Kahwin Cun is located at the 1st level.
I just love an organized shop. Most of the items are on display, there were tables and chairs with a basket and folders of card samples to choose from.

So apa lagi? We sat and browsed. Initially, I thought of choosing a simple design lah. People usually throw wedding cards eventually so I didn't think much of it until I saw their hot stamped cards. Fuyoo! Even Jhon eyes went O_O! Geram! Most of them averaged at minimum of MYR1.70.

Jhon and I will be getting 200 cards and no matter where we are going to get our cards, we are well aware it's going to cost more than usual because of our quantity. I was ever quoted SG$0.70 for a normal printed 1 sided card in Singapore.

I can get cards like these for the same price! Hot stamped, elegant, even with inlay how can we resist?

Technically, we had already choose our design. (not in picture for element of surprise) lol We were THAT excited but it was way too early to order lah. So we definitely will come again to order. kekeke

After cooling down, feeling good, we headed back to Larkin Sentral because Mr Jhon wants Dunkin Donuts and I need my late lunch.

After lunch, we just exited via Dunkin Donuts and there was the bus bay for CWS2. This time we headed to Bugis specifically, Queens Street.

Larkin Bus Terminal > Bus CWS2 > Queens Street

The journey home took slightly over 1 hour all the way to Bugis and headed home.

I'm so glad we went to survey the place and give ourselves bonus points for doing it ourselves via public transport no less. lol tak tahu malu. If only we can go Angsana but not so confident taking teksi leh.



  1. hello..maybe next time u can just tawakkal n hire a cab in malaysia. i go to jb very often and just cab everywhere, never had problems, insyaallah ull be ok. anyway im a pretty recent reader of ur blog but my wedding was 3 years ago. i enjoy reading a couple btb blogs . have fun wedding planning!

    1. Thank you for the moral support. InsyaAllah, one day we will sum up more courage to cab there. hehe Thanks for dropping by and find it interesting enough to read and comment. hehehe
      Wedding 3 years ago? Nak relive the moment eh? Kahwin lagi ah. =P

  2. hahaha kahwin lagi malam ni pun bolehhhh ;D

  3. CW 1 if going Larkin Bus Terminal $1.50 The $1 is sampai customs only.

    Anyway, just to check does Bus 170 goes straight there too?

    1. Thanks for the info, Mazlan.
      And yea, Bus 170 goes to Larkin Terminal too.