1 Year Countdown

Personally I find excessive countdowns to wedding a little corny but once in a while it's good to use it as a wake up call and reflection of your progress. You know, it keeps things in check.

As of today, 365 days to go and here is the check list so far.

 ✔ Marriage Preparation Course: SPMC
Andaman Services: Versari Ade
Videographer: VideoSmith
Wedding Cake: Pulut Affairs
Outdoor/ Indoor Photoshoot: Versari Ade & Invogue Photography
Event Photographer: Invogue Photography
Decor: Wed'Inc Petals
DJ/ Emcee: Dann's Entertainment
Kompang: Kompang Al-Falah

In a way, I guess it's good to be a little 'kanciong' because to know that we had booked this much and with 1 year to spare is definitely relieving and less stressful.

We are now left with 1 main vendor who won't open their 2016 package until June 2015 and miscellaneous wedding stuff.

✘ Caterer
✘ Invitation Cards
✘ Berkat
✘ Sireh Dara, Bunga Pahar & Bunga Mangga
✘ Barang Hantaran
✘ Guestbook
✘ Honeymoon
✘ Bedroom furniture
✘ Etc. etc.

Majority of the stuff can be settled months down the road but obviously the caterer keeps me on my toes. This is the disadvantages of booking an underdog vendor whose reputation is based on word of mouth. 'Tawakal' lah.

As for now, 1 more year to go!


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