Pre-Marital Course with SPMC

Initially, I wanted Kasih Sejati: Succhi Success  ($300 per couple) because it was widely mentioned in the BTB community. It was known to be fun, light-hearted and not so nervously strict. I checked our their schedules and I saw this "Note: All programmes are conducted in the Malay Language except where indicated." and none in the list indicated it was conducted in English. So, okay lor... I waited, maybe it's not updated yet. 1 week later, still no updates so I decided to contact them.

Here's their reply:
"Salam Zura. Thank you for taking the time to write to us. Currently there is not much demand for the English class. Hence there is no all-English class. But the trainers sometimes talk in English and Malay, the partner that understands only English will be given an all English workbook, while the partner a Malay workbook."

Err... Lucky I asked, if not I wait and wait until don't know when and personally, although Jhon can pick up a little Malay, it's obviously best to have full English speaking class. So I had to find another group/company.

My buddy, Fizah recommended SPMC and instantly, I could see all the rows of English courses and 1 specifically at National Library and for only $260. Save $40 lah. lol Fizah said Mr Omar was very funny and not strict at all. So apa lagi? Book lah! On Valentine's Day weekend some more. lol Not that I ever celebrated it but I guess it's cool.

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There's also a pre-marital course at Darul-aqram at $110 (Member) $120 (non-Member). If you or your spouse is a convert or had classes here, you are already automatically a member. It did slipped my mind that Darul-aqram has pre-marital courses and pinched me more seeing it was way more cheaper. But I got to admit, a bit leceh because their course is every 2 Sundays and we just want to get it over and done with. FYI, their 1 day express course is $200 (Member) $210 (non-Member), Priority is given for convert couples and to foreigners who are here on a social visit pass. Plus, they said they will focus more on inter-racial situations but we were briefed that during our religious classes there. We want information on other topics.

I will share our experiences after we attend the course which is in more than 2.5 weeks time!

We had already attended the course. Click here for our experiences!