My Very Own Recipe Book

It's not MY recipes but my book which is full of recipes.

98% of the recipes came from none other, my Mak. Everyone always believe and eventually learn cooking from their moms, right? So I was no different. It took me this long to actually sit down and interrogate interview my mom for recipes.

Don't get me wrong. I was trained to cook since I was 12. Rice, maggie, then it lead to simple dishes. But years after that, I got malas (lazy) so instead of a Sous Chef, I demoted myself to a Kitchen Assistant. As I got older, I knew I better buck up. I don't want to survive with just outside food after getting married. Nothing beats homemade cooking, provided they are delicious of course. lol

So last year, since I know I will be tying the knot in couple of years time and the fact that I had plenty of time for myself ever since I quit my job, there was no excuse to step it up; which I did. I bought a nice, slightly over-priced notebook binder where I can add more paper and start writing.

Not working helped a lot because I actually have time to cook almost every day. I basically had theory class and practical class. Eventually, I got confident.

The notebook I got conveniently had their tabs so I get to group them as:

Red: Appetizers; Goreng pisang, Roti John, etc

Orange: Main dishes; Traditional Soup Ayam, Asam Pedas, etc

Green: Vegetable dishes; Kuah Lodeh, Brocoli soya sos, etc

Blue: Complete meals; Mee Goreng, Nasi Goreng Belacan, etc

Purple: Baking/ Kueh Mueh; Kueh Bangkit; Kueh Tart, etc

Lapar tak? Lapar tak?

One thing about getting recipes that come from someone's brain who has been cooking for probably 50 years, it's difficult to get an accurate measurement. People like Mak are so used to main campak-campak (throw) here and there so it's hard to share newbies the right measurements.

There's where the practical sessions comes in. Eventually, I learn how much Mak campak and I would try to roughly gauge in terms of measurements.

Some recipes, even I have problem gauging so I used my own instincts that I gained from her.

Now, I can cook awesomely like her! I just need to memorize the recipes which I think will come naturally as I cook them again and again.


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