#azzynd Solemnisation

One of my maternal cousins got married on 8th November. Firstly, I would like to say that I love her bridal room and her pelamin. I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing the entire time and even now, as I looked at her pelamin, I still go wahhh... There's just something about a simple or pastel colors that calls out beauty in a humble way.

We arrived the place quite early so we had ample time to have lunch and be vain pots. Hey, it's rare time for Jhon and I made extra effort to look nice to must take photo. hehe

I don't know why I looked stiff here.

Sisters. Thanks for the top. lol


While waiting for the groom and Tok Kadi. lol

Opps... dah sampai.

First time I see a groom who was always smiling like tak ada apa2. Usually I see grooms all tensed and would give nervous smiles or laughs.

Laughing is contagious.

Akad Nikah also senyum macam takde apa2. hehe

Just like her younger sister, Ina had a mini dais in her 2nd living room. Oh, did I mention I've always adored their house too? Not only it's humongous, it's also spacious. My house nak letak mini dais? Tough luck!

Sign, jangan tak sign.


Tepung Tawar or in my words, the renjis-renjis-dipilis.

It was the first time my siblings did it and it was so amusing. lol You see, usually, the renjis-renjis-dipilis has always been done by elders; nenek-datuk, pakcik-makcik. And to see my own siblings who I don't see as pakcik-makcik attempting this rite of passage was hilarious! I kept nudging and laughing at them that they are officially pakcik-makcik liao.


After the ceremony, we relaxed around, let my mom took care and chit-chat with her sister and headed home.

Will blog about the wedding ceremony on the next post!



  1. Hello! Lovely photos! :)
    Just wondering if you know which Bridal House and Deco company did your cousin engage?


    1. Thank you. =)
      She uses Chantique Bridal and AJ City Weddings respectively. If you also mean the bedroom deco and mini dais, she used Our Midas Touch.