Shibly's 7th Birthday at Legoland, Malaysia (Video)

Shibly's birthday was on 24th October 2014. Photos taken on that day are still being edited and I finally got the video rendered. It had been delayed for the same standard reasons of sudden busy days, lazy days and technical fault days.

After more than 2 years of service, my laptop has died. Fortunately, Jhon had managed to recover all the stuff inside and he still have his old laptop for me to use temporarily.

Enough, jibber-jabber, here's the video of that fun filled day; watching it made me smile as I reminisced. I can't wait to see the photos! 

By the way, this footage was recorded on Sony Xperia Z3. It's in-built stabilizer was amazing and this is coming from the most shakiest hand owner in the world.

[pardon if you don't see a thumbnail. It's a YT issue]


Birthday Party at Explorer kid

Last Saturday, Jhon and I was asked to help nanny my 2 nephews at Explorer Kid, Downtown East. It was actually a birthday party for Shibly's classmate, Ashton. Syihab tagged along so he could play around too. 

The reason we had to nanny them was because Bro and SIL had a wedding to attend to at Marina Bay Sands and it clashes with the birthday part and Shibly really wants to attend the party. The last time we were requested to help was a few weeks ago but was just a drop off at GV Katong for a movie birthday party and parents would pick Shibly up. This time, it was not the case.

It was full reign from beginning to the end and it was the first time we went out (not counting under the block) with them without other adults. But I was confident we could handle it. Wah wah.. cheh cheh.. lol 

We cabbed there, reached on time and let them play. I knew Shibly would be fine with his friends so we payed extra attention with Syihab. He was in playground heaven. It was our first time there and it was the biggest we've ever been to. Jhon and I took turns watching each boy. At first, I was with Shibly in the party room while Jhon was with monkey Syihab. 

Syihab was only mildy interested with the party but really can't blame him. I was getting bored too with parents of kids I dont know so thats why I told Jhon to switch. Hehehe there were no photos taken except for pinata hitting and cake cutting. We were too focused and I was also busy running playing zombie with Syihab. 

After more than 2 hours non-stop fun, we finally exited the place. We bought snacks and headed for dinner at the Asli Village. I could tell Syihab was exhausted and within 5 minutes at the table, he was completely K.O.ed. Shibly and I shared Kway teow cockles which he now claimed his favourite type of noodles.

After dinner, we took the bus home. It was a little tiring but fun to see the kids being so happy. Not only that, we know now we can handle 2 kids on our own. I've always known we could because we've always been a good team in everything we do. This just proved it.

Jhon's 32nd Birthday

Jhon dah tuaa!

Unfortunately, Jhon got sick on his birthday and had to take MC. Refusing to be miserable on his day, he forced himself to go out. The thing we did was a bit boring lah, we went to Lucky Plaza to remit money. haha After that, we decided to try Halal Jolibee at the highest level. The Jolibee in the basement does not showcase a Halal certificate so be careful yea?

I've tried beef steak in the Philippines and in Bagus Changi City Point (now closed) before and I've always find them delicious so I was truly looking forward to eating it again. Jhon had the spaghetti. Unless you love sweet spaghetti or a kid, you would enjoy it. If not, give it a pass.

After lunch, we just jalan-jalan around town and got tricked into buying overpriced screen protector and cover by Ah Beng (it happened so fast and he was so aggressive) Oh well, kita Halal kan lah.

I bought Jhon a blue Oakley back pack to replace his old biking bag and walked around some more. Some how, we ended up in Tampines and had dinner at Nandos for the first time.

We ordered Butterfly Chicken Breast with sides basted with Lemon & Herb. I figured I tried small first before trying their spiced Peri-peri sauce and I was glad I did. If you love your spicy food, this is the place. They even provide bottles of the sauces if you ever needed more. Weak stomach us can't really enjoy without being distracted by our burning taste buds. My only wish was there's a bottle of Lemon & Herb for me to drown my chicken in.

Anyways, Jhon had a good time despite feeling sickly.

Happy birthday, Mahal ko!
No need to put mushy stuff here, I've already told him personally. haha