Alive Museum at Suntec City Part 1

So on our 7yr 2mth anniversary, Jhon and I visited the Alive Museum at Suntec City. Not to be confused with the Trickeye Museum at Resorts World Sentosa. Actually, both are from Korea and charge at the same prices of $25 for adults and $20 for children although Trickeye has a senior ticketing price and it's tickets are an all day pass but who would go in and out throughout the day?
Added note: Both have online discounts. Alive at 20% off, Trickeye at 10% off.

Basing on photos, I think Trickeye has better lighting but other than that, I think their displays are equally fun and interesting. Jhon and I are contemplating on whether we visit Trickeye or just be satisfied with 1 illusion entertainment museum. =P

But first...

Anyways, photo overloading time!!!

Here's a video of Van Gogh where his eyes would follow wherever you go, blowing Marilyn Monroe's dress and 3D Mona Lisa.

I was surprised Jhon wanted to do this shot.

Yey! I'm a mermaid. Little Mermaid has always been my favorite movie because of their songs. Sebastian introduced me to reggae music. haha

Too happy.

Better but blocked the dragon. lol

Some displays I felt are better as it is. (without anyone posing)

One of our favorites. Not because it's cool but also plays awesome 90s music.

I didn't do this one because I have poor upper body and arm strength. BOOO!

Sorry Jhon.

Hey, wait a minute!


It's suppose to look like I am trying to cover the holes but instead it looks like I'm peeing.

Another horrible acting. Seriously, I had too much fun and was too happy that I had difficulty acting unhappy.

I really love this shot. Artsy konon.
Even though I was well aware it was just an illusion with mirrors but I was still scared.

Oh no!!

B-boy at the museum.

End of Part 1!


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