The Unknown Lady in White

No one ever knew who she was. She just came out of nowhere.
It started as a faint figure at the corner of the eyes by joggers who will disappear at the second glance.

She appears subtly and seemingly harmlessly; always partially hidden, almost like a shy child contemplating and summoning up bravery to approach a new group of children. She never stayed in one place. She seemed to roam and she was always spotted at a different place every time.

With uncertainty, comes rumors.

There were stories of a jilted lover who was promised to elope and she committed suicide from a broken heart but it's spirit still lingers and hoping that her lover will come.

As years passed, she seemed more confrontational, following and taunting...

This only add more imagination to her story.

Some say, she was an insecure and shy girl who was to meet the first and only man who ever showed interest in her. It turned out that she was just another victim for the man to slaughter.

Another story, basing on her white scarf, she was a disfigured girl who had always had her scarf covering her face. One day, a group of teenagers not only bullied her but also chased her into the garden. They took away her security that is her white scarf and threw rocks at her. 1 rock hit her head just a little too hard and she collapsed never to wake up again.

Anger can really bring a spirit unrest and more sightings of her showing signs of torment seemed to confirmed it.

But no one still knows her real story especially when everyone has a different experience from her.

Who is she? What's her story?
Do you dare to find out?


Let's Get Married in Philippines!

I had a little chat with Jhon's sister weeks ago and apparently, his family kinda wanted us to get married in the Philippines. I understand their point of view, Jhon's entire clan can celebrate with us at his own home town.

Technically, I don't mind especially when Jhon said a simple SGD20K wedding here in Singapore is equivalent to roughly PHP680,000 and we can get a super grand, orang kaya style hotel wedding wor! =P

But hor, tak kan nak terbang Tok Kadi kat Manila? Kelakar pe? We are not Mat Salleh who can get anyone with a ordained certificate/ license to marry them. So obviously, we would have a 2nd wedding reception in Philippines. The next obvious question was what hotels serve Halal food? These are the issues they didn't see but I can't blame them so basically we just let it hang there.

Until a week later, my itchy fingers typed Halal hotels in Manila and this came up.
Hotels with Halal kitchen and Halal Restaurants.

There are 3 hotels with a Halal Kitchen!

All hotels are somewhat nearby Jhon's home and don't they look beautiful? To be clear, this is just main angan-angan aje okay? You know how BTB tend to stray out of the reality just to please their inner diva? haha This is what I am doing. Kononya, have double reception and the one in Philippines is a grand one.

I checked out all 3 hotels but the most transparent hotel in terms of wedding packages is Shangri-la Hotel so therefore my daydreaming of a wedding reception at Shangri-la begins.

Firstly, it's SHANGRI-LA yo! Atas ke pe?

They provide 4 different types of packages; Oriental Dream, Classic Romanticism, Pristine Elegance, and Romantic Hues. The most appealing packages for us was the last 3 and they range from SGD8,000++ to SGD13,000++ for first 100 or 150 people.

Firstly, yes, this amount only favors to those who will have a smaller amount of guests and before you go, "still mahal what.. still berjuta what". Please read on.

For just SGD8,000++, we get a buffet or sit down meals, a Bridal car for 3 hours, 3 tiered REAL cake (bottom only), live string trio, photo booth, Bridal suite AND Groom Suite, 1st anniversary overnight stay among the standard hotel wedding stuff. And if we take the Romantic Hues (obviously, the super mahal one), they even give you a 3D2N honeymoon at Manila/Cebu/Boracay!

This is rather impressive because I've checked a hotel with Halal kitchen in Singapore before and their deals are lame compared to the ones to in Philippines albeit cheaper. No bridal car, all bedek cake, no band, no photo booth and provide only 1 room but I can tell you those additional items costs more than the difference and hello? Shangri-la? Not just a random hotel.

All we need to bother is bridal make up and photographers.

But alas this is just a post to share my dream on wedding reception. lol

The end.


What to do with savings of 20 cent, 10 cent & 5 cent coins?

If you are like Jhon and I, who loves to collect coins to save money, then you probably have the same problem especially when you collect denominations of 20 cents, 10 cents and 5 cents. Initially, we always collected only $1 coins and 50 cent coins but ever since the uncle who picks people up for lunch stopped (50 cents per trip), Jhon had plenty of other coins in excess.

We usually deposit the coins through the DBS Coin Deposit Machine but it has a deposit fee of S$0.012 per piece, and total fee rounded to the nearest one cent. Imagine depositing $500 worth of 10 cents or even 5 cent coins!

So I decided to find out and share other ways to handle the coins.

Coin deposit service from The Singapore Mint 

Instead of depositing via a bank, you can deposit coins via The Singapore Mint. They waive the first 1000 pcs of coins and after which $5.35 per 1000 pcs. It is basically cheaper than the bank. The only catch is that you have to wait about 2 weeks to get your money.
They also have a schedule of coin deposit machines at community centres where they have the machines at 5 different community centres every month. Check out the locations by clicking this link.

"You can now deposit your unused circulation coins (second & third series coins only) using our self-service coin deposit machine located at the Singapore Mint headquarters or Orchard Central outlet, or at any one of the community centres listed below.  

Coin deposit fee will be waived for the first 1,000 pieces of coins deposited per person per day. After which, there is a nominal deposit fee of $5.35 per 1,000 pieces (or part-there-of). The amount deposited will be credited into your designated bank account within 14 working days."

Convert your 20 cents and 10 cents to higher denominations.

Okay, this is like cheap thrill for me because it's like playing slots or Jackpot. Put in 20 cents and/or 10 cents into a vending machine, resist temptation to buy something and press reject. If your odds are with you, you will get two 50 cent coins or one $1 coin in return and with that, you just decrease the number of pieces to deposit into your bank.

BUT! If you tend to use the older machines, it MAY 'eat' your coins. Anyways, don't go crazy on this one because after all, vending machines has probably certain amount of 50 cent or $1 coin to spare. The trick is to visit random vending machines once in a while.

Donate your 5 cent coins.

Unfortunately, 5 cent coins tend to have a bad reputation. Some vendors refuse to accept 5 cent coins. For example $2.20 and you pay $2 note with four 5 cent coins although under MAS regulations,

"Under the Currency Act, retailers must accept payment in any denomination within the legal tender limits.  For 5-cent coins, the legal tender limit is $2.  If retailers do not wish to accept a particular denomination of currency notes or coins, they should display notices prominently at their premises. This is stated in the Currency Act. "

So to avoid all this hoo-hah, you can just donate it away. No drama and get blessings. =P
There are some shops like Indian (mama) food place or McDonalds that have donation boxes/ tin where you can donate your lose change. Now, before you get all gung ho and want to donate $10 worth of 5 cent coins, chill okay? Don't be rude. Put in the coins bit by bit and not always at the same shop.

Coin Crafts

For those who love craft works, you can make artworks make from coins. Before you start though, keep in mind that under the Currency Act, a person who mutilates or destroys any Singapore dollar notes or coins may be fined up to $2,000. So don't pandai-pandai (be a smart alec) and attempt at making coin necklace or rings like other countries okay?

But check these out!

[The Crafted Sparrow]

[DIY Supplies]


They make lovely deco or gifts!

I hope this post helps some of my fellow coin savers!

The Beard Debate

Ever had that tiff with your man on him growing a beard?
It's either the lady wants her man to have a beard or the most commonly, the man wants to keep a beard but his lady disagree.

If you have a partner who does not care, good for you but for our case, I just generally prefer a clean shaven man with an exception a beard looks freaking good on him.

So for a few years now, Jhon has been wanting to keep some sort of a beard. His argument was that he just wanted to try and he has the 'good' features. My argument was that when it comes to growing a mustache or beard, his Chinese genes proved prominent. lol The hair on his face tend to grow in splotches and I can't stand it.

Of course, it does not stop him from insisting a beard so he told me to draw him one. To prove that he would look so good that it's worth that splotches of hair for a few weeks.

Here's the outcome.









Firstly, awesome or not my make up skills? lol Just kidding lah. It's so easy and basic. I just used dark brown gel eyeliner and eye shadow.

I did a thin boxed beard and kindaaaa looks nice but it made him look so old. I told him maybe in 15 years time he can try lah but definitely not now and he agreed.

Problem solved.


Alive Museum at Suntec City Part 2

Click here for part 1!

I didn't intend to split the post into 2 but there's just too many photos to share! Sayang to not share all.

Okay! Continue!

One of our favorite displays!

Freaky sh*t. lol


Of course, Jhon's was better.

This is me being stuck up b*tch because I can do splits.

See Jhon being racist. lol It's okay because he is part Chinese somewhere. =P

This is major fail! He was supposed to look very small but he is too tall to have that effect work! hahahaha

I look gemuk but nevermind lah.. Match with the boy. haha

I photoshop myself at the other eye. Because.

This reminds me one of Honey Boo Boo's episodes when her sisters made out with the Giraffe as a bet. What a crazy bunch!

Drama. lol Superman also tak kuasa. lolol

Freak out!

"I came in like a wrecking ball....." Oh.. salah eh? lol I had too much fun swinging around.

How to look like you are freaking out? Swing until you really going to fall.

This is one of the most beautiful displays but it was at the end. Our face was shiny, my hair was messy and it didn't help that the lighting was not that awesome. Oh well!

So one of the displays, 1 person has to sit in front of a cubicle while the other goes in it. There will be a shadow of the person sitting down and we get to trace it. Jhon always wants to up the game and drew my face when you can't really see it. Bluek!

Anyways, we had plenty of fun, jumping around, posing here and there. The only down side as mentioned in the first post was the lighting. It was not flattering when someone is standing there and the reflection of the spotlight on the displays can be a sore eye.


Alive Museum at Suntec City Part 1

So on our 7yr 2mth anniversary, Jhon and I visited the Alive Museum at Suntec City. Not to be confused with the Trickeye Museum at Resorts World Sentosa. Actually, both are from Korea and charge at the same prices of $25 for adults and $20 for children although Trickeye has a senior ticketing price and it's tickets are an all day pass but who would go in and out throughout the day?
Added note: Both have online discounts. Alive at 20% off, Trickeye at 10% off.

Basing on photos, I think Trickeye has better lighting but other than that, I think their displays are equally fun and interesting. Jhon and I are contemplating on whether we visit Trickeye or just be satisfied with 1 illusion entertainment museum. =P

But first...

Anyways, photo overloading time!!!

Here's a video of Van Gogh where his eyes would follow wherever you go, blowing Marilyn Monroe's dress and 3D Mona Lisa.

I was surprised Jhon wanted to do this shot.

Yey! I'm a mermaid. Little Mermaid has always been my favorite movie because of their songs. Sebastian introduced me to reggae music. haha

Too happy.

Better but blocked the dragon. lol

Some displays I felt are better as it is. (without anyone posing)

One of our favorites. Not because it's cool but also plays awesome 90s music.

I didn't do this one because I have poor upper body and arm strength. BOOO!

Sorry Jhon.

Hey, wait a minute!


It's suppose to look like I am trying to cover the holes but instead it looks like I'm peeing.

Another horrible acting. Seriously, I had too much fun and was too happy that I had difficulty acting unhappy.

I really love this shot. Artsy konon.
Even though I was well aware it was just an illusion with mirrors but I was still scared.

Oh no!!

B-boy at the museum.

End of Part 1!