Hari Raya Visiting 2014

As little there were guests to my house, we were also guests to a little amount of houses.

First house, auntie Tipah's house.

Second house, BIL's parent's house.

Third house, SIL's parent's house.

The End.


Hari Raya Guests 2014

We never had many guests except for a few families, mostly on my maternal side. The first wave of family were the lovable Auntie Tipah and family. It was not a complete set but the usual people came. =)

Check out those perfect heatless curls!

Auntie and Uncle had been a health roller coaster ride so we were glad they were doing well. The kids have grown, especially the twins. They were so cute. Despite being identical twins, their personality are not identical at all. The older brother seems to be more shy compared to the younger brother.

10-20 minutes after they left, Pak Hitam and Pak Busu and family came. Macam plan aje...

And that was it. lol. At least for 2 weeks into Hari Raya.

Relax right?


First Day of Raya 2014

This year's Hari Raya was still emotionally testing as last year's but definitely better in comparison. This time around, we celebrated the entire 1 Syawal at Abg Jamil's house and for those who does not know, whose's room Jhon and friend is renting from.

That morning, my mom had her head start in the morning doing her own stuff before heading there while I took my time. I did what I need to do at my place first and left just before noon. Mak was already there when I arrived and we did nothing but slacked around.

The day was freaking humid and we were indoors man. Personally, I find myself not looking that fabulous despite of the attempt to look presentable. I looked bloated and make up was gone from sweating. Everyone looks glowy and fantastic in comparison. boo...

Bro and family were the usual firsts to visit in the afternoon. They went all red today and the boys were adorable and polite. They finally get to visit Uncle Jamil's house. haha.

The day went slightly mundane for a while after they left. I even played Grand Turismo on Jhon's playstation to kill time. I got bored because Mak started to change channel and watch Korean drama. =P

It was only 9pm when Sis and family came by. They went all blue. It was funny. If only my family can be together all at once, it will be a contrast. Team red, team blue.

All was well and we walked home before 11pm.

Thank you so much to Abg Jamil and Jhon for your hospitality!


Wedding Hurdle 2: Future Home

Actually, the 2nd hurdle comes together with the 1st hurdle so technically, at this point, we have 2 hurdles to jump over. Note that I am writing problems that are not as trivial as choosing a color theme or wedding cards. These issues usually requires plenty of consideration in many aspects.

[Wedding Hurdles: Location]

When it comes to getting a home to start a new family, it comes easy to most than not.
This does not applies to us.

Jhon currently is co-renting a room while I am sharing a room with my mom and there is no available room for Jhon and I to stay in in my place. Our initial problem was getting a temporary home until our new home is ready. Luckily, my bro had offered to let us stay for a year or two until we do. Unfortunately, Jhon's PR application was rejected so we can't buy a house of our own.

The obvious step is rent a home or buy a private condo but it's so ridiculously expensive and not practical in the long run. By the end of the day, we intend to have a place to call our own, you know. We would love to able to save some money with every step but after calculating in just getting a house is a pain especially in our situation. What is new in Singapore right? The government wants us to have more children but then make us struggle to get 1 of the basic necessity of building a family, to able to easily secure a home.

I guess we could still stay at my bro's house but sampai bila? After 2 rejections, you can't blame us for not being optimistic for the 3rd application.

And then I thought of a wonderful idea which I will share in due time. Despite it being the best idea, it still has it's complications and we have yet expedite it.

I don't know lah... There are so many things to think and consider. I just can't wait for the day when it all finally makes sense.

We overcame the hurdle! Click here to read more.