The Mosque Solemnization

Ask any Muslim where is the most desirable place to get solemnized and their answer would be a mosque. It's not compulsory because solemnization can be carried out at any location as long as the Kadi, appointed witnesses and documentations are present but we all know a location can make a whole lot of difference.

There is a sense of solemness, religious piety and empowerment especially that the fact that 'akad nikah' is the most religious act in the entire wedding.

Considering for a mosque solemnization, I looked up in the nearest mosque near our place which is the Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu. I used to go to religious classes in the mosque when I was a little girl.
Check out their revamped website here.

Apparently, Masjid Alkaff does not charge for usage of the prayer hall and the standard booking period is 1 hour but I suggest a personal donation to the mosque as a thank you. 

I found a couple of photos of the ceremony held there and it's so simple with a sense of tranquility.

[random found on foursquare]

The website says that they do rent out a multi-purpose hall at $150/session of 3 hours. Unfortunately, their MPH is not open for a small walimah because it's very near to the main prayer hall, unlike other mosques like Masjid Al Istighfar, Masjid Darul Makmur etc. So cannot sibuk-sibuk with mini pelamin and makan2 okay?

It would be nice to have our ceremony here so we shall see how it goes.

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