Get your Sh*t Together.

I am a pessimist. I worry all the time but the advantage is that I am always ready for the worst to come.

It is no secret that the Singaporean locals dislike/hate foreigners which seemed to slowly over taking our country. Frankly speaking, I am neither a hater or a lover in this subject. I greatly appreciated foreigners who had helped literally build this country and doing jobs that seemed taboo for the locals.

No doubt, these foreigners also bring plenty of nuisance and trouble. The Indians/Bangladeshi/Sri Lankan's preying eyes and perverted actions and the PRC with their loud face megaphones, unhygienic and lack of desire to learn basic English. I also dislike the feeling of as if I am not in Singapore sometimes because whenever I see less of the locals around which sucks.

Soon after, a more new wave of foreigners swarm in such as Filipinos and Myanmars. Myanmars at the moment are laying low (but Jhon and I had already bad experiences with them at work) but the topic of today is the Pinoys.

At this point, I am pretty pissed with the ones who are getting way too comfortable in this country. You know, causing tensions and annoyance. You've read the news articles, undesirable picnics in town that blocks pathways, intentions of celebrating their independence without a permit and posting misleading banners just to name a few.

Wth.. Keep your sh*t together man. This may be your 2nd home but that does not mean suddenly the same rules apply on both homes.

Usually, I don't give a damn but now it does because my fiance is a Filipino. He is a wonderful, nice and respectful guy. My biggest worry is that with all this hoo-hah and local's upset, the government would really do something which would lead to him being kicked out just because he is one of "them".

Whenever I mention this, Jhon would let it go in passing but look who is worried now after reading this.


Okay, firstly, Jhon confirmed that GMA News is known for it's exaggerated news but the underlining story is usually true. The fact that Singapore is implementing stricter policies for foreigners due to complaints from locals in terms of job hunting, education, housing, and social services is true and real.

I don't know how it will affect Jhon but who knows it will or not in time to come.

"According to the regulations, starting in July, three major changes will be made: 
(1) the minimum salary requirement of foreign applicants seeking a work pass will be increased  
(2) the monthly levy of companies that hire foreign workers will be increased 
(3) the total ratio of foreign to local workers will be reduced in favor of the latter"

Looking at the list, number 2 and 3 (especially 3) might be a factor. Aiyah, I AM a worry wart but this only proved my fears were legit which only makes me more worried.

I would be devastated if Jhon had to leave Singapore. hur hur... Worse comes to worst, Jhon can request the company to send him to associate companies in other countries then I follow him lor. Hopefully he is sent to a nice country. =p

But here I go again. Over thinking it. I just hope there won't be any more obstacles for us.


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  1. It looks like this foreign workforce issue is happening everywhere,
    more worst in Malaysia as more than half are illegals.