Family Day with MAS

So Kak Yana's company had their yearly family day and it's at Garden by the bay. My bro and her are not keen with this kind of events but willing to go if Jhon and I are going because we are always up to these kind of events and can keep up with the kids with the activities.

Jhon and I are always up to for anything that would take us out of 'basic' routine for memories and experience. So apa lagi? Let's go!

Poor bro, had to work in the morning so he dropped us at Garden by the bay and headed for the Silver Leaf. We also had Mom, Syazan and his little bro, Haziq to tag along. With family day, the more kids there are, the more fun it would be! Plus, there are usually plenty of activities that caters for them.

By the time we reached Silver leaf, there was already a good crowd. We got ourselves settled down and absorbed the place. The day was exceptionally hot and we were already sweating. 

No point getting fussy with the heat so we went to enjoy the game stalls. It's a real treat looking at the kids playing attempting to throw the balls or hit the balls; especially Syihab. His face was full of gusto although he would miss so many times.



Fishing for duckies

Random awkward pose from me.

Next, it was sand art. It was quite a squeeze with the other kids and a wonky table was not helping but it was still fun; messy but fun. 

Mutated teletubbies. lol 

Quick trip to bouncy castle and prop photo shoot. 

Then bubble time! I love bubbles and I will never get sick and tired of it. hehee
I love how Syihab's face looks whenever he blows the bubble. 

Jealous the kids got a lot of camera time so the older kids wants some face time too! =P

Okay, back to the kids. Around this time, Syihab kidnapped Jhon from me and took him away from the event area. Just to play with the 'egg'.

Then balloon time!! dammit! I wish I had got myself a balloon earlier. I saw a flower crochet that is pretty and I want but the time I requested, they were out of balloons. PFFT! But it's okay. It was fun looking at Shibly playing war with a new friend.

After our lunch, we headed back to the bouncy castle because there were lesser kids so apa lagi? Attack!!!
Oh by the way, the bento pack of rice, chicken, potatoes and cabbage was okay only but Kak Yana and Mom thought it was not appetizing at all. I don't know, maybe we spent so much time playing around and got so hungry that it didn't matter. It was edible to us. =P


After bouncing castle, the kids made their last pose at the 'egg' and borrowed the photo booth props. They were closed but no worries, we had our own camera. lol 

By this time, the event had ended and bro joined us. We also got tickets to enter the flower dome courtesy of MAS. We took a quick break and headed there afterwards. I will picture vomit in another post. hehe


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