The Mosque Solemnization

Ask any Muslim where is the most desirable place to get solemnized and their answer would be a mosque. It's not compulsory because solemnization can be carried out at any location as long as the Kadi, appointed witnesses and documentations are present but we all know a location can make a whole lot of difference.

There is a sense of solemness, religious piety and empowerment especially that the fact that 'akad nikah' is the most religious act in the entire wedding.

Considering for a mosque solemnization, I looked up in the nearest mosque near our place which is the Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu. I used to go to religious classes in the mosque when I was a little girl.
Check out their revamped website here.

Apparently, Masjid Alkaff does not charge for usage of the prayer hall and the standard booking period is 1 hour but I suggest a personal donation to the mosque as a thank you. 

I found a couple of photos of the ceremony held there and it's so simple with a sense of tranquility.

[random found on foursquare]

The website says that they do rent out a multi-purpose hall at $150/session of 3 hours. Unfortunately, their MPH is not open for a small walimah because it's very near to the main prayer hall, unlike other mosques like Masjid Al Istighfar, Masjid Darul Makmur etc. So cannot sibuk-sibuk with mini pelamin and makan2 okay?

It would be nice to have our ceremony here so we shall see how it goes.

Officially Getting Older?

I know I've just turned 30 last month but age never made me feel old. I've always believed if I am active, be playful and at least manage to catch up with my nephews, I am youthful.

Until last Friday.

I was playing catch with a ball with Syihab. Irfan wanted to play too but Syihab didn't want to share his ball so I had to catch 2 different balls. I was fine until 2 balls were thrown towards me and I missed them. It both rolled between my legs and as I bent over, I felt 2 snaps on my lower back.
I could tell it was 2 veins being twisted and I had difficulty bending over.

This seems to be a boring back pain story but this is the first time I hurt my lower back besides menstrual related back pains. O_O

 I stretched my back every now and again to ease the pain and it worked. After 3 days, I was feeling better but I was caught in a situation when I can't rest properly, the back pain came with a vengeance.

5 days later, pain has subsided but I still need to watch how I move. Urgh! It sucks. I hope my back will heal soon and that I won't have back problems like old people. hur hur hur! It sucks not being able to be energetic.

End of boring story.

Okay, to make it interesting, here's a picture of Syihab mocking Omah with her back pain last year.


Get your Sh*t Together.

I am a pessimist. I worry all the time but the advantage is that I am always ready for the worst to come.

It is no secret that the Singaporean locals dislike/hate foreigners which seemed to slowly over taking our country. Frankly speaking, I am neither a hater or a lover in this subject. I greatly appreciated foreigners who had helped literally build this country and doing jobs that seemed taboo for the locals.

No doubt, these foreigners also bring plenty of nuisance and trouble. The Indians/Bangladeshi/Sri Lankan's preying eyes and perverted actions and the PRC with their loud face megaphones, unhygienic and lack of desire to learn basic English. I also dislike the feeling of as if I am not in Singapore sometimes because whenever I see less of the locals around which sucks.

Soon after, a more new wave of foreigners swarm in such as Filipinos and Myanmars. Myanmars at the moment are laying low (but Jhon and I had already bad experiences with them at work) but the topic of today is the Pinoys.

At this point, I am pretty pissed with the ones who are getting way too comfortable in this country. You know, causing tensions and annoyance. You've read the news articles, undesirable picnics in town that blocks pathways, intentions of celebrating their independence without a permit and posting misleading banners just to name a few.

Wth.. Keep your sh*t together man. This may be your 2nd home but that does not mean suddenly the same rules apply on both homes.

Usually, I don't give a damn but now it does because my fiance is a Filipino. He is a wonderful, nice and respectful guy. My biggest worry is that with all this hoo-hah and local's upset, the government would really do something which would lead to him being kicked out just because he is one of "them".

Whenever I mention this, Jhon would let it go in passing but look who is worried now after reading this.


Okay, firstly, Jhon confirmed that GMA News is known for it's exaggerated news but the underlining story is usually true. The fact that Singapore is implementing stricter policies for foreigners due to complaints from locals in terms of job hunting, education, housing, and social services is true and real.

I don't know how it will affect Jhon but who knows it will or not in time to come.

"According to the regulations, starting in July, three major changes will be made: 
(1) the minimum salary requirement of foreign applicants seeking a work pass will be increased  
(2) the monthly levy of companies that hire foreign workers will be increased 
(3) the total ratio of foreign to local workers will be reduced in favor of the latter"

Looking at the list, number 2 and 3 (especially 3) might be a factor. Aiyah, I AM a worry wart but this only proved my fears were legit which only makes me more worried.

I would be devastated if Jhon had to leave Singapore. hur hur... Worse comes to worst, Jhon can request the company to send him to associate companies in other countries then I follow him lor. Hopefully he is sent to a nice country. =p

But here I go again. Over thinking it. I just hope there won't be any more obstacles for us.


Flower Dome with the Family

This is basically part 2 of MAS family day. We got complimentary tickets to the Flower Dome so after bro came over, we freshen up ourselves from the heat and headed to the place.

This would be the second time for Jhon and I to the flower dome. [click here for our first visit] I suppose 1 good thing about the flower dome is they change themes although it's not a major one. This time, the theme was War of Roses - The Medieval Times

Photo vomit time!

Shibly and his creepy looking teeth because he is lost a couple of his baby teeth and growing adult ones.

Queen of random awkward poses.

My favorite group shot. Unfortunately, Haziq was blocked. lol

Mom was almost obsessed with the flowers. You would think we had to keep our eyes on the kids worrying they might pick the flowers but nope. It's this Makcik bunga who we had to watch. hehe

Couple shot!

Too bad the background sucks for this one. hmph


Thanks to Kak Yana for asking us out for this outing. In fact, she and bro always ask us out for outings and they belanja most of the time. Thank you very much. It was fun! 


Learning How to Run 3

Third week!

Training Day 8: 45min
"Take 45 minute brisk walk or light jog. Keep the intensity fairly low on this day. The main goal here is to just be active and get used to moving for a longer period of time."

We started 3 days after the last workout due to bad weather and Jhon's backache. It sucks because we can't follow the regime closely as possible with just 1 rest day in between. The result was obvious. I felt like I was almost back to ground zero, huffing and puffing with muscle aches. urgh!! horrible! I felt so frustrated because the run felt terrible but at least I managed to make a complete run/briskwalk/walk of 5.33km.

I know the average seems consistent with others but I also consider how I feel during and after the workout.

Training Day 9: 3.2km 
"Go on a 3.2 km run at a moderate pace. We are starting to increase our distance, but if you can try and increase the intensity when possible"

I felt slightly better on this day BUT, I did not run throughout. I still don't have that stamina yet but I did tried to run more and walk less. Results shows a little more improvement although I had a slow start which lead for a higher average pace.

Training Day 10: 10x1 min fast
"This is a 25 minute interval run. Perform 60 seconds of hard running with 90 seconds of light walking or slow jogging."

Do you know how many days since we last did our workout? 8 DAYS! Nights has been raining and I've been sick with stomach flu for 5 days. So I was not surprised it was not one of the best workout I had. The first 5 intervals was really good with my fastest pace of 5.11min/km but the remaining 5 was getting slower at every interval where running turned into a slow jog. At the last interval, I was feeling light headed. Nonetheless, I completed it! I felt disappointed but this is the reason I am teaching my body to run long distance right?

Training Day 11: 3.2km run
"Go on a 3.2 km run at a moderate pace. We are starting to increase our distance, but if you can try and increase the intensity when possible."

It was tiring but I managed to push through especially at the 2.5km mark. This is one of the "faster" paced workouts and it felt good. I know I've mentioned this before but I love it when runkeeper even emailed me saying congratulations for a faster pace. Good motivation. hehehe


Family Day with MAS

So Kak Yana's company had their yearly family day and it's at Garden by the bay. My bro and her are not keen with this kind of events but willing to go if Jhon and I are going because we are always up to these kind of events and can keep up with the kids with the activities.

Jhon and I are always up to for anything that would take us out of 'basic' routine for memories and experience. So apa lagi? Let's go!

Poor bro, had to work in the morning so he dropped us at Garden by the bay and headed for the Silver Leaf. We also had Mom, Syazan and his little bro, Haziq to tag along. With family day, the more kids there are, the more fun it would be! Plus, there are usually plenty of activities that caters for them.

By the time we reached Silver leaf, there was already a good crowd. We got ourselves settled down and absorbed the place. The day was exceptionally hot and we were already sweating. 

No point getting fussy with the heat so we went to enjoy the game stalls. It's a real treat looking at the kids playing attempting to throw the balls or hit the balls; especially Syihab. His face was full of gusto although he would miss so many times.



Fishing for duckies

Random awkward pose from me.

Next, it was sand art. It was quite a squeeze with the other kids and a wonky table was not helping but it was still fun; messy but fun. 

Mutated teletubbies. lol 

Quick trip to bouncy castle and prop photo shoot. 

Then bubble time! I love bubbles and I will never get sick and tired of it. hehee
I love how Syihab's face looks whenever he blows the bubble. 

Jealous the kids got a lot of camera time so the older kids wants some face time too! =P

Okay, back to the kids. Around this time, Syihab kidnapped Jhon from me and took him away from the event area. Just to play with the 'egg'.

Then balloon time!! dammit! I wish I had got myself a balloon earlier. I saw a flower crochet that is pretty and I want but the time I requested, they were out of balloons. PFFT! But it's okay. It was fun looking at Shibly playing war with a new friend.

After our lunch, we headed back to the bouncy castle because there were lesser kids so apa lagi? Attack!!!
Oh by the way, the bento pack of rice, chicken, potatoes and cabbage was okay only but Kak Yana and Mom thought it was not appetizing at all. I don't know, maybe we spent so much time playing around and got so hungry that it didn't matter. It was edible to us. =P


After bouncing castle, the kids made their last pose at the 'egg' and borrowed the photo booth props. They were closed but no worries, we had our own camera. lol 

By this time, the event had ended and bro joined us. We also got tickets to enter the flower dome courtesy of MAS. We took a quick break and headed there afterwards. I will picture vomit in another post. hehe