Inject your Face with Moisture w/o the Injection?

Moisture for our face. It's one of the common aspects in face regimes but we still ignore it in passing. I do use moisturizer every other day for face and body and only use a moisturizer catered just for the face a few months ago.

I am not sure, if it's whether the face moisturizer is really, really good or my face is officially losing it's power in retaining moisture because it immediately turn my skin very close to baby soft skin. It's awesome! Now I am somewhat obsessed with anything that will apply moisture to my face!

And as if it was meant to be, Sexylook sent a new masks, Micro Inject Mask High Concentration Hyaluronic Acid to keep my face hydrated all day long!

It uses the finest professional ingredients to improve cell regeneration, aids in soothing and healing, tighten skin, moisture and also retains its moisture. There are so many goodness in just 1 mask!

What makes this mask different from all the masks in stores? 
There are 4 reasons why.

How invincibly thin are we talking about here? 
It's so thin that the mask needs 2 plastic sheets for ease of application on face. Peeling the white plastic sheet first, apply mask on face and then remove the blue women sheet last.

The mask is so thin that the closest I can describe it's like a wet popiah skin. No joke! Everything is almost see-through to a point you can see my mole through it. hehehe  It being so thin, it easily sticks to my skin with very little effort. Oh yeah, also won't look like Hannibal with a thick mask on. hehe 

 I suppose the only downside is that the mask doesn't have a favorable smell. I am not saying it smelled bad but masking experience always heighten when there's a nice scent to it.
I had it on for 15 minutes and as usual, wipe my face with the mask after taking it out. 

Do I feel so moisturized as if I was made of nothing but water? 

[lol at my photoshop attempt]

No. lol 
But my face definitely felt hydrated although not soft. It lasted quite well the entire day. I would probably use this once a week to keep hydration in check. 

Since the mask sells per piece, it's easy to grab 1 to try if it suits your skin. Try them out at SGD3.50 here.
There are also 2 other type of mask such as Intensive Moisture Care to replenish supple skin and Activation Energy for beautiful skin power.


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