Filipino Wedding Traditions

When I think of my wedding, it is obviously always Malay tradition heavy; from the wedding decorations to bunga rampai. Sometimes I get overboard and forget I am marrying a Filipino. =P Pinoys also has their own traditions and culture to follow too. I wish to respect and follow whenever I can.

Unfortunately, Pinoy's customs in weddings are mostly Catholic based. Since we will be wedded as Muslims, it wouldn't make sense if we practice those customs right?

For example, Pinoys usually marry in the church and they would need a wedding cord, wedding coins, wedding candles and require plenty of ceremonial sponsors, witnesses, and participants. All these are of Catholic origin. [info here]

They also have Muslim Pinoys traditions but they seem questionable because one of the practice is  "placement of the groom's fingerprint on the forehead of the bride" hmmm?
But they have musical instruments similarly like Malays played in the wedding such as the kulintang.

The only Filipino traditions that is non-Catholic are the money dance and groom wearing the Barong Tagalog.

Personally, I don't think we will be doing the money dance which is a Spanish culture because its where money is pinned or taped onto the newly married couple's garments, representing the wish that good fortune is "rained" upon them, while also helping the couple financially as they begin their life together as the dance. Err...  Jhon and I are not keen and comfortable in slow dancing in front of everybody. You can just give the money to us (duit salam), no need to dance. lol


So basically, we are left with the Barong Tagalog which I ADORE! Barong Tagalog is an embroided traditional Filipino groom outfit originally made from pineapple's leaf fibers but now is made of different types of cloths.  It's usually soft, airy and looks goooodddd...

And I have seen Jhon wearing first hand when we were invited to his cousin's wedding where he had to be the best man.

[click here for post]

Hensem lah although the barong tagalog does not really fit him well because it was bought readily made. Tall and slim people's problems; it's either sleeves too short or fitting is loose. Anyways, I had insisted that he wears long sleeved white shirt underneath compared to short sleeves because it would look funny if he didn't.

I am sure there are local bridal vendors provide barong tagalog suits. If i am not mistaken, Versari Ade but I don't think our budget fits them so we are considering tailoring/ buying from Philippines itself. They do come in pretty cheap if you know where to find them.

Here are my favorite designs.

[searched photos from pinterest]

Notice the preference of collars, macam 'cekak musang' hehe.
We plan to have him wear it together with me wearing a modern gown on our second outfit of the wedding ceremony. It's one of the moments I cannot wait! Okay, actually ah... there is a female barong but..... you see for yourself.

Very the tai-tai, political Pinoy novela, right? =X

I am just glad modern Pinoys don't wear that for their weddings anymore. =P


Learning How to Run 2

Click here if you missed the intro and my first week experience.

Second week!

All photos are taken via runkeeper's website through my logs and I don't know why it's gray in the first slot when I've already completed it.

Training Day 5: 2.4km run/walk
"Go on a 1.5 mile moderate run or brisk walk. At this point if you cannot run the entire time you should be able to run/walk it. Our intensity is still moderate but starting to pick up the pace a bit."

Wah.... This day was f-ed up okay? First, I started the workout with a bitchy attitude because of my day was horrible but I forced myself to run thinking it will calm and tire me out to sleep. Secondly, it was raining/drizzling so we can't really run. When I decided to run near my block, the internet connection sucked! Even if I ran for 400m, it didn't record and running in a small circle sucks! My morals were low that day. The map basically shows how I felt.

When I looked at my report, I got even more frustrated! I ran/walked consistanly like previous 4 workouts and it said I was moving half the pace! WHUTTT! Angry!! Actually, I could redo the run but technically, I did my run. It's just the records are not accurate.

Training Day 6: 8x1 min fast
"This is a 20 minute interval workout. Perform 60 seconds of hard running with a slow 90 seconds walk or jog recovery and repeat. You should be recovered by the end of 90 seconds but not completely recovered"

This is my 2nd interval run and I could tell the improvement. I could keep up easy with 1 min of running throughout the 8 cycles. My fastest run was 5.29min/km and average run only was about 6+/-min/km. My work out heart rate is higher which means I am working my body more.

Training Day 7: 2.4 km run/walk
"Go on a 2.4 km moderate run or brisk walk. At this point if you cannot run the entire time you should be able to run/walk it. Our intensity is still moderate but starting to pick up the pace a bit."

This is the best one I had so far. I tried to push myself a bit more and it shows in the data and how I felt. I still need to brisk walk but I try to run further and faster; jog if I have to. It was tiring but there was never a point a moment of extreme exhaustion. I was so happy when I see that my average pace is faster by more than 1 minute. I also love it when runkeeper always congratulate me on every little improvement in pace, distance or even elevation.

Check out my heart rate after that run. It's good! Previously, when after a workout or any form of aerobic exercise when I feel exhausted, my heart rate was only at 120bpm but with just 7 training days, my heart is working awesomely!

[Heart Beat app]

At 152bpm, I am not only burning calories, I am also developing stamina and endurance. Horray for improvement!!


Inject your Face with Moisture w/o the Injection?

Moisture for our face. It's one of the common aspects in face regimes but we still ignore it in passing. I do use moisturizer every other day for face and body and only use a moisturizer catered just for the face a few months ago.

I am not sure, if it's whether the face moisturizer is really, really good or my face is officially losing it's power in retaining moisture because it immediately turn my skin very close to baby soft skin. It's awesome! Now I am somewhat obsessed with anything that will apply moisture to my face!

And as if it was meant to be, Sexylook sent a new masks, Micro Inject Mask High Concentration Hyaluronic Acid to keep my face hydrated all day long!

It uses the finest professional ingredients to improve cell regeneration, aids in soothing and healing, tighten skin, moisture and also retains its moisture. There are so many goodness in just 1 mask!

What makes this mask different from all the masks in stores? 
There are 4 reasons why.

How invincibly thin are we talking about here? 
It's so thin that the mask needs 2 plastic sheets for ease of application on face. Peeling the white plastic sheet first, apply mask on face and then remove the blue women sheet last.

The mask is so thin that the closest I can describe it's like a wet popiah skin. No joke! Everything is almost see-through to a point you can see my mole through it. hehehe  It being so thin, it easily sticks to my skin with very little effort. Oh yeah, also won't look like Hannibal with a thick mask on. hehe 

 I suppose the only downside is that the mask doesn't have a favorable smell. I am not saying it smelled bad but masking experience always heighten when there's a nice scent to it.
I had it on for 15 minutes and as usual, wipe my face with the mask after taking it out. 

Do I feel so moisturized as if I was made of nothing but water? 

[lol at my photoshop attempt]

No. lol 
But my face definitely felt hydrated although not soft. It lasted quite well the entire day. I would probably use this once a week to keep hydration in check. 

Since the mask sells per piece, it's easy to grab 1 to try if it suits your skin. Try them out at SGD3.50 here.
There are also 2 other type of mask such as Intensive Moisture Care to replenish supple skin and Activation Energy for beautiful skin power.


How to Feel Like You Own a New Handphone

It's almost 2 years I have own my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. [click here for post]
It has been good to me and still working perfectly. Since then, I've changed a least a cover replacing the original cover because I didn't like the card slots somewhat scratching my screen protector overtime.

I later then changed to a similar version but without a protruding card slots and secure button. After a while, the inside got dirty from wear and tear.

Eventually, I changed to a simpler plastic cover with brand new screen protector and skin. Immediately, it felt like I had a brand new handphone. Syiok! If you are like me, who only buys a new handphone when it spoils, these are one of the little pleasures I enjoy. lol

The biggest difference would be obviously changing from a bulky cover to a simple one and a clean new screen protector that brings out the vibrancy of the screen.

Also a tribal kitty cat peeking at me. When Shibly saw it, after acknowledging it was a cat, he also pointed out there is an owl on the cat's forehead. O_O Good eye because I didn't noticed it. hehe

Anyways, that's how to make yourself feel that you own a new handphone. 
Handphone makeover!


Fancy a Glacier Face Mask?

We always subject our face with all kinds of pollutants and clog our pores, directly or indirectly. Especially for us girls, for the sake of beauty, we put layers of make up just to look good. As soon as we exit our homes, wham! humidity from the sun which starts to make us sweat and oily. Even when we yet to cross the road, the carbon dioxide floats towards us and that is just the jist of it! Just thinking about it makes my face dirty and I am at home.

Anyways, don't we wish, after a long day out, we can clean and pamper our face with confidence that every essence is penetrated thoroughly?

Well guess what?
Lovemore has released new sets of masks named Water Beauty Series
Water Beauty Series is specially formulated with the second generation of pure silk mask that will sure increase the penetration of essence and leave your skin smoother, brighter and softer after each application!

I received Lovemore Glacier Water Soothing Mask which comes in a box with 5 pieces of mask. Just thinking of glacier, makes me feel calm, cool and clean! Glacier water is one of the purest water, hello?

Anyways, this mask aims to Revitalize and Clarify for Crystal Clear Complexion. It comes with 6 different types of ingredients that will help revive your skin after a day out.

Features and effects:
With unique combination of minerals & trace elements, pure Swiss Alps glacier water enhances essence penetration, resulting in long-lasting hydration. Combined with AC.NET (sebum-controlling agent) and botanical extract, it helps condition skin for less visible pores and a clearer complexion.

Application is easier since there 2 sheets on the mask. Following the instructions, remove the white plastic sheet first, fit mask over face and then remove the second sheet. Easy peasy! No more fuss. For added glacier cooling effect, I placed the mask in the refrigerator for a minute. The mask felt good on my skin and it's somewhat odorless. 

After 15 minutes, I removed the mask and wiped my face with it. My face does feel cleaner and refreshed. This is a daily mask so it does takes time for it to take full effect but just ending the day with the mask does makes me feel I am at the alps. lol 

For SGD13.90 per box, you can revitalize and clarify your face too! Head down to and buy now! If you prefer a different type of mask, there are 2 others to choose from.



As of today, I am 30 years old.

All I can say is it's weird. I knew I am turning 30 since it comes after the number 29 but I felt somewhat indifferent. I didn't feel upset for turning old, didn't have regrets on past decisions but not exactly ecstatic knowing I am climbing up another age notch higher.

Physically and mentally, I do not feel 30.
I am healthy and trying to keep fit and just generally like to be playful. What I can say is that I am rather satisfied with myself physically. I am still active, no wrinkles yet, no white hair, no serious health problems and I hope it maintains as long as possible. Aiyah, what if I am jinxing it and getting all those by next month? lol

I just feel like I do not fit in the stereotype of being 30. I won't list it down because we all know what it is. The thought of it does not bother me though; I simply don't know how should I feel about it.

In other departments other than love, it's the standard ups and downs but I will take what is given to me and handle it as maturely as possible. It has always been one of my life motto and it has never failed me. I hope being 30 will maintain if not bring more excitement and adventure.

Happy birthday to me.

P/S: Watch out for birthday outing post. =)

Learning How to Run 1

This is not exactly part 3 of my losing weight because the main goal of this exercise regime was not to lose weight but to increase fitness stamina although obviously it would probably happen.

But since I've mentioned it, so far I've maintained my weight at 55+/-kg with my fortnightly 6km walks, avoiding fast food overload and try to maintain a regular pooping schedule. You can read about the details and journey losing 10kg here and here. Since with this relaxed regime, I am rather stagnant with this weight and I am rather happy with it although I still have fats on my tummy and thighs.

I am ready to up my exercise routine because I want to be more fit. Here's a fun fact, despite my energy, I can't not run. My stamina for running burns out very quickly and mind you, I am fairly healthy with no asthma or anything. This has been a problem since teenage years where NAPFA test 2.4km was barely a pass.

It all started when the exercise app ( I use on my handphone to track my walks updated itself with training plans. It comes with 4 categories (they are pretty much similar with running for 5K, 10k, 13.1km half marathon and 26.2km full marathon)

Obviously, I picked "Learn to run" which is basically training to run for 5km. There's a schedule to follow. You can follow a fixed schedule or go for the quick start and catch up at your own pace; which I did.

Instructions are clearly stated and you basically need to follow as close as possible. The 5K training has 28 workouts in 55 days although number of days varies depending on how strict you are in following. So far, we had to skip a few days here and there due to bad weather, other commitments or sick days. Here's a tip, if your body aches from running, take an extra rest day. Don't force yourself.

Calendar dates are off because I used quick start which means I start late into the schedule but back tracking the workouts.

We started on 1st April and I will journal this to record progress and see if I can eventually learn to run. I am motivated with a hint of pessimistic because to able to run continuously for 5km for someone like me in just 28 workouts seems unbelievable but she shall see ya?
Our usual start time is between  7.30pm to 8pm at a running track a few blocks behind Jhon's block This track has elevations which made increased the strenuous level by a little.

Training Day 1: 2.4km run/walk
"We are starting off with just 2.4 km run or walk to see how you feel. This should not be an all out run yet."

I wanted to see how far I could run and started full of gusto but it wasn't that long. All I could remember from this run was the constant struggle of air. My heart and lungs were working so hard that my ribs hurt. I hate the slopes and I ended the run with heat on my soles with shin splints.

Training Day 2: 8x 1min steady
"This is an interval workout. You will run at a faster pace for 60 seconds followed by a recovery walk of 90 seconds. Repeat this for 20 minutes."

This time, I ran with a little research in proper running form and breathing patterns. I struggled with proper breathing patterns because after a while, I over think it. The intervals pushed me not to succumb so easily to tiredness but after 4 rounds, 1 min of running seems harder every cycle. My fastest steady run was 06.16min/km and slowest walk was 13.30min/km. That was very slow since my average walking pace is about 11min/km. Everything was slow. =(

Training Day 3: 2.4km run/walk
"Go on a 2.4 km moderate run or brisk walk. This should not be as hard as possible yet."

There was no improvement in numbers but there was improvement in how I felt. I didn't feel terrible while running and breathing patterns are somewhat consistent. The first week of training was to let your body get familiar with running and at day 3, it is; not drastically but I was definitely not struggling like the first day.

Training Day 4: 45min walk/jog
"Take 45 minute brisk walk or light jog. Keep the intensity fairly low on this day. The main goal here is to just be active and get used to moving for a longer period of time."

This is the longest distance so far since we had to train for 45mins. I was actually proud I survived 5km although it was a walk/jog. It was slow but  definitely an achievement for a non-runner like me. I was out a breath by the end of the training but I felt good inside.

At this point, I am more motivated.



I thought I would make a quick hi-hello since I had not posted anything for April. Don't worry, I still have plenty to share, it's just that there are many things going on in a short span of time and just don't have the time to sit down and edit the photos.

The delay usually comes from Jhon because of the photos but now, I am the busy one too. hehehe You see, Fizah, my closest friend in the world has recently got married and we were asked to do videography for her wedding.

Jhon is obsessed passionate with photography but not so much with videography but I really like editing videos for fun. It all started with her sis's wedding which was probably 2 years ago? They just want a record of the solemnisation so okay lah.. Just do for fun but at the same time, we wanted to produce good quality so the craziness started to bubble.

Our second time was her nephew's cukur rambut [video here] and I was getting really passionate because I was angry at my laptop when it lags on me and won't allow me to upload in HD. lol

So now, for the 3rd time, with my only 'client' lol Fizah's wedding day!

I just started with the editing and it will take time. It helps that I am not working but I also have to take care of the kids. Oh, and the fact that I have sponsored posts to do, but my weekends are booked with other things. Suddenly like so busy but I like it.

Here's a preview. This is 98% done. I have sync all videos and audio etc but still need to do in-video edit for the lighting in Fizah's room and touch ups.

[Video is in HD but I posted video using Blogger and not via YouTube so quality sucks BLUEK]

So far I am proud of it. Only people who edit videos will understand that feeling of euphoria when video and music naturally syncs at the right moment! Bonus points when everything is self-taught.

So...... need any photography and videography for any events? Contact us! lol