Singapore Permanent Resident Results

As mentioned somewhere in here, Jhon had registered for Singapore's Permanent Residence on September 2013. This would be his second time applying and we were hopeful this time around, thinking now with better credits there will be a higher chance of being approved. I am the negative realistic half of this relationship so I always remind Jhon that even if we receive bad news, we must keep on moving forward and not let it get the best of us.

On 21st February 2014, Jhon received his letter.

Jhon exploded.

I won't go into details but I can tell you he was very pissed off and Jhon is not the type who gets angry easily. It caught me off guard because I had kept reminding him to prepare for the worst but I understood his emotions. You see, he was surrounded by colleagues who EASILY get approved. These are the same people who would 'run' after they get their approval; run to another job and some even to another country.

Jhon does not have such intentions. He is committed to his job, wanted to settle down, get a decent HDB house and start a family here. Not having a PR does not mean we can't continue with our plans. it's just that he has more paper work to do with limited choices and opportunities in Singapore.
Read perks of being a SPR here.

It sucks.

Even I could not console him and all I could tell him that this is fated by Allah and we must have faith. We were already mentally prepared for this, we just need to take a different route. He was inconsolable so I let him cool himself down and his door was knocked.

It was someone asking for donations on behalf of the elderly and while listening, Jhon cooled down immediately. I would imagined it would make someone even more pissed off but to Jhon, it soothed his heart. Call it pure coincidence but to Jhon, he felt it was a message from Him as a form of comfort.

As for me, I was just sad. It would definitely made everything easier and better for us if he was approved but what to do. At this point, all I can be grateful is that Jhon is a S-Pass holder. This means he does not need approval from the government to marry me.

Imagining not able to marry the love of my life because of government disapproval makes the disapproval of SPR not that bad.

At this point, everything will be still on course, we just would live in a condominium until he gets an approval... eventually... we hope.



  1. Hi, I received the same letter last week. How about Jhon's status now for SG PR? Approved?

    1. Hi! We have not reapplied since. We figured we will reapply after we get married which is in a few weeks. Perhaps it will increase his chances.