Haw Par Villa

Jhon and I had planned to visit Haw Par Villa in 2011 and we didn't visit until October 2013. (Yes, this is an overdue outing) Haw Par Villa is actually a themed park unlike any other. The place consists of hundreds of dioramas revolves around Chinese/ Buddhist values. Their main attraction was the Ten Courts of Hell, which features gruesome depictions of Hell. The admission is free and all sculptures were handmade. Appreciate not only the theme but also the workmanship. Some of them were pretty fantastic.

It may be creepy to some but a little bit more for Jhon because he has an irrational fear of mannequins. Yes, even the ones you see at the malls. I don't think it's severe but he would always get freaked out and stand clear of mannequins. Hence, the delay. He finally summed up his courage and went for it for photography sake. This outing not only will test his fears and also one of his weakness in photography, which is harsh noon sunlight.

We alighted at Haw Par Villa MRT station and  within a few steps, we were facing the main entrance.

Tickle fight!

Playing with the gorillas. 

 ???This one bedek aje.... Just to make the shots 'interesting' lol

 Dioramas teaching values.

At this point, Jhon and I strayed away because the noon heat was unleashing the cranky within the both of us. Jhon tried to cool down while I try to make new friends to change my mood. haha 10 minutes break and we are okay. =) 

Ten Courts of Hell was next which had massive fans to cool down. 
Dioramas are more violent and gory here as it is where sinners were depicted being punished. These group of photos were also said to be scary to edit in the middle of the nice as told by Jhon. =P 

You might sometimes think you are poor but you will never be feeding your own breast milk to your grandma poor.

The outing was not as nerve wrecking to Jhon as expected and no, it did not overcome his fears. I was glad to share this forgotten gem with him although the noon sun was a killer. Check list ticked.


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