The Amazing 2D1N Shah Alam Vacation Part 4

The Amazing 2D1N Shah Alam Vacation Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Rise and Shine! I was not part of the discussion on the wake up call the next day so I only had the jist of it. Apparently, we were supposed to wake up about 6am so that we can leave for Pasar Tani at 7.30am because it gets crowded at 8am. But Jhon and I over slept. -_-

We did woke up but groggily went back to sleep and Mom didn't wake us up after she took her shower. All was not lost though. We quickly got ready and had our breakfast.

We went out of the hotel thinking it would be easy to get a taxi but no such luck. So bro went to ask the concierge to call a cab for us but no driver replied in fact, the concierge didn't keep us updated while we were waiting outside. -_- But we managed to entertain ourselves with photo taking. =p

Eventually, Kak yana used an app (MyTeksi) to also try to book a cab. Long story short, we got 1 from the app, 1 from the hotel and all of us met at Pasar Tani.

By the time we reached Pasar Tani, it was after 8am and it was definitely crowded. It was not that bad because there was still plenty of room to walk around and wait around.

Everything was cheap-cheap and indeed, they have everything although 70% of the items sold were headscarves and female clothes. Don’t fear men, there were a good amount of T-shirts, bags, shoes to go crazy with.

Mak definitely went ‘tudung’ crazy, kak yana mostly kid’s outfit crazy while Jhon and Bro did mostly the waiting and babysitting game as per normal. =P Part and parcel of shopping with shopaholics yea? Lol As for me, I am in between. Checking out the stalls rather quickly and then returning to the ‘check point’. I managed to snag a dress (that turned out didn’t compliment my body), 2 pajama pants and a T-shirt.

 I look so serious and matured here with happy Shibly and his Minion balloon but I had my own Ultraman balloon hidden behind his. haha

With just 60% of Pasar Tani conquered, we surrendered. Mostly because of the noon heat as it drained our energy quite fast. How hot did it get? My bro had a sun burn on his shoulders the next day. We tried walking out to find cabs but we went out to the wrong side. Since there was shelter, we took the opportunity to cool down and repacked our bought items.

Bro asked for directions and it turned out we had to walk 30 minutes in the opposite direction. As soon as we crossed the road, we managed to get 2 cabs at once and off we went to our suite. Even equipped with water bottles and bought drinks, we were still dehydrated.

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