Dirty Keyboard

Hi! Just inserting a somewhat random post.

The other day, Jhon's keyboard was glitching on him. The only solution at that point was to buy a new keyboard but he had spent so much on his new DIY computer that it's going to burst his budget. It sucked but it seemed that  we had no choice at all.

Until I remembered I had an unused keyboard that was covered under a 'beautiful' grey blanket of dust. I had a computer 6 years ago until it died on me. Jhon bought me a laptop and ever since, I have not been using the keyboard. It was stored in the keyboard drawer of my computer desk.

Anyways, I offered my old keyboard which I remembered was in perfect condition but he said no without skipping a beat after mentioned the grey blanket. -_-

So I decided to meticulously clean for him and gave it as a surprise.

Okay, I am the female version of The Adventure Time character, Demon Cat in the episode Dungeon. Don't get what I mean? Read this.

So basically, I know how to clean a keyboard. I clean my keyboard almost every week at work and my laptop even has a rubber cover thingy. But to clean a keyboard that was fully covered with dust is another thing.

I started with just dusting off the top layer and then with a keyboard cleaner, I used cotton buds to clean every nook and cranny. That is when I saw the problem. Thick layer of dust under the keys. It was obvious that I had to remove the keys and I knew about thanks to jokes like these.

I was scared lah at first. What if I happly peel off the keys and 'sekali' cannot put back how?

So I practiced with one of the uncommonly used keys which was the Page up and Page down keys. lol It worked so I removed the keys group by group and behold the dust blanket!

Frankly speaking, I didn't intend cleaning my keyboard to turn into a blog post so I just had 1 photo throughout the process. I only took that photo just to show to Jhon when I gave him the keyboard so he could appreciate my hardwork. lol

But trust me, I cleaned the keyboard until it looked brand new, wor!

The next time was to actually check if the keyboard actually works. hahaha Thank God, it did. Weee!

Abrupt End.


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