SexyLook Escargot Extract Intense Healing 4D Duo Lifting Mask

Snails. I don't know about you, but I don't really like them. I can appreciate them but the slimy way they walk gets me.

But do you know their slime has many components that are good for your skin? They are known to reduce wrinkles, scars, dry skin and acne. Yes, there is such thing as Snail Cream but i would imagine the top notched ones are expensive. I also don't think many of us would happily put snails on our face.


So what is the cheapest and less gross solution?

Try the SexyLook Escargot Extract Intense Healing 4D Duo Lifting Mask.

Firstly, what is new about 4D Duo Lifting Mask is that it has upgraded pure cotton mask with long-lasting organic hyaluronic Acid Infused. It has high penetration power with a durable mask that is ergonomically in design to cover the skin better.

Secondly, Escargot extract contains premium nutrients for skin's natural resilience that encourages cell regeneration and repairing.

As you can see in the packaging, SexyLook still have that wonderful ear-hooks on the mask to ensure a tight fit and coverage not only on the face but also the neck area. Ever since I have tried such designed masks, a standard mask does not feel so 'syiok' anymore.

Not only that, their new series also has Organic Aloe Power Soothing, Pure Ocean Pearl Whitening and Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating.

To get your hands on these masks or for more info, click here!


LoveMore Collagen Eye Firming Patch

You have read it right, ladies. LoveMore has produced a mask that caters only for your eyes! I was genuinely excited about this and it came just in time. Sometimes, we just have to pay extra attention with those peepers of ours especially in this time of age of technology and gadgetry.

There are 3 types of eye masks that specifically caters for Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Dark Eye Circles and Anti- Puffy Eyes. I managed to get the Anti-Puffy Eyes and I LOVE IT!

(Side Note: I love the color of my hair here and it's all from DIY honey hair lightening treatment! 
Will blog about it eventually)

As much as I have learned to embrace eye pouches because it does provide a youthful look [Read my post here] I should not let those eye pouches gradually turn into eye bags because prevention is better than cure.

I love it for what the mask offers and also how it looks so pretty! Before I show you what I meant by pretty, let me tell you what is so fantastic about The Collagen Eye Firming Patch.

Every drop consists of properties that firms, dehydrates and moisturizes that sensitive area of your skin. With regular usage, your skin will be revitalize its elasticity and youthfulness and leaving it smooth and hydrated.

Okay, 1 more thing that makes me extra excited to wear the eye mask is that it has a ear-hook design so you can hook on your ears so that it can be securely placed on your eyes. Now you don't have to be stuck in a lying position all the time but it would not be an issue because as soon as I put it on, all I want to do is lie down and enjoy the cooling sensations on my eyes for 15-20mins.

Oh, did I mentioned that it's so pretty?? The eye mask is scalloped in design making it look like a masquerade mask. As some of you know, eye/face masks can look very creepy when put on but not this one!

Cheeyy... Nice or not? I am ready to go to a ball. Where is my prince. =P

To get your hands on the masks, click here. You can also find out more info for the Anti-Wrinkle and Anti- Dark Eye masks. Note that their eye mask designs differ in regards to what they cater for.


National Day Parade 2013

Yup, another overdue post. hur hur

National Day this year was also another 'Make mom happy' date after our outing at Adventure Cove the day before [Read here] Not that I am complaining because I love fireworks and picnics but just not on National Day itself. The crowd on the actual day is always brutal.

As per normal, we started the day in the afternoon to secure a spot. There were many interesting people to see but most of them are foreigners. I don't mind them but for some apparent reason, this year, 88% of them are Indians/Banglas/Sri Lankans. They didn't disturb us, just that we felt like we were at Little India. =P

The day was extra hot too but we were equipped with umbrellas and hand held fans. Look at this derp doggie.

I look weird here, probably because expanded from the heat and had been sweating buckets. bleargh..

After a few hours, it was worth the wait. 

As expected, going home was torture. This year, they closed the Helix bridge for the parade and that was the only convenient and fuss free way home. So we have to weave through the massive crowd to take the MRT. We were exhausted but it's the things we do for love.


Playing with Food

Do not play with your food!!

Does that sound familiar? I like to pick and play with my food but as I grew up, playing with my food comes to another level.

Curtains made out of Pringles chips was my biggest project. [read here] Luckily, after a while, my mom kinda gave up nagging at me and learned to appreciate the art behind it.

I still randomly play with my food once in a while until there was a true motivation behind it.

Recently, ChurpSg released a contest based on the new movie Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2. I don't about you guys but I love the first movie. Come on, making food out of water? How can you not love it? Plus, the characters were so adorable and funny! I have to get my hands on those movie tickets and maybe movie premiums (top 10 gets the premiums)

I started with 'duku langsat' snake.

I also looked up in the internet for ideas. I found and attempted Banadog and Apowl.

Jhon attempted owl with the 'duku langsat'

I had cooked 'Daging Kicap Manis dengan kentang' (Sweet soya souce beef with potatoes) for dinner so I thought I shall attempt art with it too. It's a gorilla complete with a banana. lol

Play with your food but make sure you eat them so as not to waste them. hehe


The Failed Adventure Cove 2

Yes, there was a first failed adventure cove [read here]. Yes, I managed to fail having a full experience in a luxurious water theme park in Singapore twice. 

This time, the failure only applies to me because lo and behold, the afternoon before the fun day, I got my period. My monthly reds are never on the dot (haha) but I can usually guess the week I was getting a visit. Another special exception was that the trip was made for Mom who needed an escape. Abg Jamil & I had no choice but take a chance for her sake.

Well, chance was not on my side so I turned Adventure Cove into a seating place to read an e-book on the handphone while Mom, Abg Jamil and Jhon had their fun. It was a perfect day too, the day was cloudy with the right amount of sun shining through. Before they went to leave me, I forced Jhon to take ridiculous amount of photos of me since the lighting was perfect. Haha

I won't deny it, it was sort of depressing but I told myself it was probably the hormones talking and let myself engulf in a horror book in handphone app, Wattpad.

5 hours passed quite smoothly and we headed to Abg Jamil's house to rest and have supper. All went well actually despite me being left out because by the end of the day, this outing was for Mom and as long as she is happy, I am happy.


Random Wedding Research

Technically, I have started with my wedding random research on and off for many months. Like many bride to be (BTB), I didn't know where to start so I just typed Malay Weddings Singapore and see what comes up. =P

Now, I pretty much have a huge list of vendors to go through mostly thanks to KahwinKronicles and I am in the process of shortlisting them. It was also the time I realized how old-fashioned traditional I am when I learnt that specially made desert tables and photobooths (which are the in thing at the moment) are not my cup of tea. In a way, it's good because it means cutting of costs and 2 less vendors to worry about.

What I also learnt that BTB can be very particular to the T. To a point their 'kompang' group is important too. I just thought a random and affordable 'kompang' group will do but to some, it matters. hur hur. To each his her own yeah?

So basically my process of short listing vendors is by specific preference, price and overall assessment. Systematic or not? But very tedious especially going through Bridal & Deco because there are MANY. Catering is another story since taste is also a factor so that 'letak tepi dulu eh?'

Stalking BTB's conversation at Cozy Cot forum was very useful too. You can tell which vendors are popular and which vendors that has complaints. =X Some BTB were even super helpful and transparent in sharing quotations. It helped me a lot because I can take note which vendors I should stay away from due to bad reviews or to prevent over budgeting.

Amidst of the research, I came across this, the ever infamous qoutes from Amy Cheong from many years back.

It reminded of the 'tak ade kerja' origami I did last year with my $50. hahaha Oh Amy, your ignorance was amusing but if only $50 was truly what it takes to have a Malay wedding. You missed the amount a minimum of  $31,950 and that excludes wedding ring & gifts.

Anyways, I am going to end this post with a small rant.

Why most bridals do their eye shadow makeup 'bertepek' and with overly done fake lashes?? I know most ladies likes to be transformed 'macam' transformer but it's not my preference. Royalty for the day but you don't see real royalties wearing that kind of dramatic make up right? I managed to find a couple that provide what I want but hopefully I can find more for back up.

Abrupt end with photo.


Syihab turns 3

Ah.. Syihab, my doe-eyed nephew turned 3 last month.
 (pardon outdated because laptop lags when it comes to photo editing)

He is becoming cute than ever although I might be biased because I am his aunt but serious! He is such a cutie especially his adorable antics.

He was slow in his speech and finally caught up with new words although majority is baby talk. At least there is progress and Albert Einstein  only learn to talk at 9 years a old. He is also less of a cranky boy now but when he does get cranky, he would be in a bad mood the whole day.

Other than that, he has been nothing but a bundle of joy and cuteness.

Happy 3rd Syihab!