Kuala Lumpur 2013 Day 1

The entire family went for a Kuala Lumpur 3D2N trip except for Dad and Abg Jamil. There were a total of 7 adults and 3 children. The plan was initiated by Kak Yana who basically booked the hotel and flight. Although it’s considered as 3 days, we technically only had 1 ½ days to really travel because our SIN-KL flight was at 12:50pm on Friday and KL-SIN flight at 8:45am. Why so early in the morning? It was because of Jhon and I had classes to attend on Sunday afternoon that we could not miss. It’s a tight schedule but it will do.

Everyone met at Changi Airport at 9am and had breakfast before checking in. This is where temporary chaos happened. The kids were playing around while the adults were almost done eating and as Jhon was talking to me, we didn’t realized that Syihab was running towards him while turning his head left and right and all we knew, BAM!! He hit his head on the edge of the table and there was blood. Luckily, he hit his eyebrow and it was nothing serious but of course he cried and cried and cried. After much consoling, he was fine after that.

This is a first trip to Kuala Lumpur for some of us and first airline flight for the kids. Just 5 minutes in the aeroplane, Shibly slept and missed out the view from the sky. Well, at least he managed to enjoy the plane speeding and ascending. We went “Whoooaaaaa” as if it was a thrill ride lol. The journey was smooth although Irfan and Syihab had their whinny moments.

Touchdown was delayed and with a little traffic heading Grand Seasons Hotel, we settled down in our rooms at 4pm.

We got 3 rooms divided as Abg with family, Kakak with family and Jhon, Mak and I. My room and Kakak’s room was connected so it was easy to communicate.

At 5+pm we headed out to Petronas Tower via LRT. We were hot and luckily, we brought a stroller so we just pushed the kids around.

One thing for sure, everyone was hungry. We ate at the food court at Suria KLCC and why oh why Malaysians love to take the lift when it’s unnecessary? It was always full and us with a stroller ended up taking the escalator. -_-

Anyways, food was nice, too hungry to care and walked around the mall. There were intentions to go to a night market but wasn’t sure which one. We walked out and saw the colourful fountain outside. It was beautiful so we wanted to have a group photo which failed because whenever we were ready for a shoot, the water went to the other part of the fountain.

In the end, we gave up and we did it just in time because just a few seconds later, the water performance went all out and sprayed water out to the pavement for at least 3-4m away!! We almost got wet! I bet the Malaysians were expecting and eager to see it happened. Lol

lol Insert Indian music. It looks like there were dancing but just trying to take photos for the twin towers.

We managed to get a 7-seater taxi and found ourselves at Damar Kota Uptown, a night market that closes at 3am. When we arrived, it was 9pm and some shops are still opening so we went to the nearby food stalls for food and snacks.

The night market was quite big and yes, items were cheap. Shoes and shirts going at 10RM. There were also toys, scarves and pins. The place was hot and everyone was sweating. Fortunately, the kids did not turn majorly cranky. Everyone at the stalls loved Syihab and kept trying to get his attention. Hehe

After 2 hours or so, we went back home. I kept asking if the family if they wanted to extend their stay because we didn’t cover the entire market and the taxi was coming. But no one wanted to but we reached in Singapore, regret. Haiyah..

Anyways, trip back to the hotel was fast and smooth and we were all cleaned up by 12am.


Birthday at S.E.A. Aquarium

After my sad birthday last year (everyone forgot my birthday and Jhon didn’t plan anything for me thinking my family has plans), he decided to whisk me away to the largest sea aquarium in Asia. Yeyyy!

My birthday was on a Friday so we took our day off from work. We started the day satisfying my craving for KFC’s porridge at Harbour front centre. Yummy!

With stomachs filled, we headed to Sentosa’s S.E.A Aquarium. Jhon had already bought the tickets online so it was a breeze to simply walk in. It does not really matter anyways because the queue to buy the tickets was short. We simply saved 5 minutes.

To enter the S.E.A Aquarium, we went through the Maritime Expedition Museum. We floated through it because we had went there before, which I realized that I forgot to blog about and that was 2 years ago. Kwang kwang kwang…

Anyways, there were many people but not so congested and crowded. Before entering the main entrance, there is a room at the side of it with a quick sneak peak of what is inside. My first expression was “WAHHHH!!!” and it was funny as a few seconds later, a class of 4 year olds said the same thing.

The Aquarium was in several parts which represents parts of the sea that has different kinds of sea creatures. I tell ya, it was definitely beautiful especially if you have fascinations for sea creatures.

OKAY! Time for picture overload!

This is my favorite part of the entire place! I want to hold my wedding here!! When I saw the manta ray, I was gasping so loudly that I sounded like I was out of breath and drowning. IT WAS HUGE!!!!! Yet it flew so delicately. I never thought I would see a manta ray in real life after seeing them countless of times on National Geographic and Animal channels.

More more!

After the S.E.A. Aquarium, we headed to VIVO and went to Secret Recipe for lunch. HUNGRY! I wasn't sure if food was extra yummy or we were just too hungry. Haha

After lunch/dinner, we hang out at the observation deck and watched the sun sets. It was beautiful and a wonderful way to end my birthday.

Wind was blowing, the sun setting emitting an orange glow like an enormous candle and I am in my arms of my lover. Thank you so much, mahal ko.