Memories in Hard Copy

We are living a generation where most people just love taking photos and thanks to Instagram, this ’hobby’ booms even bigger.

Food, click. Babies, click. Sunrise, click. Flowers, click.

Yes, I am one of those people. I am not as active like most but I do understand taking pictures that may seem its objective insignificant to some. It simply strikes a memory, memory of that moment or of that day. At least that is how I felt or think.

How about photos of outings and events especially taken by a camera? We automatically upload to social media websites such as Facebook and blogs. Gone are the days of a photo album. Once in a blue moon, I would take out my old photo albums with pictures taken long before internet and social media. I would smile or grimaced (depending on which stage of growth I was – everyone has their WTF period).

Nowadays, you need an internet connect and to log in to see photos and I doubt one social media can keep photos worth decades.

That is why; Jhon and I decided to gather all our photos into a photo album. Yes, print and compile 5 years worth of photos and mind you, we had been to MANY outings. Jhon initially wanted to create a scrapbook but it would cost a lot more money and time. When we started the photo album, it was the most fun I ever had.

It was nice to see how we grow physically and mentally as a couple.

Firstly, I had never done couple photo albums before. Secondly, placing thousands of photos was easier and faster compared to an actual scrapbook. Lastly, it was so nice to reminisce that long of a memory with Jhon.

4-5 weekends later, we managed to complete 1 album worth 3-4 years worth of photos.

Sounds like we are almost done but I believe we had even more outings between 4th and 5th year. I can’t wait to bring it up to date and slowly fill the empty pages with new outings.

I strongly encourage everyone to do so too. Start printing and have hard copy pictures of the people, places and outings you’ve been to. Nothing beats a hardcopy memory.


Hey now, Hey now, My boyfriend’s back!

If you followed me in Twitter, you would know that Jhon went away for week, taking advantage of the Chinese New Year holidays to go back to the Philippines. I didn't follow him this year because he simply wanted to rest and chill at home and he knows if I were to follow, I want him to take me to places. Who wouldn't??

So anyways, that week has passed and Jhon is back in Singapore! HORRAYY! I know…nobody cares but me. Haha I picked him up at the airport at about 9.45am and I followed him back to his place to keep his luggage. I was hungry by then so we headed to McDonalds for Brunch (Yey for opening until 12pm) and spontaneously headed to Parkway Parade.

I know! Wasn't he tired? He was! He barely had any sleep and this guy wants to date me out! I was so guilty but he said he wanted to make me happy and he wanted to spend time with me. Aww… We walked around the mall until he could handle it and decided to head to my place.

On the way out, I saw Twelve Cupcakes which was quite a craze in Singapore. I have very high expectations about cakes and cupcakes so I finally decided to try them.

I bought Salty Caramel (My choice, obviously, I love caramel), Red Velvet (Everyone crazy about this one) and Mocha (for the coffee lover, Jhon)

I still don’t get it. Hahaha No doubt the cupcakes were delicious. They were soft and delicate.

Salty Caramel was beautifully soft and creamy. You can never go wrong with sweet and salty.

Mocha has the perfect combination of coffee and chocolate.

Red Velvet was like a normal cupcake to me lor…
 And must take equal bites of cream and cake to fully enjoy it.

But isn't that what cupcakes suppose to taste like?! So far, I have tasted only 3 awesome possum cupcakes in my life and the rest were yucks. I think majority were exposed to the yucky ones but to them it’s nice and compared to Twelve Cupcakes, their cupcakes were heaven times million. Not saying Twelve Cupcakes are not that fantastic, they simply baked cupcakes like how they were supposed to be baked and my expectations were more than that.

Despite of my expectations, I would definitely give Twelve Cupcakes thumbs up for baking the way it should be. Eh, how come become food review.

ANYWAYS, back to my boyfriend, we started to watch Tall Man and he fell asleep several times. He was just too tired and I keep telling him he should go home and rest but he refused! Siao right? So we continued to watch a 2nd movie, Splinter which was very good actually (Tall man too) He survived this movie but he looked exhausted.

I got hungry so I cooked some rice and fried eggs. He didn't want to eat but he eventually did. He ate so much and to think he declined. He intended to head home at 7pm but guess what was on? Karate Kid (2011). Jhon ended up heading home at 9.30pm. haha

I am so glad is he back. =)


Relationships and Religions

There are common relationship pairings such as relationships and money, culture, common goals, etc. I can only guess relationships and religion would probably be an unlikely issue unless either one of the the partner is a Muslim.

Most people knows that Islam has its strict followings and one of them is that a union would work better if both parties are of the same religion and for this case, Islam. It is a great sin to convert from Islam so the best solution is the other partner has to embrace Islam.

Yes, yes, some nay sayers would disbelieve and think it is just a gimmick to get people to convert to Islam because it is perceived as "If you want to marry me, you have to convert" Ultimatums can be very strong indeed but one has to understand that it is more than that. It is about sharing the same faith, beliefs and common goal in the after life. As much as I can respect one's choice in religion, I would like to believe my partner will go to the same heaven, do you know what I mean?

People tend to underestimate a relationship with different religions. They think it's easy, just convert! I can't speak for other religions but in Islam, it's way more than just converting. It is a submission, of your heart and soul, sincerely.

This is where my relationship comes in. Jhon was a born Catholic. I would say quite devout because he was once a choir and altar boy. It was from the same exposure that lead him away from that religion
which in turn made him a free thinker.

As for me, I am a born Muslim. Regrettably, I could not call myself as a devout Muslim but I do uphold some Islamic practises such as avoiding pork, practise fasting and etc. No doubt in mind, I always strive to be a better Muslim the best way I can.

As explained, Jhon has to convert to Islam.

When he does, I would want him to convert because he sincerely and faithfully want to be with Allah not me. Sure, I am the catalyst but the end of the day, it would be for Allah. If we don't make it as a couple, I don't want him to discontinue being a Muslim.

That, takes time, loads of time.

Many people do not understand this, even fellow Muslims because in their minds, I should just throw him into a religious class and that is it. If only they realize it does not work that way. Why do you think we hate going to school? It is because we were forced to go.

So besides struggling with our responsibilities as a son/daughter and my fear of marriage, taking our relationship to that official level takes time. Not many people understand this and I am not going to pour out our personal obstacles to every Tom, Dick and Harry who questions our delay in pursing marriage.

But here they are, one of our main reasons of delay.

When time does come, Jhon will be attending religious classes with me next to him and we shall embark our route to a spiritual learning together. There is no point enforcing him to Islam when I am weak in knowledge. I would be a hypocrite if I do so.

So, with God's willing, may this journey be smooth sailing. Amin.


Photoshoot: Red

Red has always been my favorite color.

It embodies symbolic characteristics that describes me.

What is your favorite color and how does it describes you?


Peek-a-boo! I see you!

After Irfan’s mini celebration, [link here] we headed to Kallang Leisure Park in hopes to play bowling. Unfortunately and somewhat as expected, the lanes were completely full with a full page of waiting list. We were stumped.

So we headed to Burger King, bought some food for the kids to munch on and we pondered. While Bro and I were thinking of places to go, Jhon had to take care of the kids who were running a mock the mall lol

I was thinking of going to Downtown East and perhaps try Orchid Bowl and if that fails, we head could go to Explorer Kid. Bro then said if we end up at a playground, there is an indoor playground in Kallang Leisure Park. I knew what he was trying to say so we just headed to Peek-a-boo and skip all the hassle. =D

Let me tell you a secret. I have always wanted to go to such indoor playgrounds, hokay!!? But I can’t go without any kids and I used to tell Jhon I would point out a kid randomly to tell the person in charge I am their guardian lol

So finally, my bucket list has been ticked! Wohoo! I know childish but I don’t care. I am simply paying my unpaid dues when I was a kid. =P

You can imagine how I behaved on that day. At that moment, I was 5 again, climbing up and down the 3 storey playground/maze. I definitely had trouble catching up with the 2 boys because well, I have to crawl most of my way because of my height and my knees are pampered from not having weight on it all the time.

Exhausted from all that climbing and sliding, I would ‘rest’ at the lobby. Rest is in inverted commas because there was where everyone had our ball wars. We literally threw the plastic balls across the area. Kesian me, it was 4 adults against 1, even when Shibly helped, he didn’t really helped at all because his throw was weak. Haha

I played blocks with the boys, climbed some more, more ball wars and mingled with other cute babies. Oh, and rage a mini war with the bad kids. Lol Not as bad as Kak Yana who was caught in the act being naughty to a China girl (who was rude to me and the boys while playing) by her parents .

We ended playtime by using ice-cream as bait. Oh by the way, caramel ice-cream with granola mixed in is HEAVENLY. Fuh!

We ordered Pastamania to go and headed home.

It was definitely of the best outings we had!