Irfan’s 2nd Birthday

Technically, Irfan birthday was on the 18th January, Friday but his parents decided to have a mini celebration on Saturday at BIL, Abg Awil’s parent’s house.

It’s more of a ‘Doa selamat’ for the birthday boy which we pray good things for him. We prayed good health, good life, be a responsible, obedient son etc. While we prayed for him, he just lay down at a corner, listened and looked at us.

It was just a small gathering of both parent’s side and of course, there was cake! Sis even got a party pack with poppers. Irfan was stunned after a few pops though. Lol

Abg Awil’s family graciously served us with Mee Hoon Goreng, Tulang and desert! I ate a lot. hur hur

We mingled for a while, chit-chatting and played around with the kids.

Kak Yana got bored so we made her posing2. We could tell she was ready for a photo shoot but too bad it rained the entire weekend so no outdoor outing. Ini pun jadi ah! lol

After a while, Syihab started to sound his ‘alarm’. It sucks to see him cranky but I was pretty sure some of us were thinking “Yes! Have an excuse to shorten this visit” Don’t get us wrong, we like to come over and bond but we have other plans you see and knowing Moms, they can talk the whole day.

So where did we go after that?

CLIFFHANGER! Lol Macam mana punya cliffhanger eh?

I will continue on the next post!

Bonding at Punggol Waterway

Yey! We had another family bonding time and this time, with my BIL, Abg Awil’s brother and niece. This time, it is at Punggol Waterway as planned by bro. I have always wanted to go there because it’s known to be one of Singapore’s scenic parks.

As usual, Irfan’s group had a head start there and by the time we reached Punggol Waterway, he was done. I suppose he got bored because he was alone. Meanwhile, while waiting for their parents to get ready, Shibly and Syihab played at the corridor.

By 4+pm, we reached the park and it began to start drizzling. Everyone ran for shelter but we were badass and ruggard so we just let the kids play. It’s not even drizzling, it’s milder than that.

After a while, Shibly quitted because after a while, the smell of fertilizer floated nearby and with his very strong sense of smell, he started to complain. -_- Drama, hokay? Until want to vomit. Lol

My sweet mommy, she looks great in this photo.

Irfan was off with Abg Waine, Aisyah and Abg Awil leaving my Sis alone so I kidnapped her for a photo shoot! We were also conveniently wore same shade of blue that complimented the photos.

Lost boy. Lol

This time, Syihab was the last one out of the waterpark, being a good boy, minding his own business. He is rather dependent during playtime. Look at him, such a cutie pie, but when he is upset. *hides*

I wish I join play in the water too. So this will do. haha

After that, I made sure EVERYONE had their photos taken, as their own family and as a group. I loved all the photos because everyone looked so happy except for Irfan. He was not in bad mood but it was so hard to make him smile or laugh for the camera.

This is my favourite family portrait. ^_^
Fun, natural and wacky.

Wacky moments at the suspension bridge nearby. Oh yeah, also roughly the time when Syihab starts to show his bad antics.

As evening arrived, we decided to grab some dinner but Irfan’s ‘group’ was not hungry and Abg Waine wanted to go home =( So we had to separate but bringing Mak along. Dinner at Newton with chilli crab, baby!

After dinner, everyone was officially done for the day. Abg and family rested for a while at our place and see!! One of the advantages of having children!

Service with a smile, some more!