Want to borrow money?

That was what the caller asked. “Want to borrow money?”

2 days ago, I received a call from a private number and for no apparent reason; I decided to pass the call to Jhon to answer it for me.

Jhon told me it was a Chinese male caller and he asked if we wanted to borrow money. Of course Jhon said no and the guy said okay and hung up. This guy is surely a loan shark right? Who makes random calls and ask want to borrow money or not? -_-

For cases like these, it would seem hilarious or wacky but I imagined what if he got the ‘right’ caller? The person would say yes and there goes the deal with the devil.



Photography and Lego Exhibits!

Over the weekend, Jhon and I made our first time visit to the Art Science Museum to view 2 exhibits  Outside in: A Magnum Photos and The Art of the Brick.


There are no photos from the Outside In exhibit because no photography is allowed but they did share a video if you want to have a rough idea what was showcased. 

Personally, although there were quite a lot of great photos, the exhibit was not that fantastic. Location serves most of the purpose of what makes the photo beautiful. Despite it all, we still enjoyed the exhibit. I would recommend paying $15 for 2 exhibits as opposed to just this 1. 

As for The Art of the Brick, it was not only artistic but also fun. It is Lego afterall! I can spend hours in that exhibit  I can't imagine how I would be at Legoland. haha 

Self portrait of the artist, New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya.  He has always loved playing with Legos as a little boy and grew up to become a lawyer. One day, he decided to bring out that little boy in him by quiting his job and start building Legos full time.

There were also booths where you can Lego-ize yourself. Not that great, I guess easily appreciated from afar.


He also have a special room  that represents his fears and hard times.

The last artwork is a 6 meter long T-rex dinosaur skeleton. It was amazing!

At the end, there is an activity space. You can paint a bag, do 'reflexlogoy' with Lego bricks. OUCH! and also loads and loads of of Lego bricks to make your own artwork.

Our table has items to build car models but I challenged Jhon to create a camera. lol I created a DSLR camera (on the left) complete with a dial hokay? Jhon created a digital camera (on the right)

I still believe mine is the best. =P

I would strongly encourage a visit to The Art of the Brick and bring kids too!


Not So Fantastic Start but...

Despite 1st December being good; Jhon and I went to 2 museum exhibits at the Arts and Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands (more on that on the next post) and went out with Mom to buy Abg Jamil a birthday gift, the rest of the first week of December was not so fantastic.

On 2nd December, while relaxing just before noon, a received a call that my maternal grandpa has passed away. Everyone was away either at their in-laws or at Johor and I was home alone. Talk about chaotic but everything went well. Late granda was buried after 5pm and we managed to visit late grandma and Nadia's grave.

I got 2 days compassionate leave which I needed but just it was Wednesday, I got the flu and throat infection. Mucus was yellow. Ewww.. I was in bed for 2 days and only went back to work on Friday.
Even as I typed this, I am not 100% well as my nose gets crazy stuck to a point I have sleepless nights.

A week has passed and there was "Tahlil" (prayer) at late grandpa's place. Yet again, everything went well and there was even family announcements etc. One of my younger cousins is getting married towards the end of the month and everyone had a "speech" about trying to tighten our family ties even further especially now that both maternal grandparents are gone.

After that, we were supposed to go to a wedding but that got dramatic. -_-

But the rest of the day went crazy spontaneous which was awesome!!

Imagine 6 adults and 3 kids all in a car. lol  The main idea was to head straight home but somehow we kept making spontaneous decisions here and there.

First pit stop was McDonalds drive through to feed the kids and Mom said perhaps we should go to a nearby park for her to release stress and let the kids run wild.

And so we did.

Pity Syihab the cranky boy of the day had to miss the fun.
Then we went for a durian hunt which itself was full of commotion in a good way. We ended up buying 20 durians, 5kg of duku langsat and 2kg of mangosteens. lol

We were almost home when I mentioned that I feel like eating Mee Soto and I supposed everyone was in a fantastic mood, we actually bypassed my house and headed to Bedok to buy Mee Soto, Mee Rebus and Nasi Ayam. lol


Everyone was happy and we spent the rest of the day, eating yummy food and fruits while watching 'Wujud', a ghost show. I simply love today because it is so rare for us to go out like this. I don't mind being squeezed and had to sit in an awkward position to relive this moment again.