Finally Got My Hands On You! Samsung Galaxy Note 2

It was about time I get myself a new handphone. I had been using the HTC Desire HD for almost 4 years! It is still in good condition except for the dead pixels on the left side of the screen. It emerged on July 2012 and seemed to spread over a period of time.

Hexagonal patterns from my ever trusty rubber casing. Countless of times when the HP was dropped and was safely bounced instead of cracking. lol

The system does tend to crash once in a while and I thought, I better get a new handphone before it is gone for good. I researched thoroughly and found out that Samsung Galaxy Note was the perfect phone for me. I later found out that Note 2 was rumoured to be released in a few months time.

So I waited patiently for official news and release.

A couple of months later, lo and behold, Note 2 was released and just in time as my contracts ends. Don't you love it when everything falls into place? Except it was constantly sold out along side iPhone5. I was happy when I found out there was a roadshow over the weekend and what else? I dragged my mom (we shared bill and she is the main owner) and Jhon to Wisma.

We had to wait 2 hours to get the Note 2 but it was actually not so bad. We spent 1 hour on our brunch and  another hour sitting, gossiping on random passing strangers and played with a helium filled balloon. =p

I had to upgrade my SIM card with additional costs but since I was a loyal customer, I received $50 voucher. Not only that, buying the HP from the roadshow, I got a free leather casing worth $98! wee!

Initially I wanted it in white but I realized many people wanted it in white too so I took the gray. The Note2 is as awesome as I expected to be. It is very responsive, vibrant in color and I love their functions. So far, NO REGRETS! In fact, I am loving it more every time I play with it.

The only struggle I had was handling the HP with the casing because I am not used to that type of cover. But after a day, I got used to it. Plus, the leather got softer after a few uses. 

I am so happy with my new HP! Wee! Oh yeah, my mom offered to pay part of the amount as my super belated birthday gift so yey! saved money too. lol


The Talk

Last night, Jhon and I had "the talk" about our relationship. We have it once in a while but rarely being super serious about it. You know, like how couples light heartily share their goals in the relationship.

But talking about it and seriously doing it is another thing.

We have been together for more than 5 years and marriage was never been the focal point in our relationship even though we started dating at 23 (me) and 25 (Jhon). But after 5 years, our choices has changed.

Marriage has always been at the back of our minds but there were so many obstacles that we felt that needed to overcome first. When we started dating, besides being the bread winner of his family in the Philippines, part of his income was sent to construct a 2 storey house from scratch.

Wedding and marriage takes a lot of financial attention and I thought, it would be selfish of me to add more stress. But as the house was almost finished, his mom was diagnosed with colon cancer (similar to my dad) last year. More finances and stress was leaned towards to that direction. My only concern was to support and help him in every way.

After a while, he and his parents had decided that after majority of family issues has been settled, he should focus on us. (His parents kept asking for a grand baby since last year lol)

As of now, his sis is working, bro is looking for a job, house is 90% done and his mom has successfully underwent surgery to close her intestines and stoma last Monday. She was released from the hospital just yesterday and doing well.

This means after all these years, we can focus on moving forward in our relationship!

It will probably take another few years but it just brought tears to my eyes as he told me his plans to make it work. The feeling of security that we are going somewhere instead of being of always on hold for others. He told me he will focus on saving, taking classes and move forward from there.

I hope his mom will heal smoothly and quickly to avoid anymore complications and I hope, with God's willing, our journey to the next level will be successful.


Shibly's Scrapbook

We had our little outing last week with a reason in mind, for Shibly's scrapbook project.
[click here for the outing]

I thought of a location while Jhon was the paparazzi for the day, taking photos for the scrapbook. I love family outings and projects!

The parents did most of the work while Shibly mingled around. lol

The parents took much pride in this because just like the previous scrapbook project, all parents simply typed out and print out the work while they did by scratch.

What is a scrapbook if it is not made from scraps? haha

There was no mention of limited number of pictures although most had 4-5 pages but they over did to 7 pages. I didn't blame them though, there were many nice photos to choose from. 

I miss doing projects!


Toy Musuem and Other Random Places

It was a last minute outing and all I can say is that I was glad my weekends was open and available. The night before, my SIL asked me for a nice place to visit for Shibly's holiday scrapbook project.

Initially they wanted to go to the science art museum at Marina Bay Sands. I recommended the Mint Toy museum which I thought would be much more fun for him. It also means, show and tell will be presented with full of gusto. Jhon and I have been to the Mint toy museum before [click here] but we were excited to go there again! This time, with Mom and Bro's family.

Shibly and Syihab LOVED it! They were in awe with all the toys on display. When we first started, there were many people so they were obedient, trying to check out the toys. There were several rude people but as long the kids were not hurt or cranky, it was fine.

I feel great knowing that I made the right choice. Jhon was requested to help take photos of the outing for the scrapbook and it was easy to capture the moments when everyone is enjoying themselves.

Shibly also found one of is favorite toy, the Batman mobile. Jhon told me he kept going back to the shelf to look at it.

There were mascots and it would be a perfect addition to the scrapbook but Shibly was shy/scared. I managed to convinced him that it will be okay because he will be taking a photo with his parents and they will not let anything bad happen to him.

As for Syihab, he can't even stand a few feet near them without panicking. lol

When we reached the last floor, the crowd has subsided and the kids turn the place into a playground, mostly play Spaceman vs Aliens.

After the visit, while we decided where to eat, the kids continued playing. lol

We ended up in Breeks at Takashimaya where Syihab turned into a cranky monster!! He cried and screamed until it was embarrassing. Abg and Kak Yana had to take him out of the place several times.

When Jhon offered to take over, immediately, they turned playful again. Should have sent Jhon earlier. =P

After that, we went to the LV Maison whatever. Kak Yana called it the LV island at Marina Bay Sands. The ladies bought LV handbags wor... I was offered but I am not into buying random branded bags. If I don't need it, I won't buy it. Needless to say, I was standing with the guys and kids on this one. 

In afternoon, Shibly overheard my mom mentioned Gardens by the Bay and throughout the entire outing, he kept asking when we were going. It was supposed to be in the late afternoon but since the ladies got hooked at the LV Island, day turned into night.

To avoid disappointment,  we made a quick visit just to keep our promise. 
You have no idea how happy it was although it was dark and crowded with people who were somewhat lost looking for the carpark. lol

We went home after 45 minutes or so because everyone was clearly tired and the kids were starting to get cranky for it too.

It was a fun day! I miss family outings like these.. 


Samurai Burger!!!

Yesterday morning, in the service bus to work, I saw a glimpse of an advertisement read by a colleague. It was an advertisement by McDonalds for SAMURAI BURGER!!!



I was happy but stressed at the same time because I always try to watch what I eat and I just ate pizza, spicy drumlets and garlic bread from Pizza hut the night before! I always try to schedule my fast food eating days but I was tempted to get my hands on Samurai burger that same day.

My mind was at war with itself as it debates on my fast food intake. By mid afternoon, I firmly decided to do my exercise after work instead and eat the burger over the weekends or something. In other words, don’t be over excited can?

By evening, guess what was in front of me?

I am weak! Samurai burger, why are you so delicious?