Losing Weight Part 2 – The Update

Slightly over 2 years ago, I posted a blog post entitled “Losing weight the lazy way”

I shared how I lost a few kilograms within my own comfortable pace when I was verging being overweight with 65kg at 1.68m.

After 2 years, I am still continuing my regime. No doubt, I had my ups and down. Over the years, I had my weight go up and down but by 2 +/- kg due to not up holding my routine. I am only human and I had my weaknesses of eating more oily food than doing my walks home.

It was not that bad because I always take notice of my negligence early so I always managed to get myself on track. Basically, I was able to control my weight not go beyond 60kg ever again.

So recently, my sis had people come over to update her weight check up. (My sis likes to lose weight the “faster and easy way” by taking diet supplements. I strongly disapprove but it is her choice)

She told me to check my weight and fats for fun. These are my results.

I was shocked! I had not weighed myself for years and not realized I have lost even more weight. Technically, it should be lesser because I just had dinner, was wearing jeans and having my period.

The sense of accomplishment was beyond words because I have managed to hit my personal weight goal and still keeping my C cup boobs. Hahaha!

The machine also checks 2 types of fats, fat cells under my skin and fat cells around my organs.

Fat cells around my organs aka Viceroy Fats, super healthy.

The 1230 kcal/day is my basal metabolic rate which means I burn that much calories just doing nothing. Good hor?

Fat cells under my skin, slightly over. Well, I already knew because I still have rolls of fats when I sit down.

As for now, I am trying to get rid of as much fat rolls as possible but in general, just try to maintain my weight. Remember, losing weight is easy, maintaining is the hard part.

Those who know me should know that I hardly shop so I tend to repeat clothes and I found pictures at 3 different stages of weight with the same top. Yes, it's one of my favorite tops, just in case it's not obvious. lol

Look at that difference!

Not the best photo but I look like a drug addict. Nuff said.

This is my chubbiest but when my mom saw the picture, she prefers me at this weight. =S She said I looked (gebu) fresh? But I hate how I felt at this weight. I hardly took photos, running and climbing the stairs was a chore and I just don't like how my body feels in general. I can tell because I am quite an energetic person.

I love this weight although there is a little room for improvement but I generally love it! I feel and look fitter. My aim was to able look good just with T-shirt and jeans. Mission Accomplished!

I am at just the right size. Not too thin, not too chubby/fat. In fact, I believe I am a couple of kilograms lighter than my 2012 picture. 

I have also added a couple of new habits in my routine.

Currently, I have been doing my walks, cut down on food that makes me gain weight fast (fast food) and listen to my stomach not my mouth (don’t be a glutton!)

One of my new habits is POOPING! I am not saying to buy laxatives and poop away okay? Most of my life, my pooping habits are irregular. I would poop every 2-3 days. I know, bad. Now, I eat more food with fibre and drink Vitagen and now, I poop every morning and sometimes in the afternoon too. No words to describe after a wonderful big dump.

And recently, I have started to eat almonds. It was not my plan to. I just had a lot of left over almonds from baking Biscotti so I just ate the rest as snacks. I didn’t realize how yummy they were by itself.

I randomly looked up the health benefits and to my surprise, almonds can help you lose weight lah! They even help slow weight gain. It is also good for your hair, cuticles, heart, pooping etc! So I am trying to keep this habit of snacking on almonds. I tend to eat average 10 pieces a day. I just grab them in my hands and munch =) I try to avoid eating too much because it will cause pimple breakout.

I am so happy and proud of myself for being able to achieve the weight that I want and at my own comfortable pace. I suggest this to everyone who wishes to lose/control their weight.

Just start with small basics and build from there. Trust me; you will see the changes like I did.

Remember, the faster you lose weight, the faster you will gain it and the slower you lose weight, the slower you will gain it. ;D


Mom's 60th Birthday Surprise

My mom is 60 years old. Even I can't believe it. Years pass by so fast and she is so fit and healthy that I don't realize how aged she has been.

It fell on the 20th of July, a day before the fasting month so the family decided to go all out.

I settled the ice-cream cake, bro bought food from Newton and sis a present.

She being the typical mom was busy serving the food and making it all proper for us. She cried immediately after she saw my sister brought out the cake with lit candles as we sang Happy Birthday to her.

She did declared that she don't want any fuss (mothers always say that but deep inside it's otherwise) and was genuinely surprise and touched.

Sis bought her a Bonia clutch bag and look at her, immediate happiness lol.

After the emotional wave, we ate like there was no tomorrow. =P The kids were tame that night so we managed to eat with our heart's content.

With ice-cream cake, there is always dry ice and of course, I HAVE to play with it. lol

Irfan was the only kid who loved it.

The doe eyed boy.

My bro and his lovely wife.

Anyways, Happy Birthday to my mak. I pray for her health and long life so that she can eventually see me get married and maybe have a child of my own. =')


Formula Drift Asia 2012 Day 2

I am finally finishing this super uber over due Formula Drift Asia 2012 post.
Click here for Day 1.

So day 2 is packed because well, it's the event day.

Canon camera owners were very lucky because they had a chance to take photos from the Canon podium for 10-20 minutes.

The weather hot but windy and I knew for sure I will can tanned.

Drivers threw freebies and some where bad at aiming =X

Anyways, the competition was awesome!

The race was aggressive with many accidents. hehe Don't worry, nothing severe, just the standard bumper drops.

At the last leg, it was head to head with Daigo Saito and Rio Saputro Budhardjo.

In the end, Daigo Saito the defending champion won! Rio said he was trying real hard to match up to Saito until he lost control.

It was an amazing race! Thank you Motul for the opportunity!


Lovemore Mediterranean Pomegranate Lifting & Whitening Mask

Do you know that pomegranates has many health benefits?

It can promote heart health, great for men's health as it helps prevent prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. It can also help slow the aging process and help maintain skin's elasticity and health. Most importantly, pomegranates are commonly known as a great source of anti-oxidants.


Best way to obtain all these health benefits is to drink the juice but sometimes don't you wish you can lather your face with all the anti-oxidants and nutrients to promote your skin's goodness?

Now you can with 
Lovemore Mediterranean Pomegranate Lifting and Whitening Mask.

Each box contains 5 cute packets with masks that are fully packed with essences that provides instant, intensive smoothing and hydrating benefits. Each dose helps ameliorate dull and dry skin, creating a complexion that is fresher, clearer, smoother and brighter.

The mask is thin and soft to the touch but what excited me was the sweet fragrant of the mask. I almost immediately felt refreshed from the smell.

After using the mask, my skin looks and feels refreshed. It felt moisturized and elastic but not necessary smoother than usual.

Give it a try!

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Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask

When the color BLACK is mentioned, we would think of







and the boldness of the color.


The last thing we would think of is a beauty mask.

Well, now, we will because of
Sexy Look's Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask.

What does it do?

It absorbs dirt, excessive sebum and refine pores. Hydrates and repairs skin for a natural glowing complexion. Vitamin C enriched blackcurrant to boost nutrient circulation for that radiant, crystal clear skin.

Do you realize the main ingredients are black in color? Well, so it the mask.

So if you think wearing a mask looks scary, wait till you put on a black mask! haha No pictures for this, you can use your imagination. =P

Besides that, I believe it is just like any other masks. It fits well and feels good on the skin.

There is a sale going on http://www.secretive.com/ at 43% off means it's just $2 (U.P $3.50).
Get your hands on it now!

Also, join their FB pages for updates!

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NDP Rehearsal - 30 Jun 2012

Singapore's National Day Parade is in less than 1 month so that only means rehearsal with fireworks!!

I absolute LOVE fireworks! I try to make as much time as possible to catch them especially on rehearsal days because there are lesser people compared to the day itself which is 9th August.

Jhon and I went to our old spot which was at the Esplanade. It was the best because you can watch the outdoor shows up close.

Boats with lighted sails getting ready for the night show.

Standard Singapore flag flying over the skies.


Night falls.

Remember the first picture with the red sails? There you go!

Around 8pm, GEDEBABOOM!
Fireworks where not so fantastic which was understandable since it was just a rehearsal show. If you really want a super big bang, go for the actual day.

Nonetheless, the fireworks were still beautiful.

Love it and love the photos! Thank you Jhon for doing this for me right after the drifting show [click here for the post]. It was tiring but worth it!


Formula Drift Asia 2012 Day 1

So I got my hands on a pair of tickets for Formula Drift Asia this year by joining a contest. The icing on the cake was I got grandstand tickets. Yey! The last time I went was 2010 and I didn't get to see much because my brother sent our parents, Jhon and I too late.

This time around, it's just Jhon and I at the Changi Exhibition Centre.

Day 1 is a qualifying round for all drivers. We came by at 2:15pm, just in time to check out the area and autograph session with all drivers.

Do you recognize any of them?

After checking out the drivers, we checked out their cars and crew at their pits. It's been a while since I am this close to a drifting car. There were plenty of Nissan Silvias.

This is reminded me of my brother's old car.

Close to 2:45pm, we headed to the grandstand to get ready for the race. 
Check out the track!

By then, the best seats were already taken but it was okay. The view was only slightly obstructed. Our area was quite empty so we acted like we owned the place =P

The qualifying round was not so hot in the beginning. Scores were mostly zero but after the amateurs had their chance, the real drifters showed how it was done.

Although some drivers like the "Prince of Drift", Tengku got too aggressive and got zero points, he managed to get himself in the top 16. Tengku leh... Loads of money to practice in his backyard. haha



See Daigo Saiko's score, if I am not mistaken the highest among them all. He is after all the defending champion!

Will he be crowned champion on Day 2?
Those who had watched the competion on ESPN, read it on the net, please keep quiet! lol
This is clearly a long overdue post. =P