What type of Singaporean are you?

Are you the ‘Sibei On” in a patriotic way? If you are constantly updated with Singapore politics and always get your hands on National Day Parade tickets, perhaps you are.

Do you think you are the classic Singaporean who spends your days reminiscing the good ol’ Singapore? Like how you miss taking buying biscuits by grams from tin cans?

Or are you the ever infamous fellow ‘kiasu’ person, who is attracted to the word, FREE, like a moth to a flame and get everyone in the family to queue with you?

This is just my take on some of the types of Singaporeans but the best way to find out is via itsmyturn.sg where they have a quiz specifically for this. Before I share you my results, let me share a brief description on the website.

Itsmyturn.sg is a website in commemoration of the Total Defence (TD) Campaign! It’s my turn is a way to convey a message that it is our turn to take part for TD to make Singapore strong and secure! Now, before you go, “Haiyah.. Another boring total defence like in school” *brain auto shutdown*

Brain restart!! Don’t brush off TD too quickly because it all takes just a little effort to make a big difference. I know it sounds so cliché but it’s true. The TD campaign only wants you to focus on 2 things, to Appreciate and Participate. That’s all!

Appreciate every culture, history and what makes us, US! Participate with “Paying it forward” in mind. If you think you have no time or money to participate in welfare or community activities, simply being polite and helpful to fellow Singaporeans is always good enough.

What I like about itsmyturn.sg is they make Total Defence fun and light hearted. None like those information heavy talks you get from school. They have cartoon illustration results from their quiz to show what the common attributes of being Singaporean is. Aptly categorized under SPEAK, EAT, PLAY and DO.

They even have a REFLECT, PARTICIPATE section for reflecting everything about Singapore and ‘events’ you can participate in. ‘Events’ including ‘Sleep in Saturdays’ to ‘Look up’ ( to the sky). I told you the campaign is easy!

Anyways! Back to quiz which can be found on the website. There are 10 questions to answer and here is my result.

Take it Easy Singaporean

The first thing that comes to my mind is this. I am relaxed with a Singapore flag somewhere nearby. The lady next to me is my mom and I would imagine her being a Take it Easy Singaporean too. hehe

I think the result is somewhat true but let’s go through this meme style.

So am I a relaxed Singaporean? I think so too. I have those aspects that make me a typical Singaporean but I guess I try not to overdo it and embarrass myself. haha

Go to itsmyturn.sg turn.sg for fun information on being Singaporean and ways you can do to make Singapore a wonderful place to live in!


Failed Karate Kid

The scene was ideal. It was a bright morning at Desaru beach, waves clashing as the strong wind blew that carries a hint of small of salt in the air. It was serene and relaxing.

I was walking at the coastline, admiring the view and atmosphere and I came across a small tree stump. The first thing that came to my mind was ‘Karate Kid’.

You know what I am talking about, THE Pose. I ran to the stump, called out for Jhon to take a picture of me doing the epic pose.

This is what I got. What look like me dancing is actually me falling down as I struggle to balance on that tiny stump. I got to admit, it’s still a good shot but every time I think of the back story of this, all I want to do is laugh.

Of course, I managed to get a ‘good’ shot of what in my head how it’s supposed to look like.

To be honest, I still like my ‘dancing’ photo.


Foo Fighters’ Concert in Singapore – CANCELLED

You read it right. I could not believe it myself when I read it in Twitter. The only thing that runs in my mind is that I hoped it was just a joke!

Unfortunately, it was not a joke as I read an article here. In 1-2 hours time, the news spread to all other news sources like wild mushrooms.

Dave Grohl got himself sick and was given advice to get plenty of rest so obviously going on tour singing and playing rocks songs is completely of the question. Despite the disappointment, I can’t be selfish, right? It’s very important that every member is healthy and well enough to give us their 100% as they perform. I rather wait for the best performance they can give than them giving poor performance and got so sick that they can’t perform FOREVER!!!

Ahem *regains composure*

 Hmmm Apparently, I am more upset than I expected because seriously, when I came across the news.
I went...

I was really speechless because I was honestly looking forward for the concert. I have been waiting for many years for them to come.

Anyways, tickets will be refunded and I paid via debitcredit card so at least I won’t be queuing with disappointed fans who paid over the counter because money will be refunded digitally.

I hope Dave will feel better soon so that Foo Fighters can plan again to come here for a concert and give us a fantastic, marvellous and spectacular concert EVER just to make it up for us.


Kumar’s Amazing Race

As previously mentioned in my blog, Fizah, Jhon and I have bought tickets to Kumar’s Comedy Show.

And the day had arrived!

Initially, we planned to meet up a few hours early for a late lunch and perhaps walk around Esplanade while catching up things but we decided otherwise instead.

It was not a fantastic idea. Jhon and I arrived too early and Fizah arrived too late. So yup, we got our times all messed up but it turned out well in the end.

When you read Amazing Race, you would relate it to the reality show “The Amazing Race” or some sort of a running race. I won’t blame you because that’s what I initially thought too. When Kumar said Race, he meant the HUMAN Race like Malay, Chinese, Indian and etc.

As expected, Kumar was hilarious as ever; made everyone laugh, giggle and whatever you can find in the thesaurus that relates to laughing. There was no transmission and there was a clip with people being interviewed about being Indian. It was funny, in fact, there was 1 guy who should be a comedian too.

The end of the show was superb because there were groups of dancers dancing according to different types of the Indian Race and towards the end of the performance, of course, Kumar joined. I loved the outfits. I have always admired Indian traditional clothes because of the colours and sequins. I am the kind of person who would look left and right when we pass down the main road at Little India looking at the gorgeous outfits.

After the show, we walked around Marina Square. Actually, walked around is an over statement. Why? I rather keep it as a mystery.

Anyways, we ended up having dinner at Manhattan Fish Market which was a first try for Jhon and I. Food was up to par, I suppose. Jhon was crazy about their Cheese Fries and Barramundi Grilled Fish.

Being the old and tired responsible adults that we are, we went home right after dinner since we have work the next day.

Kumar is so awesome! There will be another comedy show, Happy Ever Laughter which consists most of our top local comedians including Kumar (of course), Najip Ali, Gurmit Singh, Selena Tan, Chu Enlai and More!

Guess who will be buying those tickets??? ;)



Voyage De La Vie at Resorts World Singapore

Thanks to Abg Jamil for giving us complimentary tickets. We had been pondering on Voyage De La Vie but we keep hesitating to a point we forgot about it.

Alas' we had a chance. We had to apply urgent half day leave so that we won't be rushing all the way to Sentosa from Simei after work. I love spontaneity!

We managed to get awesome seats which is right in front and the stage was grand.

[no photography allowed so these photos were taken from RWS main website]

While waiting for everyone else to be seated down, out of the blue, a touristy couple talked so LOUDLY in front of us. The first thing that I saw was the woman's butt. It was huge and comical. I started to doubt and knew it could be part of an act. It was hilarious can? They were running from the usher (actor), talking to the audience and making a scene.

Effort to entertain us while waiting for the show to start: Accomplished.

Anyways, Voyage De La Vie is a technically a circus show but with a twist. What makes it special and interesting is that it has a story line.

"In search of his destiny, a Young Man follows a wondrous red orb into a strange new world where several extraordinary characters will guide him on his Journey of Life."

My favourite parts of the show is of course the acrobatic stunts, bow shooting, contortionists and the lovely music from the guitar cello.

You what is the icing on top the cake? The main actor gave me a rose while singing the final song. I know he probably does that on every show but it's still nice! I told Jhon, "ahh.. this is the pleasure of being rich. Can get extra attention" Only rich people can afford expensive tickets mah.

So yup! After the show, we went home while taking several shots along the way.


Pour, Shake and Be Cool!

After a long day from work, school, exercising or even out from an outing can be tiring especially in hot, sunny and humid Singapore.

Before taking a long shower it's always nice to cool down and regain your energy with a nice cold drink. If you happen to be like me, whose favourite choice besides an ice cold water is a cup of delicious ice cold MILO.

Tired, a task of mixing MILO with hot water first and then adding cold water with ice later can suddenly seem to be a chore. There were a few times when I was so exhausted that I forgot mixing MILO with hot water first and added cold water instead. I don't have to explain how THAT turned out.
The answer to this problem is in this bag.

Inside, is MILO's brand new product aptly named  MILO Easy Cool with a shaker bottle!

 Now making yourself a cold MILO drink is easy as ever!!

Just like their catch phrase, Pour, Shake and Be Cool!

Make sure you fill the water as indicated.

Look at the frothy goodness.

Opps! Let me try again!

Thirst is quenched and cooled down in 1 minute! Not only that, MILO is endorsed by the Health Promotion Board's Healthier Choice Symbol and contains healthy goodness such as:
  • Actigen-E (a combination of B Vitamins and Magnesium)
  • ProtoMalt ( a special malt extract made from malted barley grains found only in a MILO drink)
  • Glucose, maltose and complex carbohydrates (which gives you longer lasting energy)
  • Vitamin C and Calcium
  • Milk, cocoa and essential vitamins and minerals
Get yourself a packet of MILO Easy Cool now at all leading supermarkets and hypermarkets such as FairPrice, Cold Storage, Shop N Save, Giant, Carrefour and Sheng Shong at $6.30.

I suggest you get your hands on MILO Easy Cool before February 2012 ends because there is a special banded promotional pack where you can get a FREE MILO Easy Cool shaker bottle!

Wait, there's more!

In the month of February 2012, MILO Easy Cool is running a Facebook contest with prizes such as iPad2 and Sony PS Vita if you submit your own videos demonstrating how
 "It's So Easy to be Cool - If You Know How"
Log on to www.facebook.com/milosingapore and click on "Easycool" tab to watch and submit videos on simple ways to do everyday things. Contest ends on 28 February 2012.

*Phew* Writing this blog is sure tiring, time for me to Pour, Shake and Be Cool!


Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Jeremy Lin

One is a boxer and the other is a basketball player. How do they connect when they are not even in the same type of sports? Unless there is a new sport that infuses boxing and basketball.

*ponders* I bet that would be interesting! Haha

Anyways, apparently, Jeremy Lin an upcoming Asian basketball player who is has been making news for his shots.

Now, I am not very knowledgeable with basketball but from what I know, Jeremy did manage to get pretty decent scores which lead his team (New York Knicks - NBA) to victory. So everyone went “WOW!! Fantastic!” and sang nothing but praises to Jeremy who was preciously just a bench boy.

Along came the boxing champion (champion only because he CHOOSES WEAK opponents) Floyd Mayweather with his tweet.

He was simply saying what is the big deal? Jeremy technically did not do anything special or unique. He was just doing what black guys do every game.

Of course, this started a mini commotion.

All I can say is.

If I tell you all cheetahs can run for 70km/h, isn’t that fascinating? That is their specialty so it just a common fact. Now, what if I tell you that someone found a gazelle which usually runs on average of 50km/h that runs at 70km/h? It’s an amazing fact because it’s something that is different and being up to par to the fastest animal in the world!

So Chinese guy who can play like a Black dude? THAT is fascinating and will attract praises beacuse it's something new compared to another Black guy doing his usual 'thang'.

 Just as fascinating it would be if there is a Black person who can swim and WIN the swimming Olympics.

I’m just saying that Floyd is just a bitter and egoistical man who is seeking for a little touch of lime light. He is always a talker like how he ALWAYS asked Manny Paqiao to fight and every time Manny agrees, there is always a stupid reason Floyd thinks of to avoid.

Floyd could be just sharing his 2 cents worth but he himself does not make sense and it does not help with his reputation as a “champion boxer” either.


Foo Fighters Tickets!

Ooohh yeah! As soon as I found out the Foo Fighters are coming to Singapore for a concert, I shrieked in delight and find my way to Sistic on the first day of the ticket sales.

I have been wanting to watch the Foo Fighters live for so long and I can't believe that I will experience their awesome-ness live!

From their old hits of Breakout, Big Me, Everlong to new hits such as Walk and Rope.

Their concert will be held at The Padang on 2nd March 2012 and it is all free standing tickets.


Prawn Fishing for the 1st Time

Jhon and I escaped from our yearly Chinese New Year lunch by applying half day leave on the same day.
I do not wish to indulge why.

So, with the rest of the afternoon all for ourselves, what did we decided to do?


We have always wanted to try it but never seem to find the right time so there we were, committed to try this activity as we used to get bombarded with prawning pictures by our friends in Facebook.

I really don't know which place to go so I decided to go to the mostly mentioned location which is at Punggol. [click here for the website]

It was a long journey for us. From Eunos MRT to Paya Lebar to Serangoon to Sengkang and then a shuttle bus to the Marina Country Club. Luckily, we have no qualms with public transport and taking long rides unless we are super tired.

Since it was a Thursday afternoon, the place was expectantly quiet and serene, just the way we liked it.

We entered the Punggol Prawning place and I was grinning ear to ear because it was just us. It's always nice to have an entire place to yourself and be lost in your own world. Especially when you are clueless as for this case, in prawning. At least it's not embarrassing if anything went wrong.

We paid for a 3 hour session and asked the staff to teach us and off we went.

Now, my tolerance for patience is below than average so no doubt, in 15 mins, I was somewhat whining and saying that we will NEVER catch a prawn (a completely opposite story of what I believed before we arrived). Jhon tried to console me and true enough, 30 minutes since we started, Jhon caught one!

And in couple of minutes, I caught one too! The right one was mine. =)

I do understand the concept of fishing but never a big fan (refer 2 paragraphs above on why) and I do know the feeling of catching something is wonderful. But to actually experience it first hand, it was pure excitement.

Our drink and chicken heart bait for the prawns.

By 5pm, people had started to roll in and by this time, Jhon and I are already familiar with prawn fishing so I guess we were not so timid.

In 3 hours, we managed to catch 9 prawns and 4 of them were big ones. I would say it was pretty good for first timers. There was also another first timer with us and he got NONE. My mom and my brother caught none on their first time too.

Would we go prawn fishing again?
Hells yeah!! The feeling of catching and pulling in the prawns were so exhilarating and not so frustrating compared to fishing in the sea because the prawns are confined in a pond. hehe

Well, my mom cooked sambal prawns with our catch of the day. Of course, she added prawns bought from the market because I don't think 9 prawns can feed a family. =P

I don't know if it's just me or just the feeling of accomplishment, the caught prawns did taste different. They seemed to be much sweeter. Perhaps it was the chicken heart that makes it delicious compared to algae (is that what prawns eat? haha)

I can't wait to go prawn fishing again and this time, I am bringing my mom!


Kumar's Comedy Show

Ever since Fizah, Jhon and I got a taste of hilarious live comedy shows, we decided to have a constant look out for our favourite comedians' shows.

No doubt, Kumar is one of them.

So when I found out Kumar is doing a re-run of the Kumar's Amazing Race, without a beat, I told Jhon and Fizah about it and I bought the tickets the same night.

The event date is from 16th to 19th February 2012.

Don't waste time because in 2011, all his 5 shows were sold out!

You don’t want to miss Kumar as he sprouts all things Indian. From Taj Mahal Heroes to the Invention of the Number Zero. From the All-Embracing Karma Sutra to the All-Encompassing Centre Mustafa. From Ayurvedic Cures to Bollywood Scores. From Moneylender Loans to Call Centre Phones. From Old Ramayana Tales to New Turban Males!


Narnia Found in Marina Bay Sands

The search for Narnia is complete!

It's not through a wardrobe in Europe but in Marina Bay Sands.

Most of the items exhibited were from the actual set of The Chronicles of Narnia. To see them up close is amazing, especially the silicon models of the fantasy characters such as Mr Tumnus.

The costumes and props were remarkably detailed and we can't help but stare in awe.

There were also some hands mini hands on activities. For example, building a bridge. I knocked them apart and timed Jhon as he built it up again. We get to touch and carry swords/amour and learnt a few things.

After exploring the exhibition, we decided to have lunch.
We ordered Turkish food with coconut drinks. Yummeh!

With filled stomachs, we headed outside and hanged out, enjoying the windy evening.

Science Museum at night with changing colors. Artistic or not? hehe

It was a nice date after Jhon came back from Philippines.
I miss going out with him.