Photography Class

We own a Nikon D5000 DLSR camera for 2.5 years and we still had no idea to use it at its optimal level. We had tried self teaching but it was only the tip of an iceberg plus, we don't have close friends who we can comfortably ask stupid questions. I had researched for photography classes but man, they are expensive for a beginner class.

Until, Groupon offered a deal made from heaven.

$38 for 2 Days Essential Survial Skills DSLR Photography Workshop at Knowledge Bowl School of Photography (worth $190)

Indoor and outdoor sessions taught by an experienced instructor!

This deal was 2 months ago (and this blog should have posted last month) so sorry the deal is not available anymore. As soon as I saw the deal, I immediately bought it and rushed him to attend it. Glad to know that he absolutely love and enjoyed it!

It was just a crash course theorectically and practically but eversince Jhon had went to the class, his pictures has improved! And he no longer uses the auto settings most of the time like a noob on DSLR which was a pet peeve for me. The nagging woman in me will go "YOU HAVE A DSLR AND YOU USE IT LIKE A DIGICAM?? WASTED MONEY!!!" =P

These are the shots he took for his class. Still needs a little work and tweaking but at least he knows how and what to change in his settings.

This is my favourite of all his shots and it was RAW.

Thanks Groupon and Knowledge Bowl!



  1. As I would tell every photographer who is starting out, the only way to get better is to keep shooting. Good that your partner has made the first step by attending the workshop!