Turning Over A New Leaf (Temporarily)

For those who are close to me, they know very well that I sometimes occasionally always have a short fuse.

I have to admit, my tolerance with certain nuisances is always thin and I can burst out into rambling nags until I cool down (which thankfully does not take that long). I guess that is one thing good about me, I cool down as fast as I get pissed.

So this week, I experienced 2 cases that were irritating but shockingly, I reacted in a very cool and calm manner which was a very weird attribute!

First Case

Jhon and I were queuing at East Point’s NTUC fast lane. That lane has 2 counters so its 1 line to 2 counters. We were tra la la queuing and suddenly an auntie wanted to cut queue! She tried to squeeze next to me and said she wanted to go to the next counter. I told her in a calm manner, “No, there is someone at the counter”

But she was so stubborn, tapping my shoulder countless of times telling me that I should move. I told her again “They are serving a customer!” and she eventually gave up.

Second Case

I was handling an Indian sub contractor and we were having communication problems for obvious reasons. I was merely telling him my work email address and it took us 5 minutes!

I told him, SPOREPILING.COM.SG and he kept repeating SPORE.COM.SG and he was the one getting upset! He started to raise his voice at me as if I am the dumb one. After I emphasized the word PILING, he went quiet and said “OOoo” and laughed.

Ooohhh huh? Surprisingly I was totally composed throughout the time consuming conversation and in fact had a smile on my face throughout.

Am I good or what?

I was sharing the stories to my mates and even they were surprised.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

I was being all bitchy again 2 days later. =P


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