Charming The Bus Drivers

Is it that wrong to work a little charm while waving for the bus so that the driver stops right in front of me?

I am not talking about flirting or flaunting my sexy legs out.

I think THAT would be wrong. Haha

In Singapore, there is always a mini war going on to board public transportation. The shoving and pushing, you will surprise how fast and agile an old auntie can be just for a seat.

I won’t deny it would be wonderful to have the first pickings of seats but to avoid all that chaos and embarrassment; I had developed a method over the years.

 And VOILA!! Bus strategically stops in a way that the door is right in front of me. As I board the bus, I mentally go “hmph!” to the kiasu people struggling to board first and smile at the driver. [Must show appreciation okay?]

Remember that everything has to be done subtly and naturally.
This method has worked 89% of the time on exceptions that
  •   There is a an elderly 
  • Auntie with tons of bags from the market 
  • Driver is distracted by traffic or bus full of passengers 
  • Driver is grumpy

 Other than that, success! Hehe 

Perhaps you would think this only favours the ladies but I think it can be applied to men without looking gay. hahaha 

Just look try not to look like a pompous fool. If I am a bus driver, I would purposely NOT stop close to the guy who looks like an asshole and thinks he is all “that” just out of irrelevant spite. 

I know it’s sneaky but hey, I am sharing tactics here! 

Hahahaha I can imagine everyone acting so pleasant looking just for the bus driver’s attention at the same time. 


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