Review: Dress Me Masks

I was selected to be one of the lucky few to try 3 out of 7 of their wonderful masks.

I love wearing face masks but mostly that comes in paste form where I need to try to spread evenly on my face but it was undeniably messy and tedious. That is why I love Dress Me Masks.

It is so easy to use!

After washing your face with your usual facial wash, damp your face dry and place any Dress Me Mask of your choice & suitability onto your face. This hassle-free treatment only takes 15 minutes and it is perfect for daily use!

See how the mask is completely drenched with its wonderful ingredients ready to be absorbed into your skin?

I think I look very scary with the mask on so I had one of my favorite pillows to pose with me to make it less horrific and not look like that guy from Hannibal. Anything for beauty... hehe

The Review:

Turning 27 next year, wrinkles are slowly but surely showing up on my face so Dress Me Revitalizing & Firming Mask is the perfect kind of mask to reduce the appearance of my wrinkles. After using the mask, my face looks fresh and I could feel a slight firmness on my skin. Though I think it is a type of mask that would need constant and longer usage to truly see the results.

Being in the construction industry and having to visit the constructon site at least once a month, I definitely constant contact with dust and heat which lead to blocked pores, oily face and skin full of impurities. On days when I visit the site, I would definitely use Dress Me Oil Control & Purifying Mask to detoxify my face. My face immediately felt so much cleaner, breathable and clearer. Definitely my favourite out of the 3.

Lastly, it is the Dress Me Soften & Clarifying Mask. Who does not want soft skin especially on their face? After using the mask, I could not resist but keep touching my face because it felt extra soft and my face looks glowy.


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