Feel What It Is Like To Be Invincible

Superheroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman have one thing in common.


You punched, stabbed, smashed them to the ground and hit them with a steel beam and they show no emotion of pain because they really don’t feel any pain and go “meh” to the evil doers.

I bet everyone has ever wondered how it feels like to not feel pain.

Confirm “syiok” right?

Well, you can have a taste of what it feels like!

Get someone to pinch as hard as they can on the skin of your elbow!

Since there are less nerve sensors there, you don’t feel any pain and yes I know this is such an old trick but just love the feeling.

Especially a guy like Jhon, pinching me with all his might with his big manly hands, I feel so powerful and almost boastful-like because he can’t hurt me and I would giggle with pride.

It is also helpful when I feel so “geram” or feel frustrated with him; I pinch him on his elbow. Not only I will feel better, I won’t hurt him.


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