Ennio Marchetto is awesome!

I have always love his work since i saw him in Just for laughs and that was ages ago and when i found out that he is doing a show here in Singapore, I GOT TO GO!!

I also managed to get Sis to tag along and she got her husband to go too. He was reluctant but can't say no to the whiny pregnant woman right? hehehehe

We came about 7pm and theres no parking space and had to park at Adelphi. It wasn't that far from Victoria Theatre so it's pretty alright.

The show was expectantly funny and it was a plus point that we had great seats! Check out his trailer!

Everyone was extra hungry after that so we headed to Geylang for dinner. While heading to our car, we kinda interrupted 2 lesbians doing their nasty things in their car which happened to be next to our car!! yucks! especially the fact that both of them are UGLY!! i think lesbians are only sexy if they are pretty.If not, its so disgusting!

While waiting for the food, i made everyone do the same pose as the Ennio postcard i got weeks ago. lol

Of course, Sis won the best picture.haha

Food Galore!!

It was a great night. I managed to tick mythings to do before i die list. haha 1,523,001 more to go!

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