Happy Halloween!! 

Actually, I don't really celebrate Halloween but i love checking out people's costumes and all the scary shit even though i am such a scardey-cat! i know, the irony!

I was checking out the net on Haunted dolls and its so freaky man! HauntedAmericanTours claimed that these dolls are truly haunted and they will do the classic moving around and scary noises in the night. 
Joliet the Cursed Doll

Joliet is believed to be a cursed doll and has cursed a family for 4 generations. The doll was passed down from mother to daughter and was cursed to have only 2 children; 1 boy and 1 girl. Not a big deal right? but the boy will only survive till he is 3 days old! and the spirit will live in Joliet.

Apparently, Joliet was gift given by the lady's Greatmother's jealous 'friend' who was pregnant with a boy who die when he was 3 days old. The owners didnt want to destroy the doll since they believe that destroying the doll would mean destroying the soul of their dead son.
Hunted Barbie Doll

Now, this is local. You can find this barbie doll at Pulau Ubin where people would worship the owner whose name is Lady Na Tuk Kong. She is daughter of a German couple during WWI whose parents where killed and ran to the forest for safety and fell off a cliff. Apparently, came to a tourist's dream and requested him to buy the specific doll at a specific shop for her. I dont know how true is that.


The owner really gave the full 1 on 1 on Christina. She said she bought her at  an antique shop and said that the doll choose her. She gave the doll to her daughter (clever huh?) and Christina is everywhere her daughter went. Even when her fren broke Christna's leg, they had a massive funeral for the leg!! and made her change her bandages everyday and even woke her up one night saying that Christina's legs were on fire.

When she dugged up the "grave" there were fire ants crawling all over the leg! freaky..


Mandy is currently at a Museum. She was donated by a lady because she said that everynight she would hear a baby crying in the direction of the baby and ever since she gave it away, she didnt hear those cries anymore
Devil's Baby Doll

This doll is made of leather and blue glass eyes and its life sized!!! It was actually a gift by a leather maker for a close friend who was obssessed with Devil Baby of Hull House and The Devil Baby of Bourbon Street at that moment but he died and never get to see it. The doll even came for the funeral and was meant to be buried with his friend but his family objected. Now the doll is known to be possesed by his friend and caught turning its head.


I have recalled watching movies about this doll! Annabelle's antics were so bad, she is now locked inside a protective glass case in an occult museum to keep her at crazy is that? they even called priests for this one

Haunted Voodoo Doll

This one does the classic -you-can't-get-rid-of-me-and-i-will-appear-at-your-door-step- trick even when she sold it at ebay, the doll will still arrive at her doorstep! and the doll is so weird looking!


Pupa is said to move by herself. Often she is said to push things around in the display case where the family who owns her keep her. Since the passing of the original owner in 2005 the family reports that the haunted doll has become very active and seems to want to be released from where she is kept.

The original owner had it from the age of 5 or 6 (1920's) until she died in July of 2005. The doll survived World War II, and many, many close calls to it's destruction over the years. The owner cherished it always through out her long life. The doll traveled from Italy to the United States then back to Italy and across Europe and finally to the USA once again where it is now.


This very haunted Doll doll is said to whispers in a ghostly voice if you press your ears close to her porcelain lips, says Marie. Her eyes will follow you around the room and her expression will change if she does not like you . "This Doll has been in my family for years it was always kept in a locked doll case." "My grandmother said it was possessed by the spirit of her" Best friend" Alice who died". " I have captured many Haunted Doll EVP's from her and the most common statement she makes is , " I want to be left alone to suffer"."

who would press their ears close to such a freaky doll!?!?

And there's more!!


I don't really believe 100% if these dolls are truly haunted but i believe in scary looking dolls and man, they are creepy! Its one of the reasons i don't like realistic dolls they have in Toys R Us. YIKES!

Anyways, its raining as i speak now, Happy Gloomy Halloween!! *evil laughs*

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