The Big Johor Trip

We never had such a long trip at Johor till now; last Saturday to be exact. It started from 6.30am to 4am the next day! We were the army of the drooling dead after that.
We spent most of the time travelling and it sucks to be a driver that day and I’m glad I’m not one of them hehe 


The morning had a frustrating start. The traffic was good and smooth BUT the lady at the Johor counter is sooooo damn slow! She literally took her time flipping very single page of the passport, reading and referring and there are 5 of us in the car! Total disregard of the people waiting for her! She might be bitter because she has to work on holiday. =P

When we reached Johor, we went to a Sultan’s Grave.

If you are a malay, you would know Sultan Mahmood. The Sultan who stupidly listen to his evil right hand man to cut open a pregnant woman’s belly to see if she is really pregnant coz she said that she stole the royal pineapple because of her baby’s craving!  Crazy right!? There was even a movie on it.

We had breakfast near the place but not as satisfying since the food was not as delicious like the last time we visited except for the Mee Goreng. Right after that, went for a light shopping at -i-forgot-where- and I was stopped by a guard for entering the supermarket because my bag is big. -_- It’s not ok!! I can’t even fit A4 paper in it!
Met up with another of abg awil’s bro and family and we went to eat again. -_- My family didn’t because we were still kinda full from breakfast but we ate Gong Gong and delicious barley drink.

 We even found sis's favorite cherry tree but too bad its not ripe yet. She was so happy just to get the semi-ripe ones.

Right after that, we went to Abg Awil’s village and its awesomely cool ok?
Because there are a lot of types of vegetables and fruits like Mangosteens, Papayas, Chili padi, Mangos, coconuts and lots more. We had coconut juice but I’m not very fond of it because it’s not as sweet as I wanted it to be, picked Chili padi because my mom is crazy about them 

but my favorite part is eating the mangoes!
Jhon is my jungle boy. He makes picking mangoes so easy. -_- Poke-poke and it drops.

My cousin then took some sweet soya sos, mixed with sugar and mom, Jhon, sis and i attacked! I tell ya! Its soooooooooooooooooooooo delicious! Even now, I still want more. The sourness of the semi-ripe mango and the sweetness of the sos and sugar is a great compliment!

We hanged around for a while till 3.30 and went to Tanjong Balau. It was low tide and its beautiful with the blue sea and rock formations. The sun was merciless but when the gentle clouds rolled by, the sky was gorgeous, I could almost hear the angels singing.. AAaaaaAaaaAaaaaa...

Perfect for a group photo.

Went to Mini Kelantan for another light shopping and a quick detour to Tesco. It was kinda last minute but its just to make kakak happy. Haha So the group split as they are too tired for a shopping trip. Ate delicious dinner there and Jhon and I even managed to play a quick game at the Arcade while waiting for the food lol
After everyone was satisfied, we all meet with the rest of the family at Abg Ngah’s house. When we reached there, there were fireworks from their neighbor’s house! I got very excited but they were very puny so I got bored after a while. 

 When everyone was all energized up, most of us went bowling at kulai. Everyone was great with strikes and spares. I was so jealous, I was trying my best and my best score was 103 lol. Played 2 games and went to Pasar Pandan at 1am because...
Sis had a “Lekor” craving. I tell ya, pregnant women get treated like royalty! Anything to appease her and the baby. But I gotta admit, I want it too. hahah
Everyone was very sleepy by then and slept with nodding heads. I even saw Abg awil closed his eyes for a few milliseconds. It was scary man.
But we reached safe and soundly and ate all the “Lekor” we want for supper with Iced Longan.
By 2+am, we headed to a petrol shop for a quick refill and headed home.
We were so beat that we didn’t even bother to unpacked our stuff. Just a quick shower and slept.
But seriously, it was a great day and had lots of fun! Maybe because there wasn’t a lot of shopping involved. Hahaha I know, I know, I am a disgrace to all women. I don’t like shopping very much.

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