The things girls can deal with when they are in love -_-

Jhon and I were are KFC,Bedok this evening and while we were eating, a couple sat down at a table to the right of us.

I didn't realized their existence until Jhon commented that he will never let his gf (for this case, me lah) order for him while he just sits and wait. Apparently, the lady went to order for her bf.

To me, ok, no big deal, maybe she is just those independent kinds who really dont give a damn right?

But its when she returned with wrong type of burger (i don't know what she ordered but it does not have cheese and the guy wants otherwise) i started to realize that this dude is such a bossy asshole!!

He told the gf that she got it all wrong and and refused to eat because it has no cheese!!! kns... and when the girl went "Why don't YOU exchange it?" the guy simply replied "You want me to curse and swear at you?"

So the girl went off to change the burger and of coz leaving a trail of whining behind her.

Its not only that, he even started to eat without her! and was an absolute jerk to her.

I am thinking... How great can this guy be to her to able to tolerate his bossy, aggressive attitude? He is actually very sweet? caring? knows how to take care of her? Please lah! it is suppose to be part of a package of a basic BF! -_-

This is only courtship.. what if when they get married and she didn't iron his clothes they way he likes it? lol

Anyways, not my problem but its amazing the things girls can tolerate just because they are "in love" with the guy and when they get broken hearted, guess who they are going to blame?

Thats right, the men.

Sure, men are jerks but women are STUPID to fall to their tricks especially knowing that men can be jerks! lol

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